Thursday, 17 December 2009

Maybe Not Teaming Up...Call it: INVESTING IN OTHERS!!!

Hey peops, in continuation of my post:teaming up, I got intelligent responses from Aloted,Myne Whitman,Enkay,Spesh(My World), Leggy and GNG
What I was made to understand is that as much as teaming up sounds nice, it may actually be a very dangerous and income wasting adventure...
May be I called it the wrong name then 'cos what I meant was investing in another person's business...
for instance if my friend Jane has a great business idea and she's done the maths and it adds up to profit, if she needs money for this venture of hers, and I have it, then I will invest in her based on:

1.Integrity...what I mean is, I need to know how Jane's character is, will she swindle me at the last minute? Will she lie to me about the profit that has been made in other to reduce my dividend? ...When she says good morning is it actually 9pm by the clock? will she kill me?...okay that i s extreme but it least you get my drift?
2.Viability of the project/Business...If Jane says "oh I have a great idea and it involves selling freezers to Eskimos" and I totally know that Jane cannot even sell a book to students to save her life, then I'll be tew stewpeed to invest in that project...

3.Turn around time + X (X being unknown!
How long will my money be tied down for? After an intelligent guestimation(Forecast) of the time it'll take for her to turn this business to a cash cow, I'll do well to add some Xyears...not because I'm a pessimist but because I know that lyfe happens...and I really want to be prepared as a girls' scout for whatever!!!

4. Instinct...I don't know how to explain this...but in making some key decisions, you either feel peace or unrest within you...I don't ignore this...and the times I did ignore, I got burnt badly!!!

So people what I mean is, I don't have to be your business partner, as a matter of fact, I think that could even slow the profit making and service giving your thing your way...just ensure it makes impact...Am I making sense to you...yet?

GNG's Response is soooo apt that I have decided to put it up verbatim!!!...
Good Naija Girl said...

I think greed keeps some from teaming up. They think they will lose, not realizing that 5 people committed to a cause can do more than 1 person, which would lead to a greater profit (financially and otherwise) per person.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Teaming Up!!!

This post was inspired by a game and Favoured Girl...babe you rock and the sky is not the is the publisher's loss!!!

I played a game that thought me most of the time,the fastest way out of the rat race is to "team up" with people to pull a deal through when the opportunity shows up...Especially when the opportunity is a big one...yes you guessed right, the name of the game is Cash Flow and it is so apt in explaining real life business(es) (I stand to be corrected).

I know other factors come into play in real life but I believe they are factors/issues that can be ironed out without friction...
All I'm trying to do is use this medium to say that if you have a great, rat race exiting,impact making,nation building,product/service generating,life/future changing idea, then team up!!!
I'm totally game!

What are the adverse effects of teaming up?
Why do people shy away from teaming up?
Are there unwritten rules about this?
If teaming up is so effective why aren't we seeing more of it?
Please kindly let me know or email me @ of your experience etc of teaming up!!!

Hasta La Vista People

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Mo Sope Temi!!! (I give thanks)!!!

Glory be to God in the highest...I testify that God is good all the time o! My people how una dey? life,work,business,school et al? E don tey wey I put this thankfulness post up o...but God knows I'm thankful from the depth of my fact over thankful dey worry me sef!!!
I was on my way to some place outside London when I missed my train...kai I thought to myself...Jesu! not again!!!
Then I told God there and then that I didn't want to pay a dime for charges upgrade or whatever they choose to call getting extra cash off me!
I hollaed at some of my agree with me..FG you rock...thanks Rethot!
And guess what? God showed up!I was overwhelmed people,actually overwhelmed is an understatement, my throat was constricting and I almost cried at God's faithfulness...All I did was speak His words to Him o and He honoured His words...I was amazed...I still am...
This made me realise that if I can have mad faith for the little things, then I can up my game and have madder faith for the big feel me???

It is that time of the month when we start reviewing our performance,analysing what went wrong and proffering possible solutions...personally it hasn't been an easy year but I can categorically state that it was/is better than the year before...this gives me the full confidence that my 2010 will be better(you can take that to the bank!!!).

I am also thankful for the gift of life....a living dog is better than a dead lion and I'm thankful for the opportunity to make each day a memorable one for me and for people I come in contact with daily!!! Na only Baba God fit do that...
Have a great weekend people and I'll be back "shortly" :-)
Enjoy this...

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Calling Me?...Dude Your Game Is Lame!!!

Day 1:
Call @ about everything and nothing in particular...rush off the phone and say good bye :-).

Day 2:
Call me about the same time apologise for sounding so sleepy yesterday, go on and on about nothing, then ease off the phone again almost like yesterday but a li'll bit slower...

Day 3:
I'm on to your game and guess what, your game is this what you call "softening her up"...well I'm afraid it is having the very opposite effect! lol...I no be small pikin so please up your game...I await your next move with much pleasure...let's see how you like it or cold?

Calling me and telling me trash!!! What's with that?
say what you have to say and leave me alone in peace...
I went down this route a while back with this same you and got my nails(not fingers) burnt...thankfully they grew back!

You really tried your best, but I'm sorry to burst your bubble, you didn't do any damage whatsoever...not because you couldn't have but because the Most High has got my back...I live in His grace you know...just reiterating in case you are clueless!!!
I suggest you zap with your tails between your legs...there's no room in here for you and the emotional baggage that comes with you!!!

I guess what I'm trying to say is... FI MI SI LE ...Just Leave Me Alone

Friday, 23 October 2009

You're Sovereign

Do you ever wonder what exactly God is up to in your life?...especially when you feel like barbecue chicken being turned in the grill...Well I'm feeling that way right now!!!
I remember His words that says even when I pass through fire, He is with me.

Sometimes I can't figure Him out but that makes Him sovereign...I guess it's true then that we know in part and prophesy in part. I feel like I am being pressed but not crushed,persecuted but not abandoned and struck down but not destroyed...but the end is I WIN...head or tail!!!

Sunday, 18 October 2009

The Pressure To Impress

Sometimes it is had to not want to impress...personally speaking, I contend with the pressure to impress in various aspects of my life!!!
Especially with regards to family, the truth is whether you want to admit it or not, there are some people we seek validation and approval from in our lives. for instance, if a random human being tells me I will amount to nothing, I'll just look at the fellow in the eye and tel him he is chatting rubbish! but if a member of my nuclear family says the exact thing to me, I will take it on board and actually, think/wonder why a statement like that was made.
I reckon the reason we all seek approval is because we've been created to be relational beings and there are some people in our circle of relationship who's opinion we hold very dear.

Then there is the pressure to impress people like friends,neighbours etc. because we want to "keep up with the Joneses"...I personally think this is sheer stupidity especially when you're just keeping up the appearance...seriously what's the point? And yes yours truly has fallen into this evil web retrospect, I definitely would have done things differently...I realise now that it is really not worth the trouble...

I know of another kind of pressure to impress and that is very rife in the country I come from...people are so shallow that they appraise you by the car you drive amongst other "tools" used to measure your standard/level or whatever you want to call it!!!
A friend once bought a stupidly expensive car just because he wanted "acceptance" from his business associates...when I asked him if it was worth the trouble, he said look this are people that measure your level of "seriousness" by what you wear...little wonder we have issues with almost everything and anything you can think of.
And yes we've all been the "judge" at some point or the least I have...making snide remarks about people,their cars, houses and what have you! The simple truth is THIS OUGHT NOT TO BE!!!

*Okay I'm feeling sleepy now...but I'll still complete this post!*:-)

Well I'm happy to let you know that it is not so for me most of the time and the times it has happened, I redirect my brain and focus on what really matters...yes I outgrew this approval seeking mode when I discovered I only need One person's approval and if this One person approves of me, then every other individual will have to approve whether they like it or yes!!!
I didn't say it, He said it right here

As if that is not enough, someone said Debt/Stupidity(not sure now) is spending money you don't have to buy things you don't need to impress people you don't like!
So what's the point?

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Blog savvy!

Okay this is a cry for a way...I've been trying to spice up my blog I've tried a bit (even if I say so myself!)...but I think I can do more than my "comfort zone"
Technically I'm an illiterate or a minor idiot(not permanent) when it comes to this things...

1.I want to change my template but I have no idea i.e I am an extent.

2. I want to post audio blogs...but I have no idea whatsoever!!!

3. I would love to update my blog from my BB, is there a faster way of doing this apart from typing my post on memo pad, then copying and pasting it on my blog via BB browser?

4. I still don't get it me...or are there bloggers in my shoes?

5. Let me know of other tech savvy ways to spice up my blog (pleeeease)...I want my blog to be hawtre like fire!!! You get me?...any ideas...thanks people!!!

Saturday, 10 October 2009


It's been a while since I gave thanks on here...I'm always thankful regardless but I'm happy to put this up now!!!

I am thankful:

1.To a God who looks beyond my occassional inconsistencies and unfaithfulness to bless me consistently and care for me faithfully.

2.'re an inspiration!!! Your consistency in giving thanks weekly is admirable and seriously motivating!

3.Trials of various kinds 'cos I know that the end is...I WIN!!!
It is an opportunity for great joy...any witness in blogville?

4. A God that says what He means and means what He says.He is the only constant in a changing world.

5. This walk with is a revealing journey...I tell you.
I may fall several times but I will surely rise again.
I don't understand how a Great God can love an undeserving mere man...I can't comprehend the depth of Your love,but I am just thankful 'cos without you I am nothing.

6.I am thankful for the forgiveness of my many sins!!!
The legalistic devil sometimes brings the many sins forward to you Lord...but due to the fact that the blood of your son Jesus Christ that speaks better things than the blood of Abel has cleansed me and made me free!
The Holy Spirit then reminds me that I've been forgiven and that puts the enemy in his place...The Pit of Hell!!!

So people, what are you thankful for?
I will sort any mistake out later...this was posted from mobile!!!

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Naija for lyfe(2)

Happy Belated Birthday Nigeria, I am proud to be a citizen but I know we have work to do...
Please stop the blame game, it sucks...

I am not impressed and I know that many of the Nigerians home and abroad feel the same way. Why,When and how did we get to this point? Divorce is rife,electricity or lack of it is high and bribery and corruption has increased geometrically!
Why are we like this,my heart aches for Nigeria and it hurts.
We don't care about each other,it's a dog eat dog world out there.
Politicians promise heaven and earth only to get to the seat of power to loot all they can get out of the nations purse.

When two elephants fight,the grass suffers...and so it has been with ASUU and the government with the students bearing the brunt of it all.
We criticize the government but we are not ready to do right ourselves.
The government goes on and on about keeping the law and abiding by the rules,but they kill it themselves...question is are we falling into a state of anarchy...

There's a conspiracy theory behind every I heard that the ASUU strike is actually as a result of some top dogs wanting to buy some notable federal schools in Nigeria...for their own selfish gains might I add?...Can somebody confirm if this is true or false!!!

The legal system is corrupt to the marrow; a friend said the legal system is so corrupt that bribery is rife,to submit a document entails bribing the bailiff to the judge. This same people are the ones who will judge an armed robber and make him go free while they condemn the innocent to death!!!...tell me what do you call that...another double standard.
Hear me...The innocent blood you've shed through the years are crying out for either repent and obtain God's forgiveness and Mercy or get the disgrace coming to you.

Why are we like this?how did we get here?
The effry* of it all...what makes it okay for you to say,do,have and not okay for me to say,do or have the same!!!

Until we are sick and tired of being sick and tired collectively,I'm afraid it may just be like this for a while.

To the hard hearted top guns who can't afford to have a new Nigeria at the moment due to the fact that a new organised Nigeria means loss of power and money to them...I'm afraid Sir/Ma, time is running out on you...get LEGIT or DIE!!!

Nigeria is not for you alone,it is for us all...we want a renewed and reformed Nigeria, a Nigeria where talk is not cheap i.e people practice what they preach... where leaders don't just speak for the camera, but also carry out,what they've said.
A Nigeria where the do as I say and not as I do rule doesn't apply. A Nigeria where the citizens believe so much in the Nation that they are willing to protect the nation...Right now, we don't have it but as battered as my hope and my faith in Nigeria is, it still stands.


*Effry...Swear word but toned down!!!

Friday, 18 September 2009

Intellectual Indolence!!!

Now I know what is wrong with me!!! :-) yeah it is the topic of this post...intellectual indolence...I have been mentally lazy...fabulously doing absolutely NOTHING!!!
I pick up a small book that I should normally read within a couple of days and it stays in my bag for like a month or two. Thinking of writing a business plan makes me feel weary....I wonder what the actual writing will do to me!!!
But I'm back now...I hope...I think I need to be "mentally flogged" out of this is doing me no good!!!

I hung out with Aloted and Fg and my oh my!!! Have I got word for you guys? those gals are loaded with wisdom...and I'm not even joking...
Gals it was really wonderful spending time with y'all and we should definitely do that again...
Now that my brain is coming alive again(can you imagine being "brain lazy" for such a long time and working around like a zombie? seriously can someone feel me on this?)...I intend to update regularly and read more!

Bear with me if you think this post is a load of is coming from an "awakening brain"...
Have a good weekend people!

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Unplanned Post

Don't know why I can't put my thoughts to paper regularly this days...
There's so much to talk about yet I find it difficult to log on and just put a post up.

I learnt that at the end of the day, opinions will always differ...we are not meant to be uniformed, we're meant to be united...

I haven't really been faithful with regards to my resolutions for the year...*sighs*...nevertheless, I'm trudging on...I'm a soldier!

Now that I finally sign in to put a post up,my brain is freezing on me...I'll sort that out.
Anyways I know you're all doing well...have a brilliant week and stay focused!

Oh that reminds me, I heard about the banking industry brouhaha and seriously...its been a long time coming...I can't explain how I feel about the whole thing but I know this is another case of "obedience being better than sacrifice"!
Imagine all the embarrassment they could have avoided...anyways I'll leave that for now...


Sunday, 9 August 2009

Thankfulness and Koko Mansion

To the God that is limitless and doesn't put a limit on me and my abilities...I say thank you!!!
Hi all, hope your week has been fabulous!
My week has been great and I'm looking forward to the weekend and Vera's show...!!!
Koko Mansion ends on Sunday and I've been an ardent viewer!!! Annnyways I'll leave that for now...back to my being thankful...

I am thankful that God hasn't put a limit on me and my abilities...
Man will always place a limit on me and my abilities but the truth is we've been created with NOLIMIT and you can take that to the bank!

I am truly thankful that even when I say Lord I CAN'T... He says: with Me, ALL things are possible...isn't that wonderful...All things are possible with GOD!


Ok....Call it what you like 'cos you are entitled to your opinion of the show...and so am I!!!
I've heard so much criticism of this show that at this point in time, I should just "shamefacedly" shut down and let it be...but I WON'T...yep you heard right! I won't!

Some say the show is brain retarding(lol)...but I must confess I've been having a good time watching the show!!! hee hee hee :-)...I'm very serious here...
I totally understand people's aversion to the show...but I happen to see it in a different light!!!
It is quite entertaining...
Some say the girls are "raz" and quite uncouth...well don't blame the girls, blame providence...some of the ladies will do better than people born with silver spoons if they had the same opportunity in life...
The exposure they get from Koko mansion will no doubt transform their lives and as it is, they are already better than how they were before they came into the mansion.
They've been made to understand that there's a whole world of opportunities out there...and that I tell you is priceless...
I heard Rita sing karaoke...and I cringed...I sure hope the minister of education watched that particular one!!!
Face it, they are a reflection of 70%* of ladies in our society today(Nigeria that is) ...whether we want to admit it or not...(the choice is yours!).
Kudos to D'banj,the Mohits Team,HITV team for this particular show...I hope they will take the criticism in good faith and make the next edition much better....
I just feel we all need to cut them some slack since this was the pioneer version of the programme...

*An intelligent guess by me...a "guesstimation"if you like...

Have a great week people...and are not an infinitesimal worthless scrap of nothing!!!(eaow!!!) were created in the image of an all knowing, all sufficient God!!!

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Answers to the Questions!!!

Hello wonderful people...I hope your week has been marvelous!!!

I finally put the post up i.e answers to the questions you guys asked!!!I have responded honestly to the best of my ability...

I've been watching Koko Mansion and I'm enjoying the show!!! Hee hee hee...I think I should put a post up on this...wht do you guys think?

Anyways...please read on and thanks for coming to my blog!!


Confessions of a London girl: Do you see yourself ever giving up blogging cos of someone else?
In one word NEVER!!! If (and that is a serious If) I ever decide to give blogging up, it will be on my own terms!

D.B...1.What would you do differently in your life if you had the chance to live it all over again and why?
Can’t remember the person that said we don’t regret what we do, we only regret what we did not do

I guess if I had the chance to live it all over again, I’ll get connected to God on time and party more!!!

2. Has your cover ever been blown and how did you consider reacting?
Well, a handful of people know me on blogville and that’s because I made myself known to them...apart from these people, I don’t think my cover is exposed or has ever been...although I have a feeling a certain sumburri on blogville knows who I am and keeps telling sumburri that we mutually know to ask leading questions that will expose me!!!...for the records,I am not exactly anonymous

If you find out who I am, tough! Life goes on I will still yarn my church mind thank you!

Rita...Please share what is your most memorable memory so far?
Hmmmn it is amazing how minute things or what we think is minute/inconsequential change our perspective to life forever I’ll say it was the first time I had an “A” in maths in my life now that reshaped and refocused my thinking FOREVER.

I have always managed to fail maths till that point in my life I got a wonderful teacher(whom I still intend to buy a good gift by God’s grace) he told me maths was the only subject I could score 100%...cos in the other subjects, you need to dot your Is and cross your Ts.I took this to heart and started participating actively in class unlike before when you’ll see me at the back of the class with a novel in the middle of my text book!lol

It made me realise I can do anything if I put my mind to it...need I say that I never failed maths again to date!!!

Wells baba: since you are "no limit" wat do u consider your weaknesses or bad habit???
A bad habit I have is procrastination I won’t even say a word other than that

A weakness of mine is my uncanny ability to be super extra blunt!!!

I am actually learning to choose my words and the time to yarn my church mind

I don’t (didn’t) have any issues with saying what’s on my mind regardless of who you are but nowadays, I find myself actually shutting up and letting it go.

GNG: You were nominated for the Friendliest Blogger award (well deserved, might I add!) and I want to know if you're friendly in person too, and if you think your blog is an accurate portrayal of NoLimit in person.
Yes I am friendly even if I say so myself I find it very easy to mix with people no matter who they are;genius, spoilt rich brat, poor church rat; dummy (although this last one takes the meeky!) I can make people feel like they are “too much” wonder why I wasn’t born a man!!!

My blog is a good portrayal of me but not totally accurate ’cos I have my scoin scoin(crazy) side to me too yes I said it I can be crazy like that so much so you’ll begin to wonder...what planet I dropped from!!!

Funms:any regrets from blogging?
YES!!! I’m HOOKED!!!

Lol I kid...non at all blogville has been a goldmine for me great minds spewing forth and moi taking it all in(some o!) and learning in the process!

Enkay:"Are you an only child?"
PS: I'm not expecting a YES/NO answer o! It's jut a nice way of asking you to talk about your siblings!
NOPE although I felt like one while growing up I’ll explain I’m the last of a family of 4 children all girls the 3rd gal is over 8yrs older than me

By the time I was sharp enough to know what’s up, they were in uni and sec schl so they were hardly around and I had to make the settees in the living room and flowers in the garden my friends yes I used to talk to the flowers and even act drama on my own!!!lol

Oh this is not about me right? okay the first gal is a strong independent career woman who is happily married with grown up kids.

Second is Happily married as well...and so is the third...they are all strong women in their own ways...

Aloted: what are KEY elements you are looking for in a life partner...
Chei this aloted babe ehn!!!

Okay he must be tall,dark and handsome!!! Lol I kid I kid

A key element I won’t compromise on is integrity

His integrity must be intact I guess that about covers every other element…

He must have a wicked sense of humour y’all know laughter is the best medicine why should I sign up to live the rest of my life with a grumpy fella? Oloun maje(God Forbid!!!)

He should know his way around the kitchen and the home in general ’nuff said!!!

Olufunke…what was the most difficult decision you have made in your life? what influenced it?
Non!!! To be honest I’ve never really had to make any terribly difficult decision…but If I think of any,I’ll update this post!


*when last were u in a relationship?

*how long did it last?

*what is the description of ur ideal man?

*what r ur goals in life?
Buttershizzle!!! I have no word for you!!!

Q1. Errr some years ago… lasted for about 6months and then I took a hike…dude was just not getting me...he wanted what I couldn't't I kicked him to the curb...some things are just not worth compromising on!!!

Q3.Most important goal to me is to make heaven and take people(loads of them along with me)…

Another one is to get the heck out of the rat race and be financially free!!!

Another very dear goal is to actually own educational institutions where kids are trained to be useful citizens to themselves and the community at large… (Quite vague I know!!!).

SOLOMONSYDELLE…okin biscuit or shortbread?
Some months ago, I would have actually said Okin but right now, it is shortbread!!!

Nuggetzman…Why do you like Jeremiah Gyang...does he remind you of anyone?
Well I’m not sure this is part of the questions really…I think Nuggetzman asked because of a comment I made on one of his posts but I’ll answer it anyways…

I like Jeremiah Gyang ‘cos he sings from the heart,his songs make sense and you can tell that he has got depth…I’m afraid some of our new musicians lack this…Dude is just talented…majorly so!!!

My World said...So,what really gets you about blogville i e what you like most?
The beautiful and intelligent minds!!! The fact that I can relate, interact and connect with enlightened minds without knowing who they are physically is quite intriguing and I find it really fascinating!

There’s never a boring moment in blogville (although we’ve all turned lazy for some reason…come on guys…update your blogs regularly!!!:-D)

Monday, 13 July 2009

Been A While...But I'm Still Thankful...

Hey's your gal NoLimit... here again!!!I presume you're all doing very well...may I use this opportunity to wish you all a happy new month,prosperous new quarter and a wonderful half year!!!
It's amazing how life goes by so second it was March and before I could say Jack Robinson, We're almost hitting the end of the year...awesome!!!
There's so much to blog about and so little time to blog...*sighs*
I should have posted the response to the questions y'all asked that I've been evading for a while doesn't speak well of my integrity as an individual so I'm gonna do what is right and respond right after giving thanks to the Mighty Almighty who's unmerited favour keeps flowing my way 24/7 !

I am thankful for you guys for being ever so wonderful and for being there for know yourselves...tag yourself accordingly!!!

I am also thankful for God's mercies that endures forever...and is new every morning...but for His mercies...I would have been mince meat in the hands of the enemy!

I am thankful for God being God and not man...If man was God,he'll be rationing the oxygen we live on...thank God Man is not God...

I am thankful for progress...Sometimes it seems as if I'm taking one step forward and two steps backwards, I sometimes grumble about this...even when wisdom says I should give thanks...So right here and right now...I am saying thank you Lord...

I am thankful for revelation of the word...And the word became flesh...and dwelt amongst is one thing to read the Word and it is another thing for the word to read me(and apply it in my life)...I am thankful that the Word comes alive as I read it...

I am thankful for choice and freedom...To be honest, these are things denied many...ask the man in prison/on the hospital bed if you think that's a lie!!!

I am thankful for journey mercies...spoke with a friend recently whose aunt died in a car accident...same route plied by many daily...writing this down makes me realise there are too many things I take for granted...don't know about you but it is true...

I am thankful for the gift of LIFE!!!...A living dog is better than dead lion and we all know that only the living have hope...

I am thankful for all these and much more...

Will be back shortly with a new this space...

Dear God,
You know all things and you know how my heart is overflowing with thanks to you...bless every eye that reads this post and give them a reason each to be thankful.
Meet each one of them at the point of their needs and Lord make them blessings to others too...
Thank you Lord for your faithfulness in every aspect of our lives through your son Jesus Christ's name I pray...(and the people say...)Amen!!!


Monday, 22 June 2009

Couldn't help but Share...

hey peops...once in a while, I put up some really "touching" mails sent to me by friends...this happens to be one of them...I just couldn't help but share this...after all love they say is sharing...y'all know how much I love you right???heee heee heee!!! read on...


1. My darling, my lover, my beautiful wife:
Marrying you has screwed up my life.

2. I see your face when I am dreaming.
That's why I always wake up screaming.

3. Kind, intelligent, loving and hot;
This describes everything you are not.

4. Love may be beautiful, love may be bliss,
But I only slept with you 'cause I was pissed.

5. I thought that I could love no other
that is until I met your brother.

6. Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and so are you.
But the roses are wilting, the violets are dead, the sugar bowl's empty and so is your head.

7. I want to feel your sweet embrace;
But don't take that paper bag off your face.

8. I love your smile, your face, and your eyes Damn,
I'm good at telling lies!

9. My love, you take my breath away.
What have you stepped in to smell this way?

10. My feelings for you no words can tell,
Except for maybe 'Go to hell.'

11. What inspired this amorous rhyme?
Two parts vodka, one part lime.


Sunday, 14 June 2009

9ja to the Core(2)

Abuja was the bomb...I've said this and I'll say it again...if there's any where I'll love to live in Naij, it is most definitely ABJ!!!
I officially met Writefreak and it was awesome!!!She's a in B-A-B-E...lucky hubby :-)
We went to wonderland together and that was MARd fun.
I visited all my regular joints and was sure to check yahooza out for that special blend of kilishi they make like no other(yummy).
All in all my trip was wonderful and yes my head is back from the clouds where it was stuck for a while.
I kept hearing questions like No-Limit when are you coming back, aren't you coming back bladdy bladdy bla...well I God's time abi?
Right this second, I know I am where God wants me to be(yes seriously) relocation involves major planning(No Kidding!!!)...
I still love my Naija...btw a friend of mine told me I have blind love/loyalty for Nigeria, he is Nigerian and can't seem to understand why I always have something positive to say about Nigeria...He said the country is corrupt, government is eating deep into the foreign reserve and this is devaluing the naira hence the reason pounds is still strong in Naij inspite of the credit crunch...etc
This is a guy who knows how to "cut corners"...scratch that...who cuts corners in the same Nigeria...which as far as I'm concerned makes him as guilty as the corrupt peops he talked about.
I am not saying we don't have our issues in a matter of fact we do...and they are major at that...But I will keep celebrating every WIN no matter how tiny it is...I will make noise about it!!!
I'll leave you with this...

You're not what you think you're not what they think you are what you think they think you are...Dr Sola Fola-Alade(So Who Do You Really Think You Are)


Friday, 5 June 2009

9ja to the Core(1)

Greetings from the was a highly successful trip and I'm glad everything went according to plan...
The weddings,birthdays and various parties was worth my ticket
Well I really don't know where to start from, but I'll start from somewhere...
Lagos was a pleasant surprise!!!no joke on that! I'll start from the airport...on previous occasions that I've landed at MM airport, the stale smell emanating from every corner would have made an able bodied man pass out...but to my delight...this was not so, instead it was cool breeze(air conditioner)...there and then, I knew I was in for a good time in Naija!!!
I was meant to meet up with Stand Tall(I apologise sis I will call you) and Rethot(He disappeared into thing air!!!)...But ended up failing to do so...Next time I'm in lag...I will plan it better...
Let me just put it this way...Lagos is more beautiful than I've seen it in ages...what ever strategy Fashola is using is working like dope!!!I kid you not...
I wasn't opportune to hitch a ride on the BRT bus but I plan to do that the next time I'm in town!
Now the NEPA(electricity) story is another matter entirely and who ever is behind the epileptic electricity in naija will soon be having major seizures just like NEPA!!!( I am not cursing I am only making a's only a matter of time...God pass them) is minute there's light the next is darkness...
I honestly believe there's a syndicate behind this and they are making mad money on generator business...Generator is now a permanent fixture in most homes and I know this ought not to be...but why?
Okay enough of that...
On the last Friday of the month...I headed straight to motherland to watch one of my favourite artistes perform...I am talking of no other fella than LAGBAJA himself...I don't know why but I have nothing but total respect for this gentleman...he is just plain ol' wonderful and I love the fact that he practices what he preaches...he is a leader in the true sense of it...why do I say this...
I noticed that while performing, he kept encouraging other upcoming saxophonists to come out and show their that is a true characteristic of a leader...a leader replicates himself and is not afraid to share the limelight with others...when Ego of the memorable "konko below" decided to go solo...there was nothing I didn't here from bad belles and bad mouthers!!! ranging from...she had a quarrel with lagbaja to ooo Lagbaja "toasted" her and when she refused, he decided to sack her! haba...children of Adam...why?
Well she was right there at motherland too...funny enough, I was there at her last performance in motherland and trust me it was a case of a leader releasing his mentor to fly high too...And many of the famous singers and comedians actually cut their teeth in motherland! Yes o...I remember basket mouth performing and sound sultan too...check out lagbaja's gragra on you tube and see the very young basket mouth...back in the days...he's the guy the lady with corn in a bag was posing for!!!:-)
Well this is already a long post...I better stop here and justify my earnings for the day by getting back to work sharpishly!

Monday, 18 May 2009

Reporting live from Nigeria

I am proud to say that preparing for this trip is one of the few times I haven't ran around like a headless chicken plus I didn't miss my flight this time around...I would have gone ballistic on my self if I had...what am I even saying...I am now very time conscious thank you!!!...paying extra cash for a flight booked in advance does that to your psyche remember I said "I changed with a capital C"!!!
Hello blogville and how have you all been? It's been a wonderful holiday for far and I pray it remains so...I am happy to tell you that the Internet service is actually not as slow as the last time time I came to can tell I am totally thankful for that particular miracle...awesome!!!
The first thing I did on landing on naija soil was to go to university of suya @ Allen avenue for loads of suya...hmmmm...tew delicious...and I've been visiting all the mama puts I can lay my eyes on...(highly recommended ones of course)...
Did I tell you Lagos is now very beautiful?...okay I just did!Gosh...I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the round about at Ikeja...I was expecting to see the buses and all the hairdressers it was clean and beautiful...I thought to myself...who ever did this and saw it through must have a mind of steel and a very strong will...I travelled over the weekend for a party...will be back to Lagos in a really give proper feedback on 9ja...i.e the various states I've visited in the past one week...!!!
Have a wonderful day at work y'all and please have fun while at it...

Monday, 11 May 2009

Naija in a minute...

Hey Peops...this is as random as it gets...I am excited and high as a kite!!!
I'll be off to naija in a minute and I am so looking forward to the sunshine and humid air!!!:-)...
Well like you all know, internet in naija is as slow as they come so I may not be able to update "regularly"...(Like I've been faithful in that department of late...mscheeew)...anyways...I will update in a bit....ciao

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Judging A Book By It's Cover

Sometimes we meet people and assess them based on their outward our own detriment!!!
Yes our own detriment because this act in it's self is absolutely unwise..."pun intended"!!!
Yours truly is guilty of this from time to time...We sometimes have the tendency to want to box people into compartments we've created for them in our minds...

So a guy who's trousers refuses to cooperate with the force of gravity(lol) is not cool and when a girl wears a scandalous outfit, that makes her a slut....
Gibberish I say!!! Absolute does not work that me, I should know...
A recent global case is that of the beautiful singer Susan Boyle...I watched the clip on You Tube and when she said she wanted to be as famous as a well known singer,everyone right down to the judges snickered at her and thought she was just another joker...when she opened her mouth to sing, she became a HIT at the cute age of 47!!!(Another blog topic for another day...)

I guess all I'm trying to say is sometimes or should I say oftentimes,we judge people instantly without giving them a chance to prove themselves...I am guilty too and so are you (...sometimes...admit it!!!) but this ought not to be...
Well...guilty or not, let me hear what you have to say on this...have a beautiful week....

Tried adding the Susan Boyle song but couldn't figure it out...can anyone tell me how to do'm not technologically retarded..I just don't have a clue!!!:-)

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

The Art of Being Thankful...

Hey have we all been? hope you had a great weekend like I did...ish!!!
Well I may have missed some weeks out on the thankfulness post, but I sure ain't gonna stop usual, I have a host of sturves to be thankful and here we no particular order...

I am thankful for...

My Naija Peops...I count myself highly blessed to have my naija connection...My friends and families who come around ever so often...They bring me all the 9ja sunshine,movies magazines,food and what have you...I am also able to touch base with Naija through them...from time to time...I'll be lying if I say they don't get on my last nerves atimes...but then, I love them to bits...

Resurrection...I love this man called Jesus...this man overlooked my fault,ignored the scornful and angry fingers I pointed at him and went through the hell I should have gone through...even to the point of becoming a curse so that I NoLimit can be a blessing...Then He became poor that I may be rich...then He gave me abundant life and gave me the manual to living a wondeful life;His word...the Bible...pls tell me why I shouldn't be thankful and share this bunz news with all and sundry!!!

My Birthday which was last I said in my last post!!!
Many peops would have loved to celebrate their birthdays, but they never had the opportunity to do isn't because I have two heads(No!!!...I ain't no "freak of nature"!!!) is the grace over me that has kept me this far and I totally do NOT take it for granted...

My Blogville peops...words can't express how much I appreciate is amazing how wonderful,life changing topics are discussed on beautiful minds...I sure will blog again and again and again if given the choice!!! I'm also amazed at how blogville peops rally round their own in times of need...

Well I should be sleeping right now(I'm actually "sleep-typing"!!!)...but felt obliged to put this post up right here...right now...
Have a wonderful week good people...

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

The King(Queen) that I am!

To be honest, Staying focused is not the easiest "feat" to perform!!!
In the past 4-6 weeks, I've been struggling to stay on top of my game and I must be real with y''s been extremely tough...with a capital T!!!
Hello blogville...did I tell youl how much I've missed you?...Well I just did!!!...I totally heart you guys...back to my yarnz...
You know how you just want to let go,let lose and stay under and just go with the flow and allow the current of life to take you wherever,whenever,however...
(more like burying my head in the sand and just allowing opportunities and dangers to pass me by)...
But when I think of the fact that great peops don't go with the flow(I stand to be corrected!), I just chin up and encourage me to keep afloat...but is T-O-U-G-H!!!
Who said the road will be easy anyways?(road to success that is...)
Reminds me of the lyric in TD Jakes/Donnie McClurkin Collabo...
There's a king(Queen) inside of me,
S/He's the (wo)man that you cannot see
There's a king(Queen) inside of me.
God only knows just what I can be
There's a king inside of me
God's word will set him/her free...

I have the assurance that I can and will win...I'm on a journey to set her free...I got work to do man!!!

Pardon me for not putting up my response to the questions ...will do that in a bit...

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Guilty As Charged

Hey peops...have missed you guys like crazy? I really and truly have missed blogville and blogging!!!
Okay the usual excuse is "I've been busy" etc...but the truth is...I've been busy...but I really don't have any excuse to NOT blog!!! that makes me guilty...forgive me plz!
shout out to GNG who woke me up from slumber...I will definitely respond to the questions you guys asked in the last post in a bit...
I need to have a face off with some one in the next few hours...yes you read right...a face off...
Been procrastinating for a while but truth be told, a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do!
It is not a major issue, it is just an obstacle that needs to be cleared in the way of good friendship.

My birthday was sometime last week and I had a fab time! Oh.. that is still not an excuse for not posting for 2 long weeks...
It is year end around here and the accounts need to sorted..."sighs"...can't wait to see the end of it!!!

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Ask Me A Question And I'll Tell You No Lie? + Thankfulness Post

Hey Peops,
Like I said in my last post,yesterday was my one year blogversary and 50th post...
I asked for advice on what to do to celebrate this significant landmark and Buttershizzle and Danny Bagucci (the designer...okay his name sounds like one so he's one!) suggested I do what others have done before i.e blogference where you all get to ask any question you want to ask...

Ermm please be nice to me...don't ask me questions that will make my face go purple and make my fingers hover on the keyboard for ever for lack of what to say/type!pls abeg!!!

And as usual I'm a thankful child and I'm really thankful for:

1.The grace and ability given to keep this blog for a year plus...after all today makes it 1yr+1day!!!...And I'm going stronger!

2.My wonderful friend E.A who is getting married and starting a new life in a new place in a minute...

3.Progress for my friends O.L and A.E...this girls rock and they are moving on in their lives...they're moving to other great geographical locations...I am sad that my friends are living but I'm thankful that it is for good...
That reminds me...the rate at which people are relocating to naija nowadays is alarming o! I know about 5 peops that moved back home in the space of a month...I'm like...but maka why?

4.A wonderful mentor who celebrated his birthday recently...I'm thankful for a life well spent imparting others and actually living what he says...wonderful man he is...I pray your coast will keep getting enlarged and you won't fall from grace to grass...

5.Mothers all was mother's day on Sunday...and I can't overemphasize the great roles mothers play in the home...if you still have one please don't stop appreciating her regardless of what she didn't do for you *spoilt pikin*!!!

6.A word in season...sometimes we go through sturves and nobody knows how we are feeling 'cos words can't express our emotions or lack of it at that point in time...but just a word at the right time...can jolt us back to His presence...I'm tew thankful for this...

7.Good health...a lady I know was operated on a while back...when she came out of the hospital, she told me she called all the people she blanked out of her life and forgave them all...
I asked why the sudden change?...she said about 2 other patients with less serious cases went to the theatre around the same time with her...she was the only survivor...point is too short to hold grudges abeg!

8.Wonderful people (Family, friends and acquaintances) I am blessed with...same lady in #7 above realised the essence of people when she had nobody to take care of her when she got discharged from the hospital...she was like is good to have people around you...I is good to have good people around you...keyword GOOD!!!

Anyways I could go on and on...but the gal has got work to do...
Wonderful people...I'll be awaiting your (nice) questions...?By the are we holding on with our new year resolutions?
Do you know why I keep asking? I ask to help and challenge myself too...
Keep your head up high and know that you're a special being...there's only one you in he whole wide tell me...why shouldn't believe you're special...

Monday, 23 March 2009

Birthday & 50th(GOLDEN) POST!!!

Hola,cómo está usted?...fine I presume???
Today is my blog's birthday and I really want to celebrate it in styleee...any suggestion will be very much appreciated!!!
It is also my 50th post in blogville...haaa I've come a long way baby! :-)
Starting the blog wasn't an easy task I must say...but it sure has been worth my while...I have been blessed by all your posts and comments especially when I was down...which is few and far between...even if I say so myself...yeah you got it...I'm a die hard optimist and it takes a whole lot to weigh me this morning when I almost cried 'cos I have to go to work...hee hee hee...lazy bones you say!!!
Back to my yarnz...I've met wonderful people around here and I am amazed at the intelligence and talent y'all have...Reading through other people's blog atimes is a kind of therapy for me and I am encouraged to know that I am "normal"...ha! Okay I'll explain means you feel what I feel and you think what I think regardless of who you are,your race or is encouraging to know that we are all human and we are all working towards excellence in our own little way...
My thankfulness post is coming up in a bit...thank you all for visiting my blog and thanks for your honest and fresh comments...
It's been an amazing journey so far...and yes I'm sticking around... for now!!!

véale más adelante...

Friday, 20 March 2009 Voting Campaign!!!

As the title aptly describes it, my post is about stupid gaffes I've made in my bearriful life!
People that know me well...know that I don't get embarrassed easily...after all *who you be*!
but what I'm about to relay to you made me want to enter the ground at that point in time...I remember two scenarios vividly!

Scenario one...

At a place north of the equator,I just made friends with a handful of people and we were all chatting on and on...
Then some nerdy looking guy walks past and I was like..."oh that guy is such a nerd...with his thick glasses and uncombed hair...I think I said something about him looking like someone that spent the weekend in the LAB...
Then a very nice girl in my crew said...ohhh that's my brother...need I say that I started stammering and looking for words to cover my obvious blunder!!!

Well I got introduced to him and I confessed my sins to him...brilliant chap he was...

Scenario 2...

I was on the lift with a man and a woman...the man stank of alcohol and his speech was slurred...he was trying hard to make conversation with us (the two other women) and I mouthed to the other lady...He is DRUNK!
she mouthed back...He is my HUSBAND!
I nearly died!!!

Can't remember other blunders I've made...but I'll update as I remember
How did the week go? Hope you've not forgotten to vote for your gyal right here...It's only a click PLEASE VOTE FOR ME!
Yes like I said before...I am SHAMELESSLY soliciting for votes...
What are you guys up to this weekend? I've got two surprise parties coming up...

Have a wonderful weekend great people...and stay focused!

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Yay!!! I'm a nominee!!!

Yo b'ville...I got in Moi... N-O L-I-M-I-T got nominated...for...wait for this...friendliest blogger!!! YeeeHawww!!!

Yay...*doing the cha cha slide* I'm cranking*woohoo...*now I'm jumping and twisting*...*I'm doing the crank again*...meen at this rate soulja boy ain't got nothing on me men!lol
Okay soooo point is...y'all have gotta vote for your gyal...yes I am shamelessly soliciting for your votes...pleeaaazzze vote for me...*eyes closed hands together,head bowed*...ya hear me? vote for me...right here...

Okay nuff said! erm did someone ask why they should vote for me?...well...ermmm...okay vote me 'cos I am "votable" whatever that means...the other nominees in my group were nominated in other areas...sooo why can't I just have that one for meself?...okay is that lame?...I'll be back with a stronger manifesto!

*Whistling and chanting her village victory song...dancing in owambe styleee*

Monday, 16 March 2009

Words can't express how thankful I am...But I am...

I am multitasking @ the moment!!! Preparing to go to work (arggghhhhhh!!! and putting up a new post!)...Good day my fellow blogville citizens...hope you had a great weekend like I did!!!
Went for a Greek party and it was fantastic!!!...At least they've got rhythm...
I am really and truly thankful for loads of sturves and I'll put that down in a minute...
Here we go...

I am thankful for...

1.Direction:Y'all remember CP(Chauvinistic Pig) well the guy was at it again recently...trying to blacken my image...oh no I didn't take him out to lunch(bad move) 'cos I was advised against doing so...(*note to self* next time obey when the HS drops something in your heart).
I was actually told not to talk to him and just let him retrospect, I realise that was a foolish advice! Thank God I summoned up the: courage,patience and humility to do so...otherwise work would have been a war zone for me...After have the "brief chat" with him, I found out it was just perception...I am a bubbly person who loves to gesticulate when talking or making a point...well him coming from a place where their woman are quite docile and don't look the men in the eyes when talking perceived this as a sign of aggression...well I simply told him I am NOT aggressive and what you see is what you get...I'm only trying to do my job here,let me know how I can help make the job easier for you while we work together to make our lives easier blah blah oh my! did that "brief chat" pay off?
Well...let's just say: I'm enjoying the dividend!!!:-)

2.Great mentors...People say experience is the best teacher...I say...preferably other people's experience(read that somewhere and it stuck in my head like a leech)...why should I do the vicious cycle thingy when I can gain a wealth of experience from those who have been round that mountain! I can learn in 4hours what it took my mentors 4years to realise...seriously we all need great certified mentors!...for our careers,businesses,relationships etc...they are priceless assets!

3.For God's unlimited attributes...It is amazing...just when you begin to ask can it happen,will it be done...then God shows up and kills all the doubt in your me this God of mine has got NO LIMIT!!!

4.Great friends...Better the wound of a friend than the kiss of an enemy...isn't that profound? I am thankful for true friends who keep me grounded...they are hard to find...and I'm sooo keeping mine!

5.A second is cheap...and I've found my self talking the talk and not walking the walk...~mschew~....bloody procrastinator(in my lingo..."procrastinator oshi")...and I keep being given a second chance...I am eternally grateful for this...

I could go on and on...but work calleth...this is a new week and another chance to shine like the star that you what's it gonna be? will you let life drag you under or will you stay on top of your game?...the choice is yours...I bet you know what mine is!!! Love y'all my blog Fam!!!

How's the New year resolution going? hope we are all on track...well if you aren't on track...dust your self up and get back on track...whatchu waiting for?

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Nothing do me!!!

I don dey try write dis thing for pidgin...but e be like say e fit no work o...
Na wetin sef...I sabi yarn the thing but to come drop am for paper come dey hard like olumo rock!...mschew...
Anyhues BabaGod sef sabi say I dey thankful and im praise go everly dey for my mouth.
How una dey?hope say una dey don nearly finish person for here but dem no fit jo!
I too much for all their wahala...make dem bring am come...omo girl go withstand am...nothing do me by His grace!
I no too get gist...infact I no get gist for una...e get one book wey I read yesterday..."half of a yellow sun"...chei...I been cry o as I read the the second book wey go comot tears for my eyes be that... the first one be "what is wrong with being black" by Matthew Ashimolowo...
Na the kain book wey go make you pause...SELAH...
Anyways I no wan yarn too much paparrazi for here...I go still do the thankfulness post as usual...but I just say make I hail my peops...make e no be like say...:-)

GNG see if you fit decode this!!!

Friday, 6 March 2009

So What Do You Think?

Hey peops, hope your week has been groovy!...I'm loving my new template,what do you think?

Been thinking of blogging in pidgin for a while...and I think I may do just that in the next thankfulness post...what do you think?

You know how people say naija is corrupt bladdy bladdy bla...I carried out a brief survey and asked some people what they'll do if their uncle,aunt,sister,brother,friend becomes a big shot in government....responses ranged from I'll relocate back to naija to be near the "seat of power" to "I'll go get me some contract" to "I'll make sure I get him/her to sort me out"....
Then I remind them of what they said about naija being corrupt in the first place and they are speechless for a while before they start defending their action...
Anyways I'm not knocking/judging or condemning anybody o...bottom line is...if you know you won't do better if you had the choice,then kindly "mechionu"* and stop proclaiming corruption over 9ja...
No I'm not trying to promote corruption...all I'm saying is practice what you preach...okay what do you think about that?

It's Friday YAY!!! I'm really looking forward to the friends and I are hanging out...can't wait!!! So what are you guys up to this weekend?whatever you decide to do, just have only live ones...

I know we sometimes feel overwhelmed in this journey called lyfe! but I encourage you to be strong enough to take a licking and keep on ticking and when lyfe decides to give you lemons...come on my blogville peops...make lemonade!!!

*Mechionu is keep your mouth shut in Ibo.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

I'm Still Thankful...

Hey peops,

Here I am again with my thankfulness post...and I am glad I am finally able to update since Saturday...been a bit under the weather...just a bit...but I'm back now!!!
Here we go:

I am thankful for:

1.Journey Mercies: Like I said earlier, I went off to Paris and came back back in one piece!(In my mind I said:"duh were you meant to come back in disjointed pieces)...but y'all know all these planes and the way they crash or crash land!!! hitch whatsoever...I am thankful for that!!!

2.The opportunity to help:I also talked about helping out a random cute dude...there's just something about helping others(not because they are cute o!) that gives you this satisfaction...I can't explain it with words...especially when you're helping out on your own terms...I guess that's how God feels when He helps us on His own terms!!!...I'm my father's daughter after all ~wink~wink~

3. Provision: Imagine I was d-e-d broke and didn't have a brass farthing to my name...I sure won't have been able to pay for the extra charge on my ticket and would have missed a wonderful trip to Paris...

4.My Church and the people: I love my church and the people...they are wonderful inside and outside and they are very least the ones I know...
you know how they say: You don't judge a book by its cover, they give a whole new meaning to that...when people tell you what they've been through(the process) and how God refined begin to wonder if you would have survived if it was least I yeah...I am thankful for them folks!!!

5.Wonderful people I've encountered on blogville...I'll say it and I'll keep saying it...this place is an amazing pot-pourri of highly intelligent and amazing think I used to think only nerds and "no-lifers" write journals online!!!( errrmmm don't scream on me now...I have repented o!!!)...please temper justice with mercy!!!

6.Mercy and the Blood that was shed to redeem me of my sins...Was going through Leviticus and honestly I'm just glad to be born @ such a time as this...'cos meeeeeennnn I would have been doing some major daily sacrifices o!...God is merciful abeg!!!

7.For YOU...yes you the person reading this post right this second...I am thankful for your eyes...that you can see what I posted....for your hands...without won't be able to click on this page...conveniently...for your me only brainy people come here :-)...for that smile...'cos I know you're smiling right now!!!

and I leave y'all with this...

i.Learn to thank God for the good that is emerging instead of brooding over any loss that has been sustained!!!

ii.God uses frustrating circumstances to prune us for fruit bearing(I have a story on that one...a budding story!)...And the lessons we learnt will go deeper as we share with others...Expression deepens impression
...Selwyn Hughes(1928-2006)

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Randomness before the thankfulness plus the evil twin called procrastination and laziness!!!

Hola...long time no see y'all...I've missed y'all to pieces!!!
Well... the reason for my AWOL on thankful Saturday is because your gurl was live in Paris over the weekend...proper short trip though...silly French consulate peops wouldn't give me more than 3days 'cos that was all my travel insurance covered!!! can you imagine...I paid about 60quid to get a 3day visa...MSCHEEEEWW(loooong hisss)!
Paris was cool and I loved every second of it...but I must tell you it wasn't a very interesting start...which brings me to the twin evil(procrastination and laziness....)
GNG I'm not kidding, I give procrastination a whole new meaning...or used to...cos after my experience on Saturday, I "changed" with a capital C!!!
It all started on Saturday morning,I was good to go to the airport but decided to look for some inconsequential rubbish...seriously I can't even open my mouth to tell you what I spent over 20minutes to search for ...flight was some minutes after 10pm and it'll take me about an hour to get to the airport using the normal underground train...Got to the station around there's a fast train from paddington to heathrow,please and please people shouldn't common sense that is not common have told me I should just go straight to paddington to board the 15minutes fast train?...but knowwww...NoLimit decided to be penny/kobo wise and Pound/Naira foolish...I was like naa it'll cost me almost 20quid to go on that train and it'll just cost me 2quid @ the max to use the underground train...therefore...your gal opted for option B(Ijebu oshi!!!)...
This wicked underground train decided to stop at a particular station FOREVER!!! at this point in time I was sweating fire!!! I started praying and commanding the train to move(mschewww na today?)...aaaaannyways I finally got to heathrow at about 9:50 only for me to find out that I MISSED MY FLIGHT!!!:-( I REALLY WANTED TO WAIL...But you know how it is...Fergie said..."Big gals don't cry"lol...but I was wailing in my heart...I got to the customer service and I tell you...there was no english I didn't speak to this people but did it work? nada...I eventually had to cough out another 140quid...I wanted to DIE!!!My eyes were shooting daggers at the woman behind the counter but she had this stupid plastic smile plastered to her face...I really wanted to wipe it off with a punch...but you know what the consequence would have been...bloooooodddy armed robbers!So that changed me big time...and I decided there and then to NEVER procrastinate again...ermmm it is working...I hope :-)

On the high side, I met this cute foine American dude who was stuck in London 'cos he had to pay 57quid for an extra 5kg!!! (did someone say the airline should be sued?...YES I agree!!!)...right back to my yarnz...The ATMs in heathrow refused to allow the brova to withdraw money from his account so I decided to be a good Samaritan ( plus dude is really cute *no issues there*)...HECK NO I didn't pay for him...I just chipped in to make up the total payment...he had some cash on him...
Yeah so I made a new friend...
On getting to Paris, we waited for our luggage to arrive but the *stoopeed* airline refused to release our luggage.We were ushered into a room to fill the baggage claim form and they were like they'll send my luggage to my hotel room...they gave us some souvenirs and apologised...but your gal wasn't having non of it o!I asked for the procedure for compensation and they said I could spend 100quid(euros) overnight if my luggage doesn't arrive and they'll reimburse the total amount...I was already thinking of how I will hit this pay(at least that compensates a bit for my 140quid) when another staff came to tell us that our luggage had arrived...I was sooooooo MAD....Mschew!

Well I had MARD fun and I will definitely go again...with a different airline of 'cos...Will put up my thankfulness post on Saturday...have a good evening peops!

By the way Naija Bloggers award 09 is here live...if you don't know...know you do...go cast your vote!

ta ta

Monday, 16 February 2009

Thankful Saturday V6

Hey peops, hope you all had a beautiful valentine's day...can't wait to hear from you guys on your hot and not so hot dates!:-)
Was meant to put this up yesterday but couldn't 'cos NoLimit was busy soaking all the fun in the world up..."no dulling" at all!!!London was agog over this so called Valentine's day celebration!!!...People were busy exchanging spit(borrowing Verastic Vera's term) all over the place...some just needed to get a room men!*sniff*sniff* not that I'm beefing them o...:-)...but seriously I am still amazed that 50% of marriages in the UK end in divorce...yet people show so much PDA(Public Display of Affection)...God help us all!

This thankfulness post has really helped me to see God in a new light...I am more conscious of happenings around the way I just had a feeling of dejavu!!!...I think I've typed this before!lol ignore me...
Yeah...where was I?...I am more conscious of my environment...I need to keep thanking Him in all things right?

1) I am thankful for the Word...the entrance of the word brings light...

2)I am thankful for Doug's life...I'm thankful it was your laptop and NOT your life that was stolen...not to'll get a better one no doubt about it(by the way peops, he got robbed...pls show him some love!)

3)I am thankful for this our time, one needs a major dose of it to navigate the rough waters of life...y'all know having wisdom is better than wealth,it prolongs life and to top it all, it is the principal thing!!!
So now you know why I am thankful...:-)

4)I am thankful for Valentines day...hee hee hee!!! It was a day to see and observe how much we all want to love and be was a very interesting day I tell you...from the sad looking couple who's Val's day was just routine to the happy obviously newly weds, to the ones who have maintained the momentum to the "she doesn't know she's getting a red letter tonight" couple...
But to be honest love makes the world go round...okay so may be I should add that I'm thankful for LOVE!!!

5)I am thankful for provision...watching Slum Dog Millionaire made me grateful...guys if you haven't seen it...GRAB YOUR COPY...NOWWW!!! lol...okay that's the Nollywood way of saying it...but please check that film out @ the is brilliant!It made me thankful...amongst other things...

6)I am also thankful for journey mercies for my folks...It is easy to take His grace for granted...I hear of plane crashes,car accidents and all the works but we're all still standing...biko* tell me why I shouldn't be thankful?

It's a new week,I am thankful that we're all alive to witness it...we've all been given another chance to enjoy life,to carry out that project,to love the unlovable(I sure have a handful of them in my life...who knows I may be one to the ironies of life!)...and to just BE....let's make every second count for us(and I'm talking to me right now...gosh!)...

By the way how is/are the new year resolution(s) going?I presume we're still on target...and if we're not...get right back on the track...lyfe happens...have a beautiful week people...and please can someone tell ALOTED to PLEASE update...

*Biko means Please in Ibo language

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Thankful saturday V5

Hello have you all been? Great ...just like moi I presume... :-)...
This week has been lazy,slow paced and fast all @ the same time!!! Snowy Monday brought out the laziness in yours it became slow as I had to go to work on Tuesday till Friday...when it became fast...Have you ever noticed how fast time disappears over the weekend? very annoying I must say!!!
Well let me not bore you with my complaints!!!

Today,I am putting up Thankful Saturday V5...And I am so grateful for His grace in keeping this running to date!!!
Here are the list of things I'm thankful for this week...isn't He awesome?

I am thankful for:

1.The snow…it gave me the opportunity to have a much needed rest and sort my domestic life out.

2.Divine protection and assistance; a friend of mine got stuck at a station in the middle of no where when she was on her way home…the train developed "issues"...cold I guess and the driver decided to stop at the nearest station for obvious reasons…snow!!! She was there in the cold forever…with her brains freezing out…her words not mine…she mouthed a word of prayer…and some minutes later, a black cab drove by…she was able to use this to get home…a journey of 45minutes took way over 3hrs to complete…I’m glad she didn’t freeze to death!

3.Again for the gift of life...A living dog is better than a dead lion!

4.Victory @ work...It's been a circus...but I'm on top of the game through the grace!!!

5."Comfort of strangers"...turned other words date, learning from you wonderful people has been a rare priviledge!!!

6.divine help; a friend needed to get a contract and some strange lady was standing in the way of her progress...the lady actually told her that as long as she was in that office, she'll never get what she requested for!
she had a meeting with the director and the lady was meant to be there, but her(the lady's) car broke down and she ended up getting the contract she wanted plus much more...well I summarised this story 'cos it is quite long...
I use this friend as a point of contact to y'all and myself...
May the Lord put a trailer load of wahala* in the way of whoever tries to stop our progress...they'll be too busy sorting themselves out that they won't notice when we've progressed till it's too late for them to do anything about it!!! Amen...:-)

Have a beautiful week and thanks for stopping by my blog!!!


Monday, 2 February 2009

This Kain Snow!!!

I dressed up to go to work o! On my way I saw some kids building a snowman, I so longed to join them, I even saw a dog I thought was stuck in the snow!Only for me to perform my "James Bond to the rescue act" and the dog started running away from moi...pshewww it was enjoying the snow too...imagine and there I was going to work all kitted up for the weather...I was jealous of the stupid dog o!
Anyways I decided to take the train and then the overground at the next station,found out on arriving at the next station that "severe delays" were reported on the overground...then I decided to go take the bus...quickly got coffee at star bucks to warm up my insides for the journey...only for me to discover that the bus services has been suspended for the day...I quickly racked my brain to check if I had any deadline...but thankfully I don't...quickly called the office to let them know work ain't happening but I'm "working from home" ...hee hee bet I'm thankful for the snow...hmmm lemme go get that hot chocolate...I am fully online today mail,buzz and holla at me! Thankfully I can sort out my domestic life and do my back log of laundry!!!
And to my peops in the sunshine countries...have fun at work...I will try not to over "chillax"!!!

Saturday, 31 January 2009

Thankful Saturday...V4

Hey peops, thank you all for your comments on my last post...I heart you all!!! Doug and Fanny I have no word for you guys o!!!!
Well truth be told I ended up not taking him, to lunch...yes ...GNG I ended up dragging my heels as you rightly the time I was ready to ask, he had gone for lunch!!! Okay I hope to do that that sometime next week... thankfully I learnt a valuable lesson!

Moving on...this is my fourth thankful Saturday and my thankfulness knows No Limit!!!
here we go...

I am thankful for...

1. My Church community...Joining this church has been one of the greatest step in the right direction for yours truly...I keep getting inspired and motivated it is awesome...

2. Valuable lesson learnt now I know better now bet it'll never repeat it self again...otherwise, please flog me!!!lol

3. For blogville no psyches but you guys can cheer me up any day...all I have to do is check on you beautiful peop's blogville and viola!!! I'm high again...

4.The grace to sleep and wake up...for real o...heard of a friend of mine whose dad died a couple of weeks back,I actually thought the man was ill or something related to that, but I was told he was very okay...he just "SLEPT AND NEVER WOKE UP" you know why I am grateful...only the living can praise it is pure and sheer grace!

5. For ME,me and me!!!... seriously guys I should have put this up last week but I didn't remember...don't ever complain about your hands or your legs ever again after reading this ... can you imagine the pain and agony she went though? If you complain about any/some part(s) of your body, imagine losing it/them or not having the ability to use it/them ever again?...I sure am thankful...

6.A new month!!! Wow it's amazing that February is hear already...I'm glad January is over....I really pray the new month brings nicer news....for us all...make every day of this new month worth it for you!

I can go on and on, but I'll stop here today...Selah(Pause and think deeply about these)...
Have a beautiful new about those resolutions?Hope we're still focused on getting it right this year...Chin up and keep your head up high!!!

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Raving and Ranting

Hi blogville, I am not a very happy chappy at the moment and the reason is not far fetched....
someone lied to me...yes a lie is disturbing my day majorly...It is this colleague of mine...he is a chauvinistic pig(CP for short) and he just has this beef for me, honestly I don't know why but he does.
some weeks back I had to get some figures from the divisions I coordinate and he happens to be one of the accountants I need to deal/relate with on a regular basis.
He sent me his figures quite all right and shortly after that( I remember CLEARLY 'cos I don't have amnesia and I wasn't hallucinating...still not...), he goes

CP:" hey "NoLimit" have you sent those figures to central finance
Me:nope, but today is the deadline...
CP:pls I need to correct one of the figures can you just quickly do that for me...
ME:sure no worries will do that...

Fast forward to yesterday...I had to do a short analysis on one of the projects and I called him to talk to him about it here:

Me: Hey CP,you know the figures you changed will affect this project,what will happen now?
CP:NO I didn't change the figures...where is your evidence...
Me: remember the day you told me you needed to correct a figure...(my mind was like nooo this is not happening)
CP: If I were to make any change, I would have sent you a mail with regards to me the mail...

My people I saw RED!!!...My eyes turned blazing red...I turned red...although I'm totally black like charcoal o...but my colour was RED!!!
If we were outside the office environment I probably would have punched this guy...I was that mad...There I was with figures all messed up and no evidence to back me up...I mean how stupid can I be...
Moral of the story,always have a back up...don't let this suckers take you on a ride...
I am still seeing red...I have prayed about it...I told God to punish him very well for me and I don't want the kind of punishment that he won't know where it is coming from...I want him to know that it is because of the LIE he is being punished by God...

But you know what the spirit told me this morning..."TAKE HIM TO LUNCH" I mean WTF...take a confirmed adversary to lunch...where's the sense behind that? pls somebody tell me o...or am I loosing my mind?...but I intend to obey I'm taking CP to lunch this afternoon...he doesn't know yet but I am...
Pls pray along with me!!!

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Thankful Saturday...V3

Hello blogville...I've missed you guys like crazy...hope you're all good and your weekend has been quite restful like mine is...not.
This is my third post on thankfulness and I am extremely happy that I'm able to put this post up...
There's so much to blog about and so little time to put it down...but I'll keep trying...

Here goes my list for the week...

I am thankful for:

1.Obama's inauguration; This has given hope unlimited and deflated the lame excuse that there's a glass ceiling a black man can't get through...I can if I want...I need to remember that "talk is cheap"!!!

2.Another addition to my family...albeit a lighter mood:this weekly baby addition(s) is costing me men!Gosh!!! have they not heard of the expression: "make LOVE not BABIES"??? y'all know I'm just kidding...I'm loving the added blessings that's what they are...

3...Ipod...facebook...They make communication sooo much easier(like you don't know already:-)...)NERD is the new COOL...well if you didn't know, now you know...I digress!
Got a call from a primary school mate...I was pleasantly surprised...while we were chatting on the phone, I smiled and sent a prayer to God for the brains behind facebook!

4.My job/work...was at the post office earlier in the week to pay some related...I noticed the queue was extremely long and was wondering why this was so...well I didn't have to wait for too long to find that out...I realised 90-99% of people on the queue were there to collect "giro"...benefit/allowance whatever it is called!
A cocktail of emotions ran through me...from anger to irritation to pity to disappointment etc...
While this was going on, I realised it could have been me standing there waiting to collect a handout from the government...just enough to cover the basics till the next week for the next fix! but isn't...I am truly thankful for His mercy and grace!

5.The grace to fight my many battles:He sure didn't promise a smooth ride...the road is bumpy and fabulous lol and I'm gonna love every nanosecond of the ride!

Hope we've not broken our new year resolution(s)...stay focused and stay connected to the Source...have a brilliant week...

Saturday, 17 January 2009

10 things Saturday V2

Hey have you all been?I tell you this week has been crayzee...from deadlines at work to entertaining naija guests(y'all know how we do especially when it comes to the "elderly" folks!!!) some one nearly flooding my that was absolutely NOT me getting locked out of my own abode!see me see me freaking out cos I thot i left my bag on a bus!!!

In all these, I am absolutely thankful...truth be told, it could have been worse!

Here is the list of what I'm thankful for this week...

1.I am thankful for...the safe delivery of my friend’s baby who is now my new god-son (by hook or by crook!)

2.I am thankful for the opportunity to be a listening ear to someone…it could be worse, I could be deaf!!!!

3.I am thankful for freedom...the ability to go wherever, whenever and by whichever means I decide to…

4.I am thankful for the silly cow that almost flooded the building I live in...That gave me the opportunity to practice the virtue called patience and number 2 above…

5.I am thankful for my naija peops who come over ever so often to load me with much needed “home goods”(PS:no I ain’t sharing I’m just thankful period!!!:-))

6.I am thankful; for the J-I-T buses and trains that open their doors as I step right on the platform…I am also thankful for the empty seat in a crowded train at 6p.m in the evening!!!(Lordy Lord…you can’t begin to imagine the bliss!!!)

7.I am thankful for my friend’s assessment…she came out tops!!!

8.I am thankful for the meal I’m eating right this second…even though I was given what I didn’t order for…but hey…I’m grateful for the adventure of stepping outside my comfort zone…food wise that is…(okay again this was on Friday!!!)

9.I am thankful that I found my hand bag...I almost freaked out when I realised I didn't have it on getting the bus this afternoon...only to get home to find the bag smiling right back at me...*sighs* I think I need a much deserved break!!!

10.I'm thankful for the semi free ride that got me home when it was raining cats and dogs...

I'll be back to give you the story behind my missing bag!!!Have a beautiful week and stay focused on that/those resolution(s)!!!