Sunday, 4 December 2011

What happened to me?

I got to Day 13 and lost the plot! I can't explain why, I'm pretty sure the next topic wasn't the cause.
I just went off radar for no reason.
Anyways, I'm back and I'll continue where I stopped.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

30 Day challenge... DAY 12 - Five Men I find Attract And Why!

Had to pause to think about this deeply!!! Hmmmm.
I'm scrolling through the list of men in my life and I realise that they are all attractive in their own way.
It will be unfair to list only five. So I will group them and write about what I find attractive in them.
here we go...

1. KAAD: His sense of humour... there's no boring moment with this dude. It doesn't matter how low I'm feeling at any point in time, humour is only a chat away!

2. OS: He has this unbelievably fantastic relationship with his family and to be honest I totally love it.
They are so close knit that they can't be broken...his nieces and nephews adore him to bits and he is tight with his pop. Weird as it sounds, I find that attractive, let's not forget that he is one of the kindest soul I'm privileged to know!

3. CKMS: His goodness... there's something about a guy who's intellect is sterling...I'm not talking about a book worm...this dude is know the type that is well informed and knows how to put the knowledge at his disposition to good use and he isn't arrogant about intelligent arrogant individual is a major turn off anyways!

4. AR: His organisational skill is to keeeeel for! Very determined individual, he stands out and he is very calm even in the face of many adversities...I've seen him work under mega stress and he deals with each issue in his stride when I think of cool as a cucumber, he comes to mind:)

5. GBOA: He is a lyricist! He knows what to say and how to say it! He's a smooth operator in my opinion! I just love to hear him talk :D...I sometimes wind him up just to get words out of him!lol
Come to think of it, I haven't spoken to him in ages...I should call him for the heck of it:)

Saturday, 1 October 2011

30 Day challenge... DAY 11 - My Family

I am very protective of my folks and the people I call fam!
Okay let's start with my immediate family...
I am the last of four girls and the three older ones are way older than me.
The distance in age hasn't been a barrier to our relationship thankfully but as would be expected of a naija family the respect is there!*RME*
I am highly protective of my nephews and nieces, they might as well be my own children...I relate with them in a way their parents don't... "I am the keeper of many secrets" lol
If you really want to see my reddest eye, try stepping on my nephews' and nieces' toe(s)...I may just draw blood(okay may be not physically but you understand).
I remember lamenting about my sister to a friend once and my friend probably thinking she was helping said something negative about my sister...OMG the rate at which I turned on her surprised her and even myself! She got the message :)
With people I call Fam...even the ones I've met in blogville :) ( You know yourselves), I do not take my relationship with them for granted although it may seem like that sometimes...they are my support systems and there's nothing as uplifting as knowing that you have people that have your back at any point in time(relatively speaking) and they can say the same for you.
Bottom line is I love my family...every member in there - The ones I chose and the ones I found myself in!

30 Day challenge... DAY 10 - Put Your Music Player on Shuffle And Write The First Ten Songs That Play

  1. Samba Di Novo (Quiet Storm) - Femi Temowo
  2. Psalm 151 (You Are The Only One) - Wale Adenuga
  3. The Sea Of Forgetfulness (Greatest Hits) - Helen Baylor
  4. Remembrance(Communion song) (We Shall Not Be Shaken) - Matt Redman
  5. I Love To Praise Him (Psalms, Hymns & Spiritual Songs) - Donnie McClurkin
  6. I Love You Lord (Live Worship) - Salvador
  7. Carnival (Still Walking In The Light) - The African Children's Choir
  8. Healer ( Generation: Love) - New Breed
  9. Dance (D' G-Pikin Project) - Jedi ft. Jafextra
  10. Awesome God (Psalms, Hymns & Spiritual Songs) - Donnie McClurkin

30 Day challenge... DAY 9 - How Important I think Education Is

Education is as important as your right eye(which ever sees better).
It is like a telescope to see what the future holds... Education puts you on a leveled ground to play with the "big boys"...
If you're opportune to get education within the four walls of a school especially where you're not the one footing the bill, by all means get it.
Education within the four walls of a school is not the be all and end all; As a matter of fact, you should be a student for life and learn daily 'cos life itself is a big school! It is tomfoolery to think that getting an education automatically translates to big cash ... very wrong notion I tell you... it is what you make of it eventually that counts.
The good book says "Wisdom is the principal thing...and in all your getting, get understanding as well" ... ever seen an educated fool before... May one never cross your path...
Education is like the foundation you build on... the depth of your foundation determines the type of structure you can build on it... your best bet is to ensure the foundation is deep enough to withstand the load of the building... this translates to.. get adequate education and ensure you have an understanding of the knowledge acquired *educated fool* alert!
Yes in my opinion, education is as important as your right eye!!!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

30 Day challenge... DAY 8 - What I Ate Today

Woke up hungry and decided to "murder" a plate of rice & fish with veggies... that kept me through the day though I snacked on plantain chips and a can of coke at midday.

Snacked on some sesame snaps in the evening and ended up eating noodles and frankfurters for dinner as a result of laziness tiredness!

Photo Credit: Kirsty Cat Blog

Monday, 26 September 2011

30 Day challenge... DAY 7 - Five Pet Peeves

Phew... Somethings are just extra ordinarily annoying... these are in no particular order

1. Mouth Odour/Body Odour... I don't understand how a full grown adult can miss it....except adults who can't smell.
How can you not know your mouth is in dire need of mint or your armpit needs deodorant!

2. People who think public transports - bus, trains etc are extensions of their living room.
There's nothing as irritating as getting on a train and finding that one very annoying person who decides to blare their music or talk loudly on the phone! *rolling my eyes*... seriously do I need to be subjected to that type of torture!

3. Clueless people who act like they know!
This makes me want to pull my hair off strand after strand! It is just plain irritating. Or when I'm trying to explain a point and the other person keeps asking stupid needless questions!

4. Being talked to when I'm in my "quiet mode"
sometimes...I just want to be left alone to reflect... then someone comes along to "disturb" me...hmmm God help you if I'm not exactly in "nice mode" too!:P

5. Retarded convos...
In the words of Rooftop MCs... if you don't have nothing to say.... Say nothing!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

30 Day challenge... DAY 6 - My View on Mainstream Music

*Sigh* You bet I've run out of excuse for just pausing like that... but my eyes are on the price so let's go!

In my opinion, music is a universal language and good music is good music regardless of the genre etc.

I'm not sure I have any particular view on this to be honest; All I know is I am blessed with the ability to smell good music from a mile and half...I'm not even joking.

Well this post is going to be extra special short since I have no view whatsoever and I don't intend to pretend to have one!
Have a great weekend y'all!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Abia State Watchmen WAKE UP and smell the coffee

Okay let's pause a bit on the 30 day challenge thingy...a more pressing issued needs to be addressed right here and right now.Heard about a girl who got raped by five men...FIVE VIRILE MEN!
The video was and still is in circulation all over the www...
You would have thought that with such a good link, police, the authority...who ever is a "watchman" over abia state will take the cue and progress with further investigation...instead...the watchmen and leaders are busy releasing useless,senseless,extremely retarded and weak statement about it not happening in ABSU bla bla bla
seriously even if it happened in Ariara market...shouldn't this supposed watchmen be on it like a leach?
Instead they are busy speaking english.
the latest statement that got me really ballistic and made me put this post up is what the commissioner of police to abia state said...
as seen on linda ikeji's blog..he said

“We don’t investigate rape cases based on what people put on twitter. When a crime is reported, the DPO must send detectives to investigate the scene of the crime. Up till now have you seen the victim? Have you seen the scene of crime? Have you seen the suspects? It is a very dangerous rumour that must be dismissed by all good meaning Abians and Nigerians” - Bala Hassan, Commissioner of police Abia State.

I shuddered when I read this... This is a cruel statement and it isn't their long as we keep voting in animals in human skin, this is precisely what we will keep getting( I digress)...please if you know anything about this appalling incidence, kindly contact the police,Linda Ikeji and Ynaija(that is if the police will do anything at all).
will come back to update this post with appropriate links as this was posted via my phone.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

30 Day challenge... DAY 5 - Things I would love to say to an Ex!!!

Don't know if this should be in bullet points or not but as usual...I will just go with the here we go :)

1. I'm the best sex you NEVER had! Actually I told an ex that when he kept putting pressure on me... I broke it off without looking back, put a huge distance between us 'cos dude was(don't know if he still is) a "walking temptation". Saw him a couple of years later and that was my exact word to him...amongst others:D

2. Looking at you now...the only thing running through my mind is "What the heck was I thinking dating/drooling over a guy like" *shudders* I must have been either very silly or extremely stupid! further comment

3. I didn't break your heart... you're just ticked you got caught in your own game ( with my tongue stuck out at him by the way:D). Again no further story!lol

4. I'm sorry it didn't work out...I wish you the best for the future... the lovely ex who was/is so nice but we just weren't meant to be :(

5. C'est la vie...guess we just grew apart.

30 Day challenge... DAY 4 - Bullet My Whole Day

I have run out of excuses for not updating on time, so I won't bother giving you one either...I will just get with the programme...finito!

So here goes my day...

  • Went to the airport to drop off some items
  • Got back home, dressed up and went to was a joy to see & hear Pastor Sam preach...
  • After service went straight to the market to do some last minute shopping.
  • Jumped on an okada on impulse and enjoyed the "ride" home...PS... almost got bumped by a "I saw my whole life flash in front of me moment".
  • Went off to the island with a friend...
  • Galleria for a copy of Ikechukwu Ofili's new book
  • Picked up by another friend and off to terrakulture we went
  • Terrakulture for a was quite nice
  • Dinner @ terrakulture...the grilled fish is to keel for!
  • Got back home and "finalised" my packing!
  • Slept off thereafter

Monday, 12 September 2011

30 Day challenge... DAY 3 - A book I love

One author that keeps me awake till the last chapter is James Patterson... His novels are just MAD ( in a good way).
I remember getting one of his books and I started reading it on my home from work around 6pm...It wasn't until 4am the next day that I slept and that was after the very last page was read!
I also remember a day I had to stop at the nearest coffee on my way to work just because I wanted to finish a James Patterson novel...truth be told, not all authors leave me wanting to turn the page like that... some years back it was Sidney Sheldon... but I got to know about James Patterson through Funms...
Bottom-line is his books are amazing and as Aloted said in her post... it could make you start acting overly suspicious of people! you need to read her post about thrillers here lol!


I am putting day4 up as well...wasn't able to post Day 3 at the appropriate time because I was knackered and slept off:) Pardon me!

Friday, 9 September 2011

30 Day challenge... DAY 2 - Something I feel so Strongly About.

Well that would be injustice, I totally can't stand being cheated or seeing others cheated... It makes my blood makes me see RED need I say more:).
Well I had written a whole bunch of stuff about this but on reading through, I feel it is not really relevant/necessary to put it on here... so I'll just go with the flow as usual.
Injustice is everywhere and my heart weeps every time I see people treated in a way humans don't deserve to be treated.
It is always difficult for me to just ignore and let go even though I know I'm not Voltron the defender of the universe.
Injustice in my opinion is an act of selfishness... it totally sucks...don't know about how to eradicate this, but I know it is possible to consciously treat others with respect due them regardless of who it is.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

30 Day challenge... DAY 1 - Five Ways to Win My Heart

I really and truly wanted to start on September first but due to various factors beyond my control, I just couldn't!
Okay here I am now... let's run this show!

Five ways to Win My Heart...

Haven't really thought about this but I'll just think as I type:)

You'll win my heart if you:

1. Level up with me all the time... By that I mean being honest with me. I can't stand dishonest and untrustworthy people....people who say good morning and you have to check outside to confirm if it really is (an extreme case and it really depends on your location:)) ... If you promise to do something or say something and find out that you're not able to keep your promise, by all means say so don't "code" it or try to pull a fast one to cover my face... it won't work or if it works and I eventually find out, there goes the trust I have for you in the bin!
Bottom-line is whether hot or cold, serve me the truth all the time!

2. Help out around the house... what I sometimes jokingly refer to as domesticated :P
No I don't need a slave but I don't have to pick up after you 24/7 of my life, the least you can do is help yourself too,I'm afraid that is not part of the deal... you should be able to boil water without burning it come on!

3. Give me your full attention. When you're with me, I need to know you're there and not with A,B,C or D ie via Blackberry, Android or Iphone...this could lead to major loss of/damage to your phone or a major fine :P
You need to be there physically and mentally otherwise...

4. Are humble and not just playing at what I call "humbility", there's a difference between the two... the first is genuine and the other is an act...a play at deception...I don't think I need to break this down, this is quite self explanatory...need I say more..

5. Positive, witty and humorous... I am witty and humorous myself so what do you expect???*wearing my cools shades*.
Seriously you need to find a way to laugh at life regardless of what you're going true, if you can't "look and laff" then there's issue...You don't have to be the court-jester to be humorous...I guess that's just a way of looking at can either be "half-filled" or "half-empty"

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Brokenness, Oliver Twist and the 30 Day Challenge!!!

On brokenness, it has taken almost forever for me to get to this point, like I always say, I'm still work in progress and I'm being taught the "patience of Job" daily!
I'm learning to Let- It - Go and trust me it is painful...Imagine being offended, you know you're innocent and the other party is guilty and you have the right words that will draw blood from this person(in a painful way at that *insert evil grin*)... and that quiet voice says be still and keep your lips sealed 'cos vengeance is mine!
Or a situation where you are being asked questions I will call foolish and you just want to pour out sarcasm from deep within to make this other person realise the stupidity of their questions and then that quiet voice says... be nice! *sigh* insert "rolling eyes"

At that point I just mumble "Holy Spirit why you dey fall my hand" lol ( for real)... I must admit though, there have been times I didn't listen....I just say stuff like...errr Holy Spirit, please ehn, let me handle this one, let's talk later... Bad move I tell you 'cos I always end up regretting it... The only way forward is absolute obedience and total is painful but worth it...
Having said all these, do not test me by putting your finger down my throat...I may end up biting it:D

The latest craze in town is D'banj's Oliver Twist "Video Production" competition!!! Mad marketing gimmick if you ask works for them perfectly well!
People have come up with the craziest stuff ever...I've got two favourites @ the moment... the first is "My Backyard Crew" and the other is some Lady whose name I can't remember, will put the two videos up here.
MBC's video is totally hilarious, those boys went everywhere and the wackiest part was the "20 naira" later bit... I almost laughed my brains out..
The second one is not funny but the girl can dance! My goodness...she's got moves

Here they are :

1. My Backyard Crew:

2. By Jummy Oyebande( Saw the name on the video):

Serious competition:)... may the best person win!lol

On to the 30 day challenge...saw this on LNQ's Blog and decided to go for it...will start on Sep 1st so I won't any excuse with regards to mixing up the date... trust me I sometimes come up with the "deadest" excuse ever!
Oh let me just say in advance that I'm swapping Day 3 for Day 4...I have a feeling my Day 3 will be very juicy ;)... won't you just loooove to here about it!:D

Okay for a semi-lazy blogger...I think I've done well today... so... hasta la vista baby!

Thursday, 28 July 2011

I Fired My Instructor (YOU'RE FIRED!)

You know it is definitely time to "talk to your legs" when you meet people who leave you worse off than you were whenever you relate with them in whatever form!

Sometimes it's got nothing to do with you... that is just how and who they are... understand that and take a hike!

This was/is(go figure) with my ex-driving known as Closed Door aka Closed Chapter aka Forgotten!

He is the greatest nag on the face of the earth(from where I stand at this point in time!)

Yes a man that nags! *insert deep sigh*

Extremely conceited...unnecessarily proud... what I don't know is why as he is average in every sense of the word (I'm not even judging...that is just my point of view)...need I go on....

Every time I leave his car, I go home with a headache...funny thing is he was recommended by someone who couldn't stop singing his praise.

Its been downhill since the day I started lessons with this particular instructor.

It suddenly clicked when he told me the first time I booked a lesson with him was the best time he saw me drive...It suddenly occured to me that he may be a great driving instructor to some but to me, he is crap!

I guess learning through nagging is not my thing... something good came out of it right? I discovered that!

Thus like Sir Alan Sugar... I told him... YOU'RE FIRED!!!

Wish those words could turn to something that can be used to gag him from nagging!


Writing about this made feel 39.99% better :)

Picture Credit:

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Imperfect Me!!!

Sitting here on the train, on my way to a job where I’m accepted warts and all… receiving mails and BB messages from peops that will move heaven and earth if the could to make me comfortable.
Thinking of yesterday when I was hanging out with friends who truly care and have a passion for God and life that is catching…
…Waking up to say good morning to my “unwanted guest” (another story for another post!)…and actually chatting about life and what it is to live and not just exist made me realise how blessed I am!!!
Yet…Sometimes, I focus on what’s not working in my life…when I should be thankful for all that is working…
I pause and breathe in deeply…I realise how ungrateful I’ve been and from the depth of my heart, I am saying THANK YOU!
Enjoy this...

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Tayo Aderinokun, the MD of GTB Has Passed on.:(

Don't know why this is getting to me, I'm pretty sure it isn't because I have an account with GTB...

He was at the peak of his life, to be snatched away like that is just downright sad. It is a hard reality check for me.

He definitely made impact in his short life.

My deepest condolence goes to his family who I'm sure are greatly saddened at this news.

May your soul rest in peace and may your legacy live on.

For more news on his death, check here and here

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Baby baby Ka ma roll!

:D couldn't help putting that up, that's what's playing on tv right now and I like the video!!!
Off to a friend's party...don't feel like going but its just too late to cancel *now wailing*
Oh well... will just go pay homage, feed my eyes and get out...
yeah rroight!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Lazy Bones

Goodness.. did I not promise to update this blog weekly??? *covers face in shame*... don't know how my "usual suspects" do it...but kudos to you guys!
I was complaining about how this sucks and that sucks and a friend of mine accused me of being lazy...*I shook my mane* and asked again like I was dumb...LAZY? I was like aww come on...I am busy...always busy doing this and that...dude broke it down for me and peops conclusion is your gal is LAZY lol! Not lazy lazy but lazy!
Well long and short of it is I need to sit my behind down and get my head into a bit of paper work that I totally hate... but I'll survive.
Came across these blogs(Dotun's blog and Chocolate blog) and I thought y'all should check them out...good quality for your time.
By the way, they are photo blogs but quality photo blogs...reminds me of Jide Alakija and Asiko ... can someone tell Asiko he'll be sorting out my wedding album :P... okay peops I gotta dash...that paper werk is in progress!!!

PS: I love you::)

PPS: Kindly check back on friday...a blog/twitville reknowed sharp dude will be putting up a post right here...I'm deeply honoured!

PPPS: Can the riot stop already in Nigeria...I just don't like this killing and maiming people business...please say a prayer for all the affected areas in your quiet time.

PPPPS: lol just couldn't help it!:D
Okay bye peops

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

No More!!!...Please Free Me!

Earlier in the day, I had a "heated fellowship" with a lady I know,yeah I know what y'all are thinking "NoLimit!!! You've come again"!!!
But that's the point! How can I presume I know what's on your mind???That's exactly what she did.

She suddenly concluded that I think the worst of her and I told her if that's what she thinks,then so be it!I mean why should I try to convince you of my thoughts towards you?
If I've verbally told you,I don't think you're a bad person and my word is not enough to convince you...then what do you want? Blood? What a DIVA!

Seriously sometimes,you just have to let people form their own conclusion/opinion of how they feel you perceive them,after all,it is their opinion not yours!
So again I say,if you feel I believe the worst about you,that's all means...think what you like,what you believe about your life is more important than what anyone else believes.
I feel lighter, load owner has carried her own load!it's not mine!


Maybe she's right... she's the lady I blogged about here ... maybe she's wrong... after-all many moons have passed and life has happened... it will be very petty of me to hold a grudge against her for that long ... let's not forget the fact that it is bad for my own peace of mind (negative energy) plus what makes people think they are so important in the scheme of things that all you use your scarce resource(time) for is think of them!I almost told her I had better things to think about...but that would be outrightly rude right? But I said as much...bottom line is ... NO MORE!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

I Want Me Back On Blogville!!!

Seriously I can't explain it but I just haven't had the "energy" to blog lately!
At the beginning of the year, I made up my mind to put up a post at least thrice weekly... I ran out of steam too early... it is just unreal!
I thought of reviving the interest in blogging by putting up daily personal journals on here but then I'm not exactly anonymous anymore... Aloted,Tygeress and WriteFreak take note!lol
Anyways I am giving it another shot and hopefully my blogging mojo will be up again!:)
All is well with me and life is beautiful, let's stay in touch right here and let's see how this goes:)
Y'all stay blessed!

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Never Say Never!!!

I remember when the whole world found out Arsenal will be playing against Barca in the UEFA cup... It was almost like a lost battle...I remember my friend's status update that day...he said..."YES WE CAN WIN...who am I kidding Barca will slice us up"...well I'm happy to tell you that I'll be reminding him to eat up those words(I'll get him a bottle of drink to wash it down as well) ...'cos Arsenal did it!
Call it luck or whatever you choose to call it, but bottom line is...ARSENAL GUNNED BARCA DOWN!
And I'm sure many gamblers would have recorded a loss as a result of Arsenal's win ... many did not envisage it!
I am highly pumped up and encouraged by this win... think about isn't about what people say you are or the limit humans have placed on you and your capacity to achieve... and sometimes limitations are place on your abilities by people close to you in this scenario Arsenal Fans (they underestimated the players). It is your responsibility as an individual with a vision walking in purpose heading towards an ordained destination to rise above your limitation(s) regardless of what it(they) is(are)...
I bet many of us were expecting a draw at the most...
What I'm saying in essence is Never Ever Give Up(Winston Churchill)...take the limits off and get back into the fighting arena then give it your best punch!
All the best:)

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Patience... A much Needed Virtue in 2011 And Beyond

It was just a normal evening and it started off just fine till someone wrote something about me that I considered a slight on my path on the WWW!!!
Immediately, I got on the phone to chat with the certain so and so and he kept insisting that he didn't mean it the way I interpreted it to be...he went ahead to tell me in clear terms that I shouldn't make a mountain out of a molehill.
He did the wiser thing by not replying when I talked to him and I was left fuming...I mean...the cheek of him right?
//Chinese sign for patience//
I went back to the WWW and read the said "infuriating and annoying statement" again and I thought to's not that wasn't an insult and if I read it sloooowwwwllllyyyy it was actually meant to be a compliment...ish!
I blame my reaction to the naija movie I just watched .... "Omo Ghetto"...go figure! I think sometimes, I take on the character of the main actress in a movie for at least some minutes after viewing it and this was the case on that faithful you can imagine my state of mind when I was reading it.
Anyways when I'm wrong...I do not hesitate to admit that I am although on some occasions I find it a bit difficult to do so...but thankfully it wasn't the case that day.
I apologised and just left it as it was...
when I didn't get a response back for over 12 hours, I thought I should check to ensure my apology was know it is one thing to apologise and it is another for the other person to accept your apology... thankfully he did... we ironed it out and moved on...
This incidence got me thinking...I may have easily earned myself an enemy for life by my action if it was another person with a different outlook to life entirely(Okay I may be exaggerating but you get me).
I chastised myself and thought I should have just taken about 10 to 24 deep breathes and L-I-G(Let It Go) or I should have waited for the effect of the "Omo Ghetto" movie to wear off and then I should have read the said message again!:D
So moral of the story is...patience... a heavy dose of it is needed for healthy living... some may argue that overdosing on it may lead to stupidity but is a much needed virtue... some fights are unnecessary and a waste of energy and no you don't have to react to everything...sometimes you should just let go and let God:)
Plus some confrontations are totally irrelevant and unnecessary even if you were slighted and you're like me that you just have to get it off your chest almost immediately ... take those deep breathes my dear and I promise will be alright;) it works!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

R.S.V.P..It is time for the R part...Register to Vote!

Please ensure you,your friends,colleagues, enemies, frenemies and relatives register to vote in the upcoming election.
don't leave it to chance people...tell your domestic helps tell your subordinates encourage those who have given up hope for Nigeria to please register to vote.
At the salon, talk about it...let your mechanics know...inform the mallam at the gate...encourage you drivers ... spread the word in the market arena...bottom line is, GO GRASSROOT!
It is very important to register to vote.
If we don't all do something as basic as registering to vote, how do we intend to move the nation forward?
Let's encourage each other... there's news already of how citizens are getting frustrated with the wait at the registration centres.
Enough is Enough Nigeria has put up some action points for the 2011 election.I am yet to hear from them with regards to permission to put it up on my blog in the meantime please got to the site to know what's up
Let's brace up people...this is not the time to feel intimidated or frustrated by inefficient processes...Just DO THE R - REGISTER!!!
God bless Naija!

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Jostified...Live and Let Live

It amazes me how you can look at me and think I'm a heathen that needs to be purged off the face of the earth. I wish I could get into your head and understand why you do the things you do. How did a clean slate get painted so black?For when you were born,you were young and innocent,unfortunately,evil got hold off you before the Truth could...but its not too late to make ammends. Just stop the killings.For pete's sake,we are all one...we all want the same thing at varying degrees...why will you look another in the eyes and slay in cold just does not make sense.

There are better ways of getting yourself heard...killing innocent people is not the right way, I can tell you that for free.
Please stop now while you can...the blood of the ones you killed will cry out for justice, you really do not want to compound your woes. Again I ask that you stop...