Thursday, 21 April 2011

Lazy Bones

Goodness.. did I not promise to update this blog weekly??? *covers face in shame*... don't know how my "usual suspects" do it...but kudos to you guys!
I was complaining about how this sucks and that sucks and a friend of mine accused me of being lazy...*I shook my mane* and asked again like I was dumb...LAZY? I was like aww come on...I am busy...always busy doing this and that...dude broke it down for me and peops conclusion is your gal is LAZY lol! Not lazy lazy but lazy!
Well long and short of it is I need to sit my behind down and get my head into a bit of paper work that I totally hate... but I'll survive.
Came across these blogs(Dotun's blog and Chocolate blog) and I thought y'all should check them out...good quality for your time.
By the way, they are photo blogs but quality photo blogs...reminds me of Jide Alakija and Asiko ... can someone tell Asiko he'll be sorting out my wedding album :P... okay peops I gotta dash...that paper werk is in progress!!!

PS: I love you::)

PPS: Kindly check back on friday...a blog/twitville reknowed sharp dude will be putting up a post right here...I'm deeply honoured!

PPPS: Can the riot stop already in Nigeria...I just don't like this killing and maiming people business...please say a prayer for all the affected areas in your quiet time.

PPPPS: lol just couldn't help it!:D
Okay bye peops