Wednesday, 18 June 2014

GNG On 3SIX5Woman!!!

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Happy Birthday GNG!!! My this be your best year yet!
You can imagine my delight when GoodNaijaGirl put a post up on 3six5woman... delighted doesn't begin to describe what and how I felt!
Let me tell you a teeny weeny bit about GNG, she is one of the friends for life I met virtually... like she writes from the heart and she's so real!
She tells it as it is and she's not afraid to air her views and how she feels... a gift and privilege denied many!
In the multitude of fakery and fakeness, she just stands out!
Little wonder we clicked... we don't call each other up everyday and text each other by the second, but she's one of the few I can buzz up within seconds and expect a response within reasonable time!
Let me just say that you GNG are an inspiration and you'll always be! 
I celebrate you today and appreciate the woman you are...Indeed you may not be where you want to be... but you're far from where you started from!
The top is your destination...see you there!
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