Friday, 29 August 2008

Dear Lord...

Lord in you I have found refuge and solace even in times of need.
I am amazed at how a big God like you can care about an infinitesimal minuscule like me but You do because Your word says so and You honour Your word higher…way higher than Your name!
I was created in Your image and You inscribed my name on Your palm. Now that is amazing Lord especially when I know the earth is Your foot stool…I can’t begin to imagine what Your palms are like…
You loved (still do) so much that You sent Your only begotten son to die for my sins…now that’s major!
You love me so much that You care about every tiny detail that involves me…as a matter of fact, a strand of hair can’t leave my body without You knowing about it…Lord I’m amazed…
So I know that nothing ever happens to me by mistake; it is all working together for good.
Though I can’t physically see You, I see You around me…I see Your goodness and I see the reality of Your love all around me…only a fool will say there’s no God…or how else can one explain the supernatural miracles You wrought?
Thank You so much Lord for who You are to me...I also want to thank You for being faithful(You do not change but then…You change things and situations!)…even when I am faithless…Lord You remain faithful…Selah

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

When love hurts

The ones with the power to hurt you most are the ones you love I'm not talking about the relationship between a man and a woman...I'm talking about the usual philia relationship between friends,siblings etc.
When I say you are my friend, I have exposed a part of me that I won't normally show the whole world and that in itself is deep.
It takes a lot of trust in you to make me call you my friend...only a friend knows the "best" part to stab you...that'll hurt deeply...
sometimes, we fight to deepen our relationships and sometimes...the fight only helps us to realise this relationship was for a season... takes the agape kind of love to make me want to relate with you regardless of what you've done or... said ...
Right now...I need a long dose of agape...Jesus take the wheels!!!

Friday, 8 August 2008

How to say no "nicely"

My people see me see something o!
Please how do you tell a guy NO and mean NO in a very nice way?
Seriously o! When it comes to guys and relationships…one thing I notice I lack is “TACT” as in I tell it as it is…I don’t care who’s ox is gored!
So for instance if a guy walks up to me and asks me out etc…once I’ve said no,
I expect the guy to step aside and let me be…and if he persists…kai…that is YAWA!
‘Cos I’ll give him his life history and even lecture him a bit about his future!
Well this has been the case till I became closer to my maker and I realised I needed to be relatively “civil” to people
If I want to lead by example…
So that’s where I’m at right now…I don’t want my faith to be questioned at all…but if this guy can’t understand the simple plain ole English I’m speaking to him…
Meeen I may have to resort to proper jungle language…unless I get a line that works from you guys...