Thursday, 28 July 2011

I Fired My Instructor (YOU'RE FIRED!)

You know it is definitely time to "talk to your legs" when you meet people who leave you worse off than you were whenever you relate with them in whatever form!

Sometimes it's got nothing to do with you... that is just how and who they are... understand that and take a hike!

This was/is(go figure) with my ex-driving known as Closed Door aka Closed Chapter aka Forgotten!

He is the greatest nag on the face of the earth(from where I stand at this point in time!)

Yes a man that nags! *insert deep sigh*

Extremely conceited...unnecessarily proud... what I don't know is why as he is average in every sense of the word (I'm not even judging...that is just my point of view)...need I go on....

Every time I leave his car, I go home with a headache...funny thing is he was recommended by someone who couldn't stop singing his praise.

Its been downhill since the day I started lessons with this particular instructor.

It suddenly clicked when he told me the first time I booked a lesson with him was the best time he saw me drive...It suddenly occured to me that he may be a great driving instructor to some but to me, he is crap!

I guess learning through nagging is not my thing... something good came out of it right? I discovered that!

Thus like Sir Alan Sugar... I told him... YOU'RE FIRED!!!

Wish those words could turn to something that can be used to gag him from nagging!


Writing about this made feel 39.99% better :)

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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Imperfect Me!!!

Sitting here on the train, on my way to a job where I’m accepted warts and all… receiving mails and BB messages from peops that will move heaven and earth if the could to make me comfortable.
Thinking of yesterday when I was hanging out with friends who truly care and have a passion for God and life that is catching…
…Waking up to say good morning to my “unwanted guest” (another story for another post!)…and actually chatting about life and what it is to live and not just exist made me realise how blessed I am!!!
Yet…Sometimes, I focus on what’s not working in my life…when I should be thankful for all that is working…
I pause and breathe in deeply…I realise how ungrateful I’ve been and from the depth of my heart, I am saying THANK YOU!
Enjoy this...