Thursday, 28 January 2016

Dokun & Joro Olumofin; You're All Kinds Of Wrong... GbemiOO You're Not Innocent Either

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The genesis of this matter started when an OAP, GbemiOO, decided to share her view on crashing people's party. Check it on Bella Naija and Linda Ikeji. The two brothers in question decided to react and they went in unnecessarily hard on the lady. It was incredibly ridiculous in my opinion and a major embarrassment to men (real men) world wide!

You see I'm not even saddened by the fact that 2 (not one) grown ass men took time out of their supposedly non existent schedule to insult a woman, who probably stepped out of line but come onnnnn... they went too far.
The nonsense the Olumofin brothers spewed forth was a lot and it goes a long way to showcase the state of their heart.
Chatting on about how they don't back down and proudly shaming their lineage in the name of proving they have pedigree.
I can tell you for free that your ancestors are not proud of you and your action is disgraceful to all sane men who are otherwise known as gentlemen.
You're part of the major problems of Nigeria and it is because of overgrown babies like you that good women(yes I said good women...die already!!!) are still single.
I mean why put up with childish behaviour when you can happily live a genuinely balanced life as a single person.
Major shame on you and your type and to the PhD holding psychologist brother, I say your PhD ought to be revoked. You were busy bitching about how Oprah, Steven Harvey and many other presenters who aren't educationally qualified like you get to give relationship advice whilst you're not given a platform to do your thing.
Well therein lies the reason. The difference between you and them is that they have a heart and they genuinely care about their subject but you are a selfish bully who has no business giving advice talk more of relationship advice. It isn't your fault it is the fault of the gullible ones  who enable you by giving your words a second take.
Notice Gbemi didn't even bat an eyelid in your direction.... Now that's how to handle matter. No one regardless of gender deserves to be viciously attacked in such a manner.
You say you're does that affect the price of fish in the market? People with pedigree don't speak the way you did. Just because a chair is kept in the garage doesn't turn it to a car. You may have been birthed by a true man of valour, a real gentle man but you obviously need a rebirth!!! The true test of a real man is his attitude and action when put under immense pressure, you failed woefully.
Humble yourself and stop making noise about your first millions, so you got a contract, time and chance happened to you and if given the chance, other deserving folks will do better than you've done. In case you didn't get the memo...nobody cares about your money...your case is a clear case of money can't buy class. I don't care how many expensive valuables you have, if your heart ain't right, you ain't right. Doesn't matter how smart you are either. A beautifully decorated shit is still shit so go figure.
GbemiO sells China shoes...right!!!... good for her, at least she's not spreading her legs and losing her dignity in the name of getting money. She's working hard and using her brains and her talent (something some may not understand)...surely that is commendable and should be respected but no, all you're bothered about is the cobweb between her legs. Whatever she chooses to have between her legs is non of your business and you should never make it your business under any circumstance.
Please wake up and understand that not every woman is interested in marriage so don't bother finding a bae for that energy towards working on your character flaws. Calling people "basic" is not a noble term and frankly speaking I'm typing this and wondering why I'm bothering but I irks me to no end that this is the mentality of supposedly educated men who should know better!

To the women out there, who supported the trashtalking of another woman, major shame on you. You should never do that regardless. And I'm telling you that if Gbemi was a man, the Olumofin brothers will still be termed to have crossed the line in a major way. Regardless of what she said or did, you should have sealed your lips or kept it moving, but in doing what you did, you just gave this proud, self seeking, self serving,selfish, uncouth, pedigree lacking brutes power. But I guess c'est la vie, some people will just never get it.

GbemiOO... I don't know you as a person but I respect you as a human being and frankly speaking regardless of what you said, you did not deserve the nonsense those entitled boys published (yes boys not men, you lost the right to be called men when you published that nonsense on social media. Overgrown babies).
Having said that, Please if it is true that you bring down other women and other people via your platform, please pretty please, desist from doing so. Real women build up, we do not tear down regardless.
Find it in your heart to forgive them and may God bless your hard work. Any woman, who chooses to earn a living through hardwork should be respected and not put down or made to look cheap... It is called dignity of labour, something the Olumofin brother clearly have no clue about.

In conclusion, it is time to reassess what drives us as human beings. This boys are the types of scums of the earth who label people and feel some are not up to their standard... What ever that standard is. We need to stop enabling people like this because of bread and butter. We need to grow and show each other respect and it comes by respecting ourselves.
"Respect yourself is not an insult; it is an advice from one person to another". So I'm telling y'all, respect yourself. By the way, GOD DON'T MAKE UGLY!

Monday, 4 January 2016

Olamide's Rudeness, Don Jazzy Patronising But Epic Response And The Make Up

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I can only attribute Olamide's outburst to the alcohol level in his blood stream, that's the only rational way I can excuse it in my head.
It was appalling and in bad taste! Screaming and dropping the mic et al. He's the king of the street but the street didn't vote for his candidate, well next time, engage with the street and they just may be kind to you.
Heard Don Jazzy was calling the artists under his label his "children". 😳😂😳!
Don't know how to react to this as I do not know the dynamics in the group but I totally like his sarcastic and patronising response to Olamide. Heeheehee! Uncle Olamide if you want the car, come get the keys! That must have winded the poor guy up cos I read his further outburst on Twitter.
Like someone said on Twitter, these artists need to learn to lose with grace, let me go further and say they need to learn to take citicism in good fate. I've seen artists turn on their fans and literally bully them because the fan chose to speak his/her mind regarding a mess up(by the artist o). Nah mean, that ain't cool.
In other news, Happy new year. Let's hope I won't be a stranger on here.
But I had to comment on the drama. Them lot need to just be HUMBLE for a flipping minute! *clucking my tongue*