Thursday, 29 May 2008

Why will you do that?

Watched a movie about a guy who promised to marry a gal come rain or shine…only for him to find out about this gal's "slightly” colourful past. Guess what my guy did? He did nothing o…He just travelled out to Yankee (he was about to go before he heard anyways) without confronting the issue and left the gal to roast for years.
Babe was waiting for bobo and fending off all suitors just because of Yankee love o! Inspite of the fact that guy hadn't communicated in ages. This movie just got me thinking like crazy! Why do we make promises we can't keep...or why do we not own up once we realise we can't keep the promise. Poor chic was left hanging like a pendulum forever because of Yankee bobo.Only for him to come back with another mgbeke hanging on his arm...

Don't get me wrong I'm not saying the gal did well by hiding her past from the guy…now that's another epistle for another day 'cos I have my take on that! He should have set the gal free before he travelled…at least let her know that you know what she's hiding instead of keeping her hanging to what is not. I see this happening around me all the time; probably not the same story line but quite related...why will you tell someone you'll be there for them for the rest of your life when you know it's a mirage and it will never happen...

Maybe I am just naïve and I don't understand the way this things work…maybe I like to look at the world through a rose tinted glass or maybe I feel/believe a certain level of integrity is expected from every individual regardless of your creed, your belief, your colour or your gender…

Guess what the gal ended up doing? She poisoned herself and the guy together…so they died together...that brings me to another gist entirely o…

Why do gals do that? Commit suicide over one guy? (Tufi akwa! God forbid strange thing! Hian!!!) When there are a million and one lovely brovas out there…my heart actually gave me the answer before I even finished typing…it’s because there can never be any one like you…why does life have to be so complicated…

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Writer's Major Block

Hi Blogville,
I can't remember the last time I was here! Gosh it's been ages...for some reason,my brain has refused to co-operate with my fingers to type something worthwhile...hence the reason I just check out my favourite bloggers' sites on blogville and exit sharpishly.
But now,I've decided to put down whatever comes to my mind regardless of how stupid or unintelligent it is!)
yeah that's what am going to do...otherwise my account will just expire on blogville and I still won't be the wiser for it.
Having gone through my fav people's blog,I really wonder how they come up with very intelligent write ups o!(God please help,open my mind and let me see through your eyes.)
Ok let me just say that the most recent development that has really made a difference in my life is the fact that God has pruned me and is still pruning me and helping me to NOT be a judgemental human being...imagine o! It was an eye opener for me and I prayed that day to see people through God's eyes.
First sign that I was being transformed was when I got on the bus and saw this drunk guy swaggering and cussing like a sailor,I suddenly felt a surge of pity for him and I prayed for him in my heart...Now I am work in progress and I know that from time to time,I "may mess up" but I know and believe I will grow...well you may ask how that is a sign...well moi before would have started insulting the poor guy in my heart like(olofo somebody,who sent you to go and get drunk,I really hope you get beaten ode jati jati!)...but that night I just thought of what he must be going through for him to go soak himself up in alcohol and I felt real pity for him.
I digress...anyways point is I will visit you more oven blogville and pour down my gibberish yarns regardless of how senseless it sounds. Infact I intend to visit you more than once a day o and I'll drop a line sha(at least)!!!