Sunday, 30 June 2013

Day 30 - One Thing I'm Excited For

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I'm excited about the future, the possibilities, the opportunities, the new lease on life.
Truth be told, the sky is not the limit! Heaven is the limit do you understand why my name is NoLimit now:)?

I'm also excited about the fact that I made it to DAY 30!
I may not have been as consistent as I wanted to, but at least I've been able to convince myself that I can see something through to the end!

So here is to you that read this through till day 30 and bore with my inconsistencies ... sending :*kisses and massive hugs your way!

Day 29 Five(5) Weird Things That I Like

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Hmmm don't know if I like weird things but whatever!
I'm just going to list 5 things I like in no particular order.

1. I like bouncy castles for kids! Yes I remember when we had a BBQ in my church and Aloted came with Bionic, I got into the bouncy castle using Bionic as excuse!!! :D I just had to bounce in there lol!

2. I like my peace and quiet when I'm indoors! A friend of mine was shocked to realise I don't really like chit chatting when I'm indoors, okay not that I don't chitchat indoors but sometimes I just want to unwind and be left alone to me and my thoughts!
I'm naturally a bubbly being but I love my ME time and God help you if you cross me when I'm trying to have one. Plus I love to relate with people outside and then come back home to reflect and just enjoy the memories... is that weird enough?

3. You realise how hard this is right? I like people watching... yeah just that! Sit in the middle of a busy mall and watch people pass by... the ones trying to stylishly pull out their wedgies!lol
The busy ones, the divas, the intimidated macho looking ones, the flustered mums, the calm, cool and collected ones and ... oh I just like watching people!

4. I like being indoors on a rainy day! Hot Chocolate, Duvet and Naija movies anyone? lol

5. I like blogging in my head! Hence the reason many fabulous posts have not made it to this blog! Shame!:(

Day 28 - Somewhere I Would Like To Move To Or Visit.

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These are two different questions so let's not get it mixed up!
I would love to move back home hopefully soon... home being NAIJA! Lagos or Abuja thank you!
What I've realised is visiting Naij is totally different from living there! Oh it is wayyyy different, for one, it's touch and go for a visitor, but for a resident of Naij, you just have to open up your mind to get used to it all and when I say "it", I mean everything *sigh*
and for the place I would love to visit often? that would be the Caribbs...Lawd I was somewhere close to Antigua a while back and boy o boy did I have a whale of a time, it was this fabulous resort right by the Atlantic ocean, Lord the beach, the food, the air, the people, the drinks... the... I hope I get to visit resorts like this more often, it is definitely great for the brain!For real!
I hear Gambia and Mombassa are great locations too...I look forward to checking them out soon!
Chillaxing  unlimited!:) Just a week here  and it was sheer bliss!!!

By the way where would you like to visit?

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Day 27 A Quote I Try To Live By

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This should be easy.
I don't know the context Shakespeare used it but it is a motto for me! And I try to live by it.
The quote or should I say one of the quotes I try to live by is "To thine own self be true"!
In other words, you can lie to people, people can lie to you but don't lie to yourself.
Be true to who you are, don't lose yourself in the madness called modern life.
I totally get the concept of "fake it till you make it" and it works so I won't and can't knock it.
I also know that while faking it till you make it, it is important to not lose touch with the real you.
The "you" underneath the business suit; who you are when no one is looking really matters.
I try to live by this principle and sometimes I fail but you know what, I just dust my self up and move on!

Day 26 Things I Like And Dislike About Myself

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Well I guess we all have things we like or dislike about ourselves.
I'm going to blog about just one particular thing and yes I'm summarising 'cos I will type till tomorrow if I start! Let's not open pandora's box okay?

Right so there's something I like about myself that I dislike at the same time depending on the situation at hand.
I like the fact that I don't now how to keep malice... Yet I dislike this too!
The longest time I ever kept malice was two weeks and that was because I had a fight with a relative and travelled some minutes later, let's just say I didn't have a great trip.
Immediately I got back, I sorted it out and my heart felt lighter again.
Yes I like and dislike this fact about me!

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Day 25 Something I'm currently worrying about

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If it was past tense, I probably would have dragged up a list of things I worried about.
But now, I'm afraid I'm not worried about anything, no nothing, non, nada!

Day 24 Five Words or Phrases That Make Me Laugh

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Many words/phrase make me laugh!
I'm a collector of great humour(words, stories, videos, music, poems and all whatnots)!

I don't mind sharing some with you:)

1. That moment when you feel like a mosquito in a nudist camp! describing abundance in crude terms lol

2. You're dressed for royal Ascot yet you look like a royal Mascot (PS: I coined this one...I should patent it!)

3. Why you come squeeze face like monkey wey lick lime! - ( rooftop MCs) That's just wack! Imagine the scenario!lol

4.I nullify every calorific powers in (Nigerian) vegetable soup! Got that from a video a friend sent to me, it was hilarious!

5. The only taste of success some will ever have is when they take a bite out of you - Zig Ziglar on criticism -  The phrase tickles me silly lol!

Okay just because I can, I'm adding FIVE more! My blog, MY RULEZ! lol
Oh the next 5 may not be funny but they reek of sarcasm-ish!

6. They don't call them "backbiters" for no reason! They are always at the BACK(where they belong till they repent)... Pushing you into your great destiny PS made up by me!

7. Seest thou a "decaf" drinking man ... He is spineless *scoffing* - another one by me .. No pun intended apologies to all the decaf drinking peops reading this!:)

8. Okay this one is a paragraph or 2!lol Okay it is a dialogue between Abraham and Isaac( an imaginary one) read about them here to have a better understanding of the joke 

9. If anyone compliments you by saying "You look like a million bucks" ... Please kindly confirm the currency before you accept the compliment! 'nuff said! *straight face* (By me!)

10. Hmmm you update pix of roasted turkey on instagram and add comment saying "10 course meal tinz"...yet you have a bowl of garri and kulikuli in front of you...GOD IS WATCHING YOU IN 3D!!!
lol (That was me coined by me too!)

I could actually continue but I'll stop here... humour is my thing! :D

Day 23; Something That I Miss

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Let me tell you a story!

When I was an undegrad, I had this group of friends that I hung out with come rain come shine, it was just great to be in their company, good people, great food and fantastic convos.
Then one day, the students or was it lecturers now? decided to strike and we were all told to go home.
Now this was my firsgt year and I felt totally "grown up" or so I thought.
My friends and I stayed back for a couple of days but nothing changed, school was still closed. They decided to go home to Lagos but I was still feeling like an "independent" woman plus the fact that once I'm home, my "movement" will be monitored and curtailed decided to stay back. This decision stood for a total of 48hrs or less after which I packed my bag and went home too!
So what made me change my mind you ask.... well I started missing my friends and it was a pain so real it was almost physical!
At that point in time, I decided to go home too.
Moral of the story is... I miss people! I miss moments!! I miss humans does that make sense?
I try not to miss people now by conditioning my mind to NOT miss them. So when my friends come visiting, I just mentally see them to the airport before they physically depart, crazy I know!lol

Monday, 24 June 2013

Day 22 My Academics

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Yes. What about it???

Day 21 How I Hope My Future Will Be Like

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Wow! I hope my future is as bright and beautiful as heavens has declared and decreed it will be.
I hope my future will see me making effective impact that will change the lives of generations.
My hopes for the future is mega!
Hmmm I've successfully said something by saying nothing!
I knowww

Day 20 My Fears

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I have non! I used to have this fear of failure stemming from that major "what if" I talked about here, but the more I roll with Christ, the more I realise that I just can't fail!
See setbacks may occur but as long as you rise again, you're a winner already.

Day 19: Five Items I lust After AKA Five Items I DROOL Over!

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I promise to say/type the truth and nothing but the truth!

Lust is not healthy, so in other for me to do justice to this post, I have retitled it :)
truth is I drool over a lot of things depending on my mood!
So one sec it is this beautiful house on the cover of a magazine, then it is a beautiful Balenciaga bag, then a very sexy body on a handsome dude, then it's a flat surfboard ab on a girl, or a stack of very hard currency... *sigh* you see where I'm going with this right? The list is endless!
Howeverrrr, I will do my best to pick 5 things I drool over in no particular order!
Right let's go!

1. Shoes
I love good shoes and a girl can never have enough shoes in my opinion!

Photo Credit:

2. Beautiful homes! *sigh* ... Lord you see my heart!!!:)

Photo Credit:

3. Good food!
I'm a closet foodie, I love good food! I would rather eat designer food than wear designer clothes!
You know what they say... you are what you eat;)

Photo Credit:

4. Cute Babies!
There's something about babies that make me drool! They are as cute as a button!

5. A hot body on a hot guy with even hotter brains and manners!

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Day 18: A Problem You Have That

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One of the definitions of a problem in the dictionary is: Any question or matter involving doubtuncertainty, or difficulty.
Now based on this definition, I can categorically say that I've had my fair share of problems!(this saying reminds me of "oga at the top"!!!)

Now where do  I begin? Or which of them should I talk about? Man problem? Education Problem? "Walk with God" problem? Work problem? Oyinbo problem?
Anyways all I can say is, God keeps delivering me from every problem!  

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Day 17 Something I'm Proud Of

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Let's see, I'm proud of many things. But the one thing I'm proud of is  God given ability to "bounce back". See we all go through stuff, life happens but you know what, we all have to keep it moving!
I'm amazed at the grace I've been given to bounce back.
I can't begin to recount what I've gone through, what I'm going through etc but you know what? My hope lies heavily on the fact that His grace is sufficient for me.
I thrive on it, rely totally on it, live by it and seriously I'm extremely proud of it!
So here is my bold announcement; please note that I say this with all humility and I can only say it boldly because of Christ's grace!!!

I'm criticized but all your bullets ricochet
You shoot me down, but I get up
I'm bulletproof, nothing to lose
Fire away, fire away
Ricochet, you take your aim
Fire away, fire away
You shoot me down but I won't fall
I am titanium
Cut me down
But it's you who'll have further to fall 

...Lyrics from Titanium

At this point, I should just share the music with you! And I pray that whenever you feel like giving up, you will remember that divine grace, then you'll brace up and remind yourself that you are titanium, that you will always bounce back regardless of the circumstance(s) names or unnamed!
That you are a warrior, you're not just a survivor, you also live in abundance and I don't just mean money, I mean peace, love, joy and all things fab!
Just chin up and know that you're bold!

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Day 16 - Something I Always Think "What If" About

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When I read this title, I understood why I stopped but you know what NO MORE!

The main what if that runs through my mind is:

1. What If I Fail...
you see when you don't know who you are and whose you are, this questions can be depressing, but I've come to learn that it doesn't matter, so long as I don't measure my success by what man says it is.Obviously there's more to success than money, otherwise we won't have rich people who commit suicide... the list is endless.
So when going into a new venture/ Territory and that "what if" fear grips me, I remember what the "owner" of my life say here:
"Be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid and do not panic before them. For the LORD your God will personally go ahead of you. He will neither fail you nor abandon you."!

He said He won't fail nor abandon me so seriously I just need to believe it He says what He means and means what He says.
Ps I just got encouraged reading this verse. I may fail me, the arm of flesh may fail me, but I know the one who never fails! If He says He will never fail nor abandon me, who am I to disbelieve Him?


Saturday, 15 June 2013

Day 15 - My Zodiac Horsocope And I If I Feel It Fits My Personality

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What I said about horoscope and palm readers here STILL STANDS.
I'm not even going to address this finito!

Day14: what I wore today

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So this relates to what I wore on 14/06/2013 ... well I had a "big" meeting so I dressed formally!

I wore a purple 3/4 sleeved fitted shirt from Hawes&Curtis with a black pencil skirt from Zara and a pair of black T-Bar heels from Oasis and I looked like a woman on a mission which was and still is the plan!
Hmmmm that was short!

Day 13 - My Opinion About My Body And How Comfortable I Am With It

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Well it's my body, I live in it, I may not like some parts but hey, I've been living in it for over THREE DECADES, I think it will be unwise to not accept it for what it is... so yes it is what it is.

Oh for the records, I'm not tolerating my body! I actually love it, it wasn't always like that.
While growing up, there was always one part or the other to gripe about, but when I look back at old pictures etc, I wonder and ask myself in amazement what the fuss was all about.
The truth is, you project your insecurities whether you like to admit it or not. Nobody knows your nose is too big till you start highlighting that detail, people are just too selfish to think about you first.
You think I'm lying? Okay if or when you take a group picture, who do you check out first? your friend? big lie! you check yourself out first and then you look at others lol
So you see, people are too engrossed in themselves to bother about your flat chest, your small eyes etc... although I must say when you decide to highlight it, then you leave people with no choice than to STARE!lol
So in conclusion my opinion about my body is that it is smoking hawtre, it was created just for me,I will always wear what befits it when and if I want to and I am extremely comfortable in my skin thank you!

Day 12 - Five Guys I Find Attractive...

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Woohoo this topic is quite interesting! wouldn't you want to know the 5 guys NoLimit finds attractive?
*Rolling My Eyes*

In my previous post, I talked about people who were and are still real to me. In this post, I will talk about famous people you can check out and this is based solely on what I see i.e. the personality they present to the WWW not who they really are in private... This is meant to be fun so I'm not going to go all stuffy on ye all! That is as abstract as it gets.

1.King David - A guy that can "pour forth" such lyrics is attractive to me! lol Plus he was a bloke, I know 'cos the Bible says so!
What were you thinking? Heeheehee I bet some peops are giving me some looooonnngggg hiss now!:P chillax it gets better

2. Dixon in 90210 ....Cut me some slack I didn't say I want to "jump" him all I said was he is attractive! He has the cutest smile ever!

3. Chris Attoh ... I knowww it's getting hot in here! And Lawd knows I'm not trying to be carnal, I'm just stating the obvious fact! Dude is attractive, simples!

Hmmm I just noticed that the two people I've mentioned are artists, for crying out loud, where are the attractive scientists and authors. Oh well... The post is not depicting who they are in real life so bear with me if you know them and their unattractive sides personally!

4. Joseph The Dreamer - He had the audacity to dream, he never lost hope, he was wise and he was so handsome and well built portiphar's wife wanted to have a piece of him! I mean check that combination out... A dreamer, wise man, handsome and well built! all rolled in one! Jesus take the wheels!lol

5. *sigh* They are two many some I'm going to class them as one - The beautiful minds! Das all!

Day11 - My Family

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I know I know i know! I've been AWOL again, but tbh my reasons are valid! Trust me, I will share the gist with you when the time is right!
Let's just say, the storm is over!:)
Okay back to my post...

There's this saying that your family members are friends bestowed on you... you didn't choose them, you just happened to be there but friends are families we choose... Well I'm paraphrasing but you understand what I mean.
I love my family and friends and I totally appreciate them. They are my support system, the ones I can count on and rely on to be there for me at 2am in the morning. The ones I can mail at 6am to check my presentation for me!
The ones that will tell me the truth no matter how hurtful it is.
I hear of how people get shafted by their friends, how they get misguided by their families, how friends and families destroy each other but you know what? I'm thankful that God has blessed me with good people!
I don't even know what I've done to deserve it.... truth is I'm not even trying to figure that one out!(I love to let sleeping dogs lie you know:)).
It hasn't always been that way, but after falling into the wrong crowd one time too many while growing up, I knew to choose my friends wisely!
I know there are people who feel they were born into the wrong family, if you're reading this mail, it really doesn't matter, you can still build your support system with positive people. don't let the lies from one person stunt your growth. You're fabulous, you're fantastic and heaven is smiling on you.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Day 10: Put Your Music Player On Shuffle And Record the First 10 Songs.

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1. Holding on to you by 21:03
2. Breathe(Byron Cage) by Smooth Jazz All Stars
3. Baba by Sonnie Badu
4. Boomerang by B.O.U.Q.U.I ft A.T
5. New Season by Smooth Jazz All Stars
6. For Every Mountain by Kurt Carr
7. Worthy by Helen Baylor
8. Live and let live by Helen Baylor
9. No one like you (Instrumental) by P-Square

10. Hungry (Falling on my knees) by By Kathryn Scott

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Day 9: How Important I Think Education Is

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Education is the best gift you can ever give a child. It is weird, I just had a dream between 6 pm and 10 pm today.
In my dream, there was this woman married to a man who believed educating women was a waste of time!
Yet the woman is an advocate for education for women! I truly wonder what this dream means but it was kind of weird.
Maybe I thought about this topic so much that it turned to a dream or maybe it really means something.
Okay good people, let me know if you know what the dream means 'cos I honestly don't!
Well it is not news that I'm passionate about education and injustice.
You see I can actually link the two; It is important to get an education to reduce injustice. When you are educated, knowledge is imparted into you, information is revealed to you and this brings you out of ignorance to a new light.
Education is meant to throw light into whatever darkness it is you're trying to expose be it engineering, law, music, fashion, medicine, baking or whatever!
It is meant to build you up intellectually and mould and sharpen your talent.
When you've gone through this process, you are more aware at least that's what it should do to you.
And believe it or not, this reduces injustice cos you've been equipped and empowered to slay the dragon called injustice!
I know there are problems or issues militating against people getting a good education especially in my country of birth; but it is also my opinion that we can move beyond that. However, this post is not about the problems militating against good education generally, that would be a new post!
So how important is education to me? Let's just say that I believe EVERY CHILD DESERVES TO BE EDUCATED!!!

Ps: Hope you're still praying with and for me as humbly requested!

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Day 8 What I Ate The Whole Day

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Like I said in the last post, please pray with me!(I really mean it)!
Someone offended me and as you know, God said in His words that "vengeance is mine"
Yes I really want God to avenge and vindicate me and we all know that the best form of revenge against your enemy is SUCCESS!
So yes this week, I want victory, yes that's what I want from the most high! I want to be able to come here and testify about God's goodness and mercy!
About His faithfulness and how he turns things around regardless of what man may try to do!
Guys please take this seriously!

Anyways back to my post, as a result of this "offence", I kind of lost my appetite and didn't really eat much:) I know, I've never been this angry and disappointed at another human before or may be I have but I just can't remember right now!
So in the morning, I had cereal (Just right) was off to make my hair so I branched at the grillers, recommended to me by a friend - SO and got chicken that I ended up sharing with every one at the salon, well just my friends.
At night, (I won't call it evening... it was an ungodly hour!!!) I had ripe plantain and veggies!
I'm really trying to eat healthy now! But errrr, I had a bit of ice cream, cut me some slack, the thought of resisting pralines and cream was unbearable :P!

Photo Credits: Kellogs

Friday, 7 June 2013

Day 7 Five Pet Peeves

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Hey all, today was a stressful, I really hope that I can look at this particular day in the future and give God thanks for His kindness! Please say a prayer for me for God's mercy and favour.
Now back to my 30 day challenge, I have thought this out properly and in no particular order, my 5 pet peeves are:

1.Mouth Odour/Body Odour ... "Dude you need mint"; "Please do you have mint? I think my breathe stinks!!!"
Well that is usually me to my friends. I am kind of the "odour police"
I don't understand how people go around with very bad breath and stinking body odour and expect people to carry on as usual! No dude! It isn't okay for you to put your armpit in someone's face during rush hour even though your armpit stinks so much it can make people faint!
Mouth odour is usually a sign that something is "dentally" wrong, please don't take it lightly.

2.People who blast their music on the train! Seriously I judge you! Why can't a body just have some peace and quiet after a long day or even early in the morning! I think it is insensitive, ridiculous and extremely selfish! And it should be a punishable offence! for real.

3.Screaming/Talking loudly down the phone in a public transport; It is not your living room desist from treating it as one! Plus to be honest, We really don't want to hear your part of the convo!

4.Not respecting my personal space. I remember having a conversation with a friend and she was almost talking into my mouth! I had to go like mate step back and stay at arm's length from me permanently!
I don't get it, do you have to stand eyeball to eyeball with me to get your point across. It is just wrong to cross my personal space! Ugh!

5.People who breathe down your neck and people who read over my shoulders! By that I mean strangers who won't mind their business and even non-strangers! Just stop it already... my skin is crawling at the mere thought!

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Day 6 My views on Mainstream Music

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Like I said in the previous post, I have no opinion per say on this matter.
Who classified it as mainstream anyways?
There are only two types of music I'm afraid i.e.. GOOD or BAD music!
So it don't matter if it's main stream, upstream, downstream, underground, overground, cult music;
whatever it is called, it is either good or bad simples!( In conk American accent)
I know some totally hate mainstream music 'cos it's been commercialised yaddy yaddy yadda!
But hey, why the evils :P
Next time you listen to music, listen with an open mind and judge for yourself if it is good or bad.
PS: Did I tell you I have ears for spotting a chat topper? Okay I just did!



Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Day 5 - Things I Want To Say To An Ex!!! (It Gets Better!!!)

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Yes it sure does get better lol! So now I have to write to an ex and really give them a piece of my church mind! Cool leeggoo!

I'm so upset with myself right now because I wrote this earlier in the day but now, I apparently didn't save it!
Oh well I will have to start again... What is it with me not saving my work this past few days!

So it just occurred to me right this second that the word EX is very broad!!! Ex boyfriend, ex wife, ex job, ex house, ex brother lol iKid! but you get my drift.
Based on this new rev, I've decided to do a post and write to my ex-job! (I literally just heard some one hiss lol) Calm down! it's not that serious.

Okay to the EX here's what I have to say!

1. You were EXed out for a reason; ! You belong to my past... stay there!

2. What in the world was I thinking ... I bet I was on cheap drugs. Your creator didn't make you a waste of space you did that to yourself! Get help.

3.Wishing you nothing but the best in your future endeavour to become the president of a great nation while sitting on your tiny behind expecting the world to bow to you because the world "owes" you?

4. Like I said before, I'm the best sex you never had! A player got played! You win some... you lose some!:)

Again Ladies and Gentlemen... It's a wrap!!!

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Day 4: Bullet Your Whole Day

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Hmmmm now today was extra special so it is a long journal... it makes for an interesting read though... even if I say so myself!!! Enjoy ;)

5:30 Why do I keep waking up before the alarm goes off? Looks like my "body alarm" is doing a better job than this alarm... Okay snooze mode activated! I might as well join the prayer webinar here

06:00 - 06:30 Heavy prayers, no enemy can escape this attack and even if he does, he got injured and is totally useless!

06:35 Off to the bathroom need to be out of here ASAP.

07:20 SA calls to tell me to get my behind downstairs, time to justify my pay for the day! Need to run this power point presentation by SA ... did that on the train and sent a copy to Kay & Aloted for feedback... So thankful for friends I can ask for help in split seconds!

08:00 - Crikeys! we are at the station, no internet :(

8:20 kings cross station, if I'm fast enough, I should be able to get breakfast at abokado, that eatery is growing on me! Hmm yikes got off @ the wrong exit at kingscross and had to jump right back on the train!
Wait a sec!!! This train didn't just stop at Farringdon!!! OMG this can't be happening on a special day like this! Was meant to take the west bound train ... NOT the east bound one! Now on the stinky train from barking... Oya practice your breathing NoLimit (me speaking to myself like I was in labour)... Breathe in Christ breathe out fear. Breathe in Boldness and breathe out failure...I continued my "yoga" and stopped at 10! 
Phew! Breakfast at last! Oh despite the fact that the card reader bounced my TWO cards!!! smh. If this card keeps misbehaving, then there’s no lunch! *sigh*

09:00 Have mercy Lord, reading through my notes and making new notes!

09:50 Let the presentation begin! Hmmmn NoLimit is giving this presentation her A-Game, oh wow and her voice is not trembling!

11:00 Okay back to work, I feel so drained, thinking is an energy consuming task. Did you know that?

12:30 I know I said no lunch, but… this hunger won’t let me be! Ah, appetizer check. Main meal check. Dessert check. Cool stuff let’s dig in!

13:30 Back to my desk, the work keeps piling up but hey I’m “Wo”MAN enough to complete it!
Oh noooo this MsExcel didn't just crash on me!
Okay Auto Recover … Wow it didn't just crash again!
Today is definitely my DAY!!! Oh and I just discovered I lost a full page of work, now I have to start all over! Great just ggggrrrreat! *gritting my teeth*

19:00 Finally left the office and prayer walked to the station, Detoured to get my tablets from Sainsbury’s! This dude must be on some kind of cheap drugs! Didn't he tell me it costs only £1.99 in Sainsbury’s? I walk out and head straight for boots, my comfort zone!
I need to get that hay fever tablets those pollens aren't playing this year!

19:35 waiting for the train @ Euston square...
19:40 ughh! It is the rickety train to barking! Too bad I can't wait for my favourite metropolitan line train!
Started typing this post on the train and was "sleep typing" hmmmm see "system".
Ahhh Sudoku... Today's challenge is to finish before I get to my station.
Oh wow just read about the double standard ish on metro, okay that was hilarious. Hmmm so the princess is wearing a Jenny packham... I bet her website (Jenny Parkham) is going to explode right afterrrrrrrrr... Pause... NOW!lol ps: I joined the peops who may have exploded it i.e. if it did explode by checking out the website too. lol I just checked it on my mobile!
Uuuuhhhhh sudoku, hurry... NoLimit you can do this, come onnnn where them numbersss! (me encouraging myself on the train...quietly of course!) lol
Yay!I finished before I got to my stop!

Now what to eat... Deep thought! Definitely cooking is out off the question tonight!
Okay will call SO to ask about the chicken place... I could do with some grilled chicken! #carnivoreMode SwitchedOn!
Wow, you mean this shop churns out those delightful grilled periperi chicken! Looks can be deceptive mehn! I would never have thought!

20:40 Okay to walk home or not... Walk wins hang on, the bus comes in 3mins, errrr I'll hate it if it passes me on my way home...might as well wait, There's no rush in this jungle!

21:00 I will divide this chicken and eat some tomorrow (me to my self on my sofa as I unwind and watch my recorded “Tinsel” and "Scandal")…. Nah men! I consumed it all… it is too delicious to eat the next day! lol

22:00 long chat with my career mentor about my next move! God bless this man and his fam for taking time out to break things down for me!
23:57 My eyes are gluing together out of their own volition…

Ladies and Gentlemen: It’s a wrap!!!

Read through @ 20:20 05/06/2013 and discovered so many errors!
This is what happens when you "sleep type"! xoxo

Monday, 3 June 2013

Day 3 A book I love

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I like to think that I'm a book connoisseur although they don't fill a room yet but I'm getting there.
I dream of a house with a library..with wall to wall books *sigh* the joy!
I love the smell and feel of books at some point in my life, I bought books weekly, I stopped when I realised the pace I was reading the books wasn't commensurate to the pace I bought them.... Hopefully the gap will even out soon!lol
Reading books for me is seasonal; what I mean by this is - It is possible for me to buy a book, leave it there untouched and then go back to it about three years later reason being that it relates to the season I'm in at that point in time!
Most books usually relate to some and not all parts of life so for instance, a book on finance will have nothing to do with romance. A book on physics will probably not have anything to do with home economics!
Of all the books I've ever bought, the only one I know that is well rounded is ... drum roll... THE BIBLE!!!
I know it may sound cliché but the truth, fact and reality is ... The Bible is complete!
It educates you on life lessons the way other books can't! And to those that believe, it comes alive and dwells amongst them!Confirmed... tried and tested! Isn't it amazing:)
I was telling someone about the Bible... and I said The Bible is all the book you'll ever need!
And it is so true!
Personally the Bible is like a mirror that shows me how I am, the essence of looking in a mirror is to discover what needs to be adjusted and carry out the necessary/relevant adjustment if need be... That is what the Bible does, It reveals who you are!

 PS: Have you noticed that I keep using the "strikethrough" button/symbol ... love it!
PPS: That's Day3 tucked away! Yippee leegggooo!
PPPS: To read the Bible check here.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Day2 : Somethiing I feel Strongly About!

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Two things gets my attention all the time!

1. Injustice
2. Education

I thought since I would rather keep my opinion on injustice and double standards to myself, I should speak on education... I'm all about the positives nowadays!:)

Contrary to what people thought back in the days, a good education will not necessarily make you rich!
But it can elevate you to the levelled playing field to compete with the big boys; What I mean by this is education is an eye opener, at least a good one! It can be a tool to get from point A to point Z
It opens up your mind and helps you to see and maximise opportunities if applied properly.
The greatest injustice man has ever experienced is people who knowingly withhold education from those that need it.
Education doesn't only occur in the four walls of an institution! But it is important to learn to read and write, that is basic and should be default for everyone.
I'm convinced that everyone ought to be educated and it should be accessible to the needy as well.
I worry about the educational system in my country of birth but I know it will get better.
Oh and life is the greatest school! Like someone I know usually says - Be a student for life in the school of life!

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Five Ways To Win My Heart *RME*

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Need to do the needful before midnight ... In your face challenge!!! I'm on to you!!!

1. Gifts - I know I have changed! I would never admit this before, but the truth is, I love love unwrapping gifts, I just got a "belated gift card" from my friends(A family of 5) yesterday and I'm just back from maxing the card out! I felt euphoric, same feeling I had when my friend topped up my coins to get me ice-cream from my favourite "Oddono"'s seriously guys, you should try 'em out if you live in London, if you don't, check them out the next time you're in town... they make fabulous, heavenly ice cream!lol

2. Integrity and honesty ... I get won over time and time again with people with great hearts, I don't mean your regular "two goody shoes", I mean people that are true to themselves and honest about their strength and weaknesses, there's nothing as sleazy and repelling as people who lack integrity... they make my skin crawl; The opposite effect is what integrity and honesty does to me.

3.Purposeful, passionate and intelligent minds! There's nothing average about the average human being so there's no point living an average Joe's life or rolling with average people... You may have your regular 9to5 job but believe me, that's not ordinary! God don't make ordinary, so there's no way I'm going to sit down and chillax with average. People that know their purpose and are passionate enough to stand up and go for it regardless win my heart any day! Then the ones that may have tried and are still trying and are intelligent enough to do things differently earn my respect too.

4. Humour! Life is hard as it is... there's no point carrying the world's burden on your shoulder when you're not Jesus! I love to have a good laugh, I don't even mind being the butt of the joke as I've been opportune to be several times and that's because I give as good as I get! People with great sense of humour win me over all the time, but that joke had better be funny otherwise... *straight face*

5.Being Kind and Considerate( People Who aren't pretending to be!!!) ... Selfishness is a total turn off and this is in all part of the world thank you!
I love it when people think about others too and not just for their own selfish reasons! God knows there are many fake peops out there, I know I should flesh this up but I'm hoping this will do for now!

Till tomorrow...

...Hope I've Been Able To Convince You That Computers Are Better Than Humans!!!

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*Sigh* don't you just wish that was true?lol!!!
But the truth is nothing beats relating with humans at least on a relational level any day 24/7!!!
I know we all have our days, where we really just want to shut someone up in mid sentence and silently wish they can disappear into thin air... But that ain't gonna happen.
They are here, as real as they've ever been. They're not going anywhere and you have to deal with it.
Personally I would rather chill with my laptop than with some humans but the truth is, that won't help me. especially when they are people you can't but bump into on a daily basis.
I realise that I have to learn to tolerate people 'cos they are learning to tolerate me too. So I suck it up and do they needful. The more I learn to relate with them, the more I realise that we are all human and we all go to toilet *news flash*lol!
We all want to get ahead in life although some are self destructive... but we all just want people to be a bit more loving and understanding, the only thing is we project this in different ways. So while some are vocal about what they want, some show you it in their actions while some just DON'T *sigh*! This last category of peops worry me(Tale for another day).
So next time that irritating colleague/staff gets on your last nerve, just smile sweetly and try to understand where she's coming from.

Started this 30days thingy a while back and stopped midway for lack of inspiration, well I'm back!!! I'm not going to continue from where I stopped, I am going to start afresh; I believe for one I'm more understanding of people's selfishness, self absorption, stupidity and all what nots!
Reason being that I've been selfish, self absorbed and all what nots too! My pastor usually says something... You can't appreciate the value of "Imodium" if you've never had diarrhoea! In this situation, I would like to say you can't understand people's action if you don't understand the reason behind their action...what drives them...Fine it may not excuse it, but it sure explains it!
And I'm starting today... so watch out for DAY ONE:) again!lol

PPS... In case you're wondering why I'm starting the challenge again... it is because it is what it is: A CHALLENGE... A call to engage in skill and strength! Join me if you can.
I need to challenge and convince myself that I can update consistently for 30 days non stop! Plus there are 30 days in June right? talk of perfect timing :)