Thursday, 28 January 2010

Thankfulness 001

Morning blogville...I'm torn between two songs for this I decided to upload at the beginning and the other at the end!!! To depict how God is "The beginning and the conclusion,the Alpha and Omega",The A to Z...Oh by the way Gabriel Eziashi proposed to his wife while he was in prison and she said yes (@ 3:10)!!!Another reason to be thankful!!! :-)

Only a fool will say there's no God....and a BIG FOOL at that!!!

God has been good to me in spite of my many foolish acts and even though I was the chairman of sinners...He saved me and transformed my life...what more can I do than to thank Jehovah Jireh the God that provides even before asking...Awesome is He and mighty are His deeds!

1. I am thankful that He has used the foolish things of this world to perplex the wise...hence the reason the footie analysers FAILED in the assessment of the Zambia/Nigeria match...I know some doubters will tell me to "leave God out of this" but I'm sorry I won't...He is the foundation of everything and nothing happens except He permits it to happen...I digress!
I am glad and truly thankful that we won that match...some people just need to renounce their citizenship :-)!!! *sniffs*

2.Month 0110 is nearly over...done and dusted...I am thankful that by God's grace alone,I've been on the right track this time around...Grace has helped me to focus on what is key...and has stopped me from majoring in the minor and minoring in the major...

3.I am thankful for the gift of friend had her first child and a lady I know who's been married for over 10years with no child had one too...

4.I am also thankful for wonderful friends (Real,Virtual and a mix of both) that God has blessed me with...I am fortunate to know you guys and you totally rock!!!

5.I am thankful for provision on all is the Lords doing and it is marvelous in my sight!
The blessing surpasses all understanding and it isn't what I've done is grace and I implore you to be partakers of this grace!!!

6.I am thankful for a sound mind and my sanity!!!
In this day and age where depression and heaviness seems to be the order of the day and people are getting dependent on constant medication to eat,sleep and be happy...I know these are things we(at least I do!) take for granted but God in His infinite mercy has blessed us with a sound mind and I just want to say thank you to Him for this...

7.I am thankful that a perfect God has taken an imperfect me and made me His priority and not an option in the scheme of things...He gave me a new identity and made me royalty talk of the proverbial rise from "grass to grace"!
I don't know about you, but I know that I know that I know that no one can upgrade like my God...He deserves all the praise!!!

The second song is right below...enjoy...and what my people are you thankful for???

Friday, 22 January 2010

Chin Up...The Sun's Gonna Shine Again

This post is dedicated to a wonderful friend of mine who's heart got stomped all over!!!

Sometimes, I wonder why bad things happen to good people, was it their sin,is the devil trying to break them or is it God proving He is sovereign in the affairs of men?...letting us know that He can and will do as He pleases...these questions and many more run through my mind in times like this.

All I can say is...Chin up!!! 'Cos eventually, everything works out in the end.

I know when you're going through issues like that, It is the last thing you really want to hear, but that is what must be said ... it is the tried and tested truth!
You're stronger than you think and in the'll be greater for it(If it doesn't break you, it'll make you is what they say!!!)

I know it is hard and you think/feel you're the loser...but it is just a feeling...this too shall pass...
Just breathe and live and at long last, the lines will fall for you in pleasant places...I believe should you...

Oh and this is what you should do:

Monday, 18 January 2010

Just Let It Go...

Had a minor clash with a friend of mine...I should have just kept quiet and stepped down/walked away...but me being me refused to listen to the voice of reason...I was like dude bring it on!
...If you bring fire I'll quench it...and if you bring water,I will boil it dry!!! *agbero mode alert*
Anyways we remained kind of aloof...
I honestly hate keeping grudges,I just don't have the capacity to handle it,I won't be able to sleep and honestly my mind won't be settled especially when I know there's indeed an issue to be ironed out.
To be sincere it was just a little joke that turned ugly,I felt he overreacted and in my books that is should be able to handle being the butt of a joke especially when you know how to dish it out on others.
I decided to call him up to talk about it...and guess what? It was a stupid breakdown in communication.
Moral of the story...your friend is not the enemy,regardless of the situation...the devil is the enemy(yes I'm blaming the can sue me if you're it's
Imagine saying A and all the other person can hear is B...I'm sure glad I got off my high horse to call my friend.
It is funny the way the good book puts it;"This is how I want you to conduct yourself in these matters. if you enter your place of worship and,about to make an offering,you suddenly remember a grudge a friend has against you(*Notice it isn't even a grudge you have against your friend* ),abandon your offering,leave immediately,go to this friend and make things right.
Then and only then,come back and work things out with God".
My people no be me talk am,na the big J talk am!
Isn't that really odd/strange?...well I found it weird the first time I read that particular passage...
I'm glad it turned out the way it did,at least we understand each other a little bit better.
Have a good week people and don't hold any grudge for your own peace of mind.
For your own sake,L-I-G(Let It Go)...

Saturday, 9 January 2010

User Syndrome!!!

I'm loving this at the moment!!!

You call me and I don't pick ask after me and I clam complain we don't see often enough and I get need a favour, I decline...Then I need your help and I expect you to respond immediately...
Why do we do that? is there any genetic problem that causes that? if there is, I honestly don't want my child sharing it!
It is selfish and it is called "user syndrome"!!!
I apologise for being like that and I promise to mend my bad're a great friend and you don't deserve such an off handed treatment!!!

*Me chastising myself for being selfish to my friend....

Hey peops, how have you guys been? great I presume...well I'm doing great too and I hope year 2010 will see me updating my blog regularly...yeah consistency is one thing I lack occasionally... frustrating but true...the post above was me talking to myself about the way I sometimes take people in my life for, friends and even sometimes God!!!
And I expect them to sneeze when I catch selfish is that? Aaannyways...have good weekend y'all and head up to verastic radio show for a very verastic time...that girl is crazy I tell you!!!lol

Saturday, 2 January 2010

We made it!!!

2009 was tagged year of increase...and like any normal human being, there I was thinking wow awesome: I thought it meant...bigger car(s),bigger house(s),more money in my account...more know just increase in every physical aspect of my life(eerrr apart from my size)!!! But I was dead wrong on all was indeed my year of increase...increased faith and trust in the Big G!
Geez I was stretched beyond what I thought I could handle...and it was instilled in me the fact that God is my source, not my family, job,my business nor friends just GOD!
It was a year where my walk with God was tested on all levels, of course I failed some, had to retake some but all in all I'm glad to say I passed!
2009 was a capacity building year for know how you ask God for all sorts...but in 2009 it was like God was saying daughter o'mine if I'm going to give you these things, then I need to make room in you to receive them...don't forget that GOD DON'T DO WASTAGE!!!
I'm glad that particular year is over(matter of fact, it's been over for the past what? 24hours+) but I'm still thankful for the fire!!!

Now to y'all blog fam...You may not be where you wanted(planned) to be at the end of Year 2009 but I'm sure you're not where you were at the end of year 2008, all I'm trying to say is let's just be thankful for progress no matter how little...and it's time to get over yourself (yours truly included) and realise that the earth does not revolve around you alone!!!...I guess that was what all the fire and breaking in 2009 was all about.
I feel very confident about (2010) and so should I right?...personally I feel it is a year where boldness will be needed...integrity as usual must be on!!!
Don't be afraid to do what is right by God in 2010 and for pete's sake I refuse to keep up with the Joneses ( actually, they moved a long time ago!!!lol)

Here is wishing you all the "bestest" year of your lives so far!!!