Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Re: In The Name of All Things Men.

Was stuck on the train in the middle of no where for a
while...national rail can like to get their acts together!What better time to write/type than then:)
Here are the random thoughts that came to me based on Vera's radio show...but before then, enjoy this track...

Don't blame the men for the lies,blame the women who will swallow any
lie so long as it makes them look good...don't blame the women,blame
the men who put them in that state.

Personally I'm of the opinion that a strong onus is on the woman to
decide not to be stupid...we are nuturing and very kind...a guy will
take you on a ride if he knows he can get away with murder where he's
concerned in your life.

Sometimes we love the idea of being in love than love isn't about how you feel,if it was about feeling then I should have killed by now.Reminds me of the time my friend asked me "how can something that feels so good be so wrong"...the act is not wrong darling it is the timing that is everything.I totally believe that the truth will prevail...if only we can be patient...that wolf in sheep clothing will eventually reveal his true's only a matter of time.

Sometimes,the girl knows she's being lied to but wants to enjoy the moment...well enjoy it and ensure you get enough tissue for the heartbreak that will ensue.

To be honest...I have nothing but respect for women that wear their heart on their sleeve...they are very bold and courageous...I wouldn't know what to do with a broken heart,and to be honest I like my heart in one piece!!! Call me a coward if you like,but there's more to life than putting my heart on the slab to be chopped into several pieces... Thanks but no thanks.
Like I said, it's only a matter of time, if we are patient and observant, love will find a way!

I know that when it comes to matters of the heart, all a girl needs to do is open up her heart and she gets to that point of no return. Hence the reason a girl needs to be patient enough to confirm that she's not getting herself in the wrong match/mix...cos once you've opened the floodgate of ur becomes really difficult to it what you like...

Guys should learn to control what is between their legs and not let it
control them...lying to get what you want is an absolute no no and
what it does is; it reduces you gradually.
Having said that, people change, but then, they say a leopard never changes it's spot

Oh well...this is just me rambling...ciao mwah!!!

Since I mentioned "broken heart"...enjoy the track below...home girl can sing!!!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

10 things I like + A great track

I've got two different versions of this great tell me,which do you prefer? The first one is right here...the second one is below....

I was tagged by OluSimeon to yarn about ten things I like... here we go!

10 Things I like

1.Music...Gosh I totally love good music and I can smell a hit track from a distance...I can't explain it but I know!

2.Networking...there's just something fulfilling about hooking up a buyer with a seller...or vice makes me satisfied...and the fact that I'm relating with people makes it worthwhile...

3.Excel...My love for excel is thrills me to no end to get a formular right etc...

4.Great intelligent conversation/Hanging out with great people...I enjoy having intelligent convos with people...conversations that builds and is just plain ol' uplifitng...

5.Dancing...I love to dance and it is normal to see me dancing in front of the mirror to any of my favourite tracks...for hours lol...gotta perfect that step!

6.Traveling/discovering new places...I love discovering new places...not necessarily traveling(though I love traveling too)...just discovering a "hole" in the city can make my day!
I think I will buy a globe and choose where to travel to randomly on it...oh but I don't do forest trips so no taking a hike to the amazon rain no!!!:)

7.I love's like a game to low sell the finance lecturer said...

8.Wristwatches...I am of the opinion that an individual shouldn't have many wristwatches...but if you decide to wear one...make it worth your while...(I will get there!lol) I still visit Goldsmith to check out my favourite should I say "wristwatch constructor" of all time...probably because they've been around for the past 150years...yes that's right...

9.Shoes...Blame my sisters...I never used to like shoes until they hounded my life to stop buying black and brown I'm of the opinion that a woman can never have enough shoes...don't hate...just appreciate!:)

10.Books...There's just something exhilarating about good books...having said that,I have books I've bought since 2007 that I still haven't read...*sigh*...heaven help moi

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

When The Enemy Within is Exposed...and The Power of Naija

Imagine this live in the same house with someone you think you have a good relationship least to an extent. Although she's reckon she is close enough to call you to order if need be and if she steps on your really don't have to hide the fact that she hurt you from her...
Then comes a day you had a slight and I mean very slight argument with decided to go out for a dose of fresh air to clear your were on your way out you opened the door to depart...
But changed your mind...well just because you can...She heard the door close and probably assumed you had gone out...then she gets on the phone to whoever to start yada yadaing about she really pours out the venom and throws a curse or two your way in the process...and you're there...listening....but she has no idea!!! I laugh...
You allow her to run her mouth to the very last drop...then you go to her,smile and say...hey,you good? worries, will sort that issue out next week...and you stroll out...Yes she's gobsmacked and you're in shock...

That was exactly what happened to me over the really think you know people...but the honest truth is you don't...only God can reveal the enemy within...
I was in shock for a while 'cos I found it difficult to believe that people can be so two faced it is unreal...why do we do such...I honestly don't get it...
Well I confronted her when I got back...I told her I can't believe she harboured such pain and anger in her heart towards me whilst I thought we were cool...she immediately started apologising profusely before I even got midway and said I should ignore all she said 'cos she said it out of anger...well she also said she wasn't talking to anyone...she was talking to I checked, pigs fly!!!

Anyways I'm thankful...that the enemy within was revealed...we learn it hasn't put me off trusting has just made me learn to be more careful with information I give people about I won't clam up...I'm still an extrovert...integrity is still key and honesty the best policy...I've just learnt to trust my instinct more...through the Holy spirit of 'cos
now I know what the deal is...envy is a very bad my mentor always says...Don't Kill your Brother...Kill Envy!

moving on swiftly....have you registered to vote?Please do so...ASAP make your vote count in 2011... Again this song is dedicated to NIGERIA...I love it! And the title is is called...THE POWER OF NAIJA...