Tuesday, 27 September 2011

30 Day challenge... DAY 8 - What I Ate Today

Woke up hungry and decided to "murder" a plate of rice & fish with veggies... that kept me through the day though I snacked on plantain chips and a can of coke at midday.

Snacked on some sesame snaps in the evening and ended up eating noodles and frankfurters for dinner as a result of laziness tiredness!

Photo Credit: Kirsty Cat Blog

Monday, 26 September 2011

30 Day challenge... DAY 7 - Five Pet Peeves

Phew... Somethings are just extra ordinarily annoying... these are in no particular order

1. Mouth Odour/Body Odour... I don't understand how a full grown adult can miss it....except adults who can't smell.
How can you not know your mouth is in dire need of mint or your armpit needs deodorant!

2. People who think public transports - bus, trains etc are extensions of their living room.
There's nothing as irritating as getting on a train and finding that one very annoying person who decides to blare their music or talk loudly on the phone! *rolling my eyes*... seriously do I need to be subjected to that type of torture!

3. Clueless people who act like they know!
This makes me want to pull my hair off strand after strand! It is just plain irritating. Or when I'm trying to explain a point and the other person keeps asking stupid needless questions!

4. Being talked to when I'm in my "quiet mode"
sometimes...I just want to be left alone to reflect... then someone comes along to "disturb" me...hmmm God help you if I'm not exactly in "nice mode" too!:P

5. Retarded convos...
In the words of Rooftop MCs... if you don't have nothing to say.... Say nothing!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

30 Day challenge... DAY 6 - My View on Mainstream Music

*Sigh* You bet I've run out of excuse for just pausing like that... but my eyes are on the price so let's go!

In my opinion, music is a universal language and good music is good music regardless of the genre etc.

I'm not sure I have any particular view on this to be honest; All I know is I am blessed with the ability to smell good music from a mile and half...I'm not even joking.

Well this post is going to be extra special short since I have no view whatsoever and I don't intend to pretend to have one!
Have a great weekend y'all!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Abia State Watchmen WAKE UP and smell the coffee

Okay let's pause a bit on the 30 day challenge thingy...a more pressing issued needs to be addressed right here and right now.Heard about a girl who got raped by five men...FIVE VIRILE MEN!
The video was and still is in circulation all over the www...
You would have thought that with such a good link, police, the authority...who ever is a "watchman" over abia state will take the cue and progress with further investigation...instead...the watchmen and leaders are busy releasing useless,senseless,extremely retarded and weak statement about it not happening in ABSU bla bla bla
seriously even if it happened in Ariara market...shouldn't this supposed watchmen be on it like a leach?
Instead they are busy speaking english.
the latest statement that got me really ballistic and made me put this post up is what the commissioner of police to abia state said...
as seen on linda ikeji's blog..he said

“We don’t investigate rape cases based on what people put on twitter. When a crime is reported, the DPO must send detectives to investigate the scene of the crime. Up till now have you seen the victim? Have you seen the scene of crime? Have you seen the suspects? It is a very dangerous rumour that must be dismissed by all good meaning Abians and Nigerians” - Bala Hassan, Commissioner of police Abia State.

I shuddered when I read this... This is a cruel statement and it isn't their fault...as long as we keep voting in animals in human skin, this is precisely what we will keep getting( I digress)...please if you know anything about this appalling incidence, kindly contact the police,Linda Ikeji and Ynaija(that is if the police will do anything at all).
will come back to update this post with appropriate links as this was posted via my phone.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

30 Day challenge... DAY 5 - Things I would love to say to an Ex!!!

Don't know if this should be in bullet points or not but as usual...I will just go with the flow...so here we go :)

1. I'm the best sex you NEVER had! Actually I told an ex that when he kept putting pressure on me... I broke it off without looking back, put a huge distance between us 'cos dude was(don't know if he still is) a "walking temptation". Saw him a couple of years later and that was my exact word to him...amongst others:D

2. Looking at you now...the only thing running through my mind is "What the heck was I thinking dating/drooling over a guy like" *shudders* I must have been either very silly or extremely stupid! lol...no further comment

3. I didn't break your heart... you're just ticked you got caught in your own game ( with my tongue stuck out at him by the way:D). Again no further story!lol

4. I'm sorry it didn't work out...I wish you the best for the future... the lovely ex who was/is so nice but we just weren't meant to be :(

5. C'est la vie...guess we just grew apart.

30 Day challenge... DAY 4 - Bullet My Whole Day

I have run out of excuses for not updating on time, so I won't bother giving you one either...I will just get with the programme...finito!

So here goes my day...

  • Went to the airport to drop off some items
  • Got back home, dressed up and went to church...it was a joy to see & hear Pastor Sam preach...
  • After service went straight to the market to do some last minute shopping.
  • Jumped on an okada on impulse and enjoyed the "ride" home...PS... almost got bumped by a car...like "I saw my whole life flash in front of me moment".
  • Went off to the island with a friend...
  • Galleria for a copy of Ikechukwu Ofili's new book
  • Picked up by another friend and off to terrakulture we went
  • Terrakulture for a play...it was quite nice
  • Dinner @ terrakulture...the grilled fish is to keel for!
  • Got back home and "finalised" my packing!
  • Slept off thereafter

Monday, 12 September 2011

30 Day challenge... DAY 3 - A book I love

One author that keeps me awake till the last chapter is James Patterson... His novels are just MAD ( in a good way).
I remember getting one of his books and I started reading it on my home from work around 6pm...It wasn't until 4am the next day that I slept and that was after the very last page was read!
I also remember a day I had to stop at the nearest coffee on my way to work just because I wanted to finish a James Patterson novel...truth be told, not all authors leave me wanting to turn the page like that... some years back it was Sidney Sheldon... but I got to know about James Patterson through Funms...
Bottom-line is his books are amazing and as Aloted said in her post... it could make you start acting overly suspicious of people! you need to read her post about thrillers here lol!


I am putting day4 up as well...wasn't able to post Day 3 at the appropriate time because I was knackered and slept off:) Pardon me!

Friday, 9 September 2011

30 Day challenge... DAY 2 - Something I feel so Strongly About.

Well that would be injustice, I totally can't stand being cheated or seeing others cheated... It makes my blood boil...it makes me see RED need I say more:).
Well I had written a whole bunch of stuff about this but on reading through, I feel it is not really relevant/necessary to put it on here... so I'll just go with the flow as usual.
Injustice is everywhere and my heart weeps every time I see people treated in a way humans don't deserve to be treated.
It is always difficult for me to just ignore and let go even though I know I'm not Voltron the defender of the universe.
Injustice in my opinion is an act of selfishness... it totally sucks...don't know about how to eradicate this, but I know it is possible to consciously treat others with respect due them regardless of who it is.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

30 Day challenge... DAY 1 - Five Ways to Win My Heart

I really and truly wanted to start on September first but due to various factors beyond my control, I just couldn't!
Okay here I am now... let's run this show!

Five ways to Win My Heart...

Haven't really thought about this but I'll just think as I type:)

You'll win my heart if you:

1. Level up with me all the time... By that I mean being honest with me. I can't stand dishonest and untrustworthy people....people who say good morning and you have to check outside to confirm if it really is (an extreme case and it really depends on your location:)) ... If you promise to do something or say something and find out that you're not able to keep your promise, by all means say so don't "code" it or try to pull a fast one to cover my face... it won't work or if it works and I eventually find out, there goes the trust I have for you in the bin!
Bottom-line is whether hot or cold, serve me the truth all the time!

2. Help out around the house... what I sometimes jokingly refer to as domesticated :P
No I don't need a slave but I don't have to pick up after you 24/7 of my life, the least you can do is help yourself too,I'm afraid that is not part of the deal... you should be able to boil water without burning it come on!

3. Give me your full attention. When you're with me, I need to know you're there and not with A,B,C or D ie via Blackberry, Android or Iphone...this could lead to major loss of/damage to your phone or a major fine :P
You need to be there physically and mentally otherwise...

4. Are humble and not just playing at what I call "humbility", there's a difference between the two... the first is genuine and the other is an act...a play at deception...I don't think I need to break this down, this is quite self explanatory...need I say more..

5. Positive, witty and humorous... I am witty and humorous myself so what do you expect???*wearing my cools shades*.
Seriously you need to find a way to laugh at life regardless of what you're going true, if you can't "look and laff" then there's issue...You don't have to be the court-jester to be humorous...I guess that's just a way of looking at life...it can either be "half-filled" or "half-empty"