Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Answers to the Questions!!!

Hello wonderful people...I hope your week has been marvelous!!!

I finally put the post up i.e answers to the questions you guys asked!!!I have responded honestly to the best of my ability...

I've been watching Koko Mansion and I'm enjoying the show!!! Hee hee hee...I think I should put a post up on this...wht do you guys think?

Anyways...please read on and thanks for coming to my blog!!


Confessions of a London girl: Do you see yourself ever giving up blogging cos of someone else?
In one word NEVER!!! If (and that is a serious If) I ever decide to give blogging up, it will be on my own terms!

D.B...1.What would you do differently in your life if you had the chance to live it all over again and why?
Can’t remember the person that said we don’t regret what we do, we only regret what we did not do

I guess if I had the chance to live it all over again, I’ll get connected to God on time and party more!!!

2. Has your cover ever been blown and how did you consider reacting?
Well, a handful of people know me on blogville and that’s because I made myself known to them...apart from these people, I don’t think my cover is exposed or has ever been...although I have a feeling a certain sumburri on blogville knows who I am and keeps telling sumburri that we mutually know to ask leading questions that will expose me!!!...for the records,I am not exactly anonymous

If you find out who I am, tough! Life goes on I will still yarn my church mind thank you!

Rita...Please share what is your most memorable memory so far?
Hmmmn it is amazing how minute things or what we think is minute/inconsequential change our perspective to life forever I’ll say it was the first time I had an “A” in maths in my life now that reshaped and refocused my thinking FOREVER.

I have always managed to fail maths till that point in my life I got a wonderful teacher(whom I still intend to buy a good gift by God’s grace) he told me maths was the only subject I could score 100%...cos in the other subjects, you need to dot your Is and cross your Ts.I took this to heart and started participating actively in class unlike before when you’ll see me at the back of the class with a novel in the middle of my text book!lol

It made me realise I can do anything if I put my mind to it...need I say that I never failed maths again to date!!!

Wells baba: since you are "no limit" wat do u consider your weaknesses or bad habit???
A bad habit I have is procrastination I won’t even say a word other than that

A weakness of mine is my uncanny ability to be super extra blunt!!!

I am actually learning to choose my words and the time to yarn my church mind

I don’t (didn’t) have any issues with saying what’s on my mind regardless of who you are but nowadays, I find myself actually shutting up and letting it go.

GNG: You were nominated for the Friendliest Blogger award (well deserved, might I add!) and I want to know if you're friendly in person too, and if you think your blog is an accurate portrayal of NoLimit in person.
Yes I am friendly even if I say so myself I find it very easy to mix with people no matter who they are;genius, spoilt rich brat, poor church rat; dummy (although this last one takes the meeky!) I can make people feel like they are “too much” wonder why I wasn’t born a man!!!

My blog is a good portrayal of me but not totally accurate ’cos I have my scoin scoin(crazy) side to me too yes I said it I can be crazy like that so much so you’ll begin to wonder...what planet I dropped from!!!

Funms:any regrets from blogging?
YES!!! I’m HOOKED!!!

Lol I kid...non at all blogville has been a goldmine for me great minds spewing forth and moi taking it all in(some o!) and learning in the process!

Enkay:"Are you an only child?"
PS: I'm not expecting a YES/NO answer o! It's jut a nice way of asking you to talk about your siblings!
NOPE although I felt like one while growing up I’ll explain I’m the last of a family of 4 children all girls the 3rd gal is over 8yrs older than me

By the time I was sharp enough to know what’s up, they were in uni and sec schl so they were hardly around and I had to make the settees in the living room and flowers in the garden my friends yes I used to talk to the flowers and even act drama on my own!!!lol

Oh this is not about me right? okay the first gal is a strong independent career woman who is happily married with grown up kids.

Second is Happily married as well...and so is the third...they are all strong women in their own ways...

Aloted: what are KEY elements you are looking for in a life partner...
Chei this aloted babe ehn!!!

Okay he must be tall,dark and handsome!!! Lol I kid I kid

A key element I won’t compromise on is integrity

His integrity must be intact I guess that about covers every other element…

He must have a wicked sense of humour y’all know laughter is the best medicine why should I sign up to live the rest of my life with a grumpy fella? Oloun maje(God Forbid!!!)

He should know his way around the kitchen and the home in general ’nuff said!!!

Olufunke…what was the most difficult decision you have made in your life? what influenced it?
Non!!! To be honest I’ve never really had to make any terribly difficult decision…but If I think of any,I’ll update this post!


*when last were u in a relationship?

*how long did it last?

*what is the description of ur ideal man?

*what r ur goals in life?
Buttershizzle!!! I have no word for you!!!

Q1. Errr some years ago…

Q2.it lasted for about 6months and then I took a hike…dude was just not getting me...he wanted what I couldn't't give...so I kicked him to the curb...some things are just not worth compromising on!!!

Q3.Most important goal to me is to make heaven and take people(loads of them along with me)…

Another one is to get the heck out of the rat race and be financially free!!!

Another very dear goal is to actually own educational institutions where kids are trained to be useful citizens to themselves and the community at large… (Quite vague I know!!!).

SOLOMONSYDELLE…okin biscuit or shortbread?
Some months ago, I would have actually said Okin but right now, it is shortbread!!!

Nuggetzman…Why do you like Jeremiah Gyang...does he remind you of anyone?
Well I’m not sure this is part of the questions really…I think Nuggetzman asked because of a comment I made on one of his posts but I’ll answer it anyways…

I like Jeremiah Gyang ‘cos he sings from the heart,his songs make sense and you can tell that he has got depth…I’m afraid some of our new musicians lack this…Dude is just talented…majorly so!!!

My World said...So,what really gets you about blogville i e what you like most?
The beautiful and intelligent minds!!! The fact that I can relate, interact and connect with enlightened minds without knowing who they are physically is quite intriguing and I find it really fascinating!

There’s never a boring moment in blogville (although we’ve all turned lazy for some reason…come on guys…update your blogs regularly!!!:-D)

Monday, 13 July 2009

Been A While...But I'm Still Thankful...

Hey blogfam...it's your gal NoLimit... here again!!!I presume you're all doing very well...may I use this opportunity to wish you all a happy new month,prosperous new quarter and a wonderful half year!!!
It's amazing how life goes by so quickly...one second it was March and before I could say Jack Robinson, We're almost hitting the end of the year...awesome!!!
There's so much to blog about and so little time to blog...*sighs*
I should have posted the response to the questions y'all asked that I've been evading for a while now...it doesn't speak well of my integrity as an individual so I'm gonna do what is right and respond right after giving thanks to the Mighty Almighty who's unmerited favour keeps flowing my way 24/7 !

I am thankful for you guys for being ever so wonderful and for being there for me...you know yourselves...tag yourself accordingly!!!

I am also thankful for God's mercies that endures forever...and is new every morning...but for His mercies...I would have been mince meat in the hands of the enemy!

I am thankful for God being God and not man...If man was God,he'll be rationing the oxygen we live on...thank God Man is not God...

I am thankful for progress...Sometimes it seems as if I'm taking one step forward and two steps backwards, I sometimes grumble about this...even when wisdom says I should give thanks...So right here and right now...I am saying thank you Lord...

I am thankful for revelation of the word...And the word became flesh...and dwelt amongst us...it is one thing to read the Word and it is another thing for the word to read me(and apply it in my life)...I am thankful that the Word comes alive as I read it...

I am thankful for choice and freedom...To be honest, these are things denied many...ask the man in prison/on the hospital bed if you think that's a lie!!!

I am thankful for journey mercies...spoke with a friend recently whose aunt died in a car accident...same route plied by many daily...writing this down makes me realise there are too many things I take for granted...don't know about you but it is true...

I am thankful for the gift of LIFE!!!...A living dog is better than dead lion and we all know that only the living have hope...

I am thankful for all these and much more...

Will be back shortly with a new post...watch this space...

Dear God,
You know all things and you know how my heart is overflowing with thanks to you...bless every eye that reads this post and give them a reason each to be thankful.
Meet each one of them at the point of their needs and Lord make them blessings to others too...
Thank you Lord for your faithfulness in every aspect of our lives through your son Jesus Christ's name I pray...(and the people say...)Amen!!!