Thursday, 17 February 2011

Never Say Never!!!

I remember when the whole world found out Arsenal will be playing against Barca in the UEFA cup... It was almost like a lost battle...I remember my friend's status update that day...he said..."YES WE CAN WIN...who am I kidding Barca will slice us up"...well I'm happy to tell you that I'll be reminding him to eat up those words(I'll get him a bottle of drink to wash it down as well) ...'cos Arsenal did it!
Call it luck or whatever you choose to call it, but bottom line is...ARSENAL GUNNED BARCA DOWN!
And I'm sure many gamblers would have recorded a loss as a result of Arsenal's win ... many did not envisage it!
I am highly pumped up and encouraged by this win... think about isn't about what people say you are or the limit humans have placed on you and your capacity to achieve... and sometimes limitations are place on your abilities by people close to you in this scenario Arsenal Fans (they underestimated the players). It is your responsibility as an individual with a vision walking in purpose heading towards an ordained destination to rise above your limitation(s) regardless of what it(they) is(are)...
I bet many of us were expecting a draw at the most...
What I'm saying in essence is Never Ever Give Up(Winston Churchill)...take the limits off and get back into the fighting arena then give it your best punch!
All the best:)