Friday, 23 October 2009

You're Sovereign

Do you ever wonder what exactly God is up to in your life?...especially when you feel like barbecue chicken being turned in the grill...Well I'm feeling that way right now!!!
I remember His words that says even when I pass through fire, He is with me.

Sometimes I can't figure Him out but that makes Him sovereign...I guess it's true then that we know in part and prophesy in part. I feel like I am being pressed but not crushed,persecuted but not abandoned and struck down but not destroyed...but the end is I WIN...head or tail!!!

Sunday, 18 October 2009

The Pressure To Impress

Sometimes it is had to not want to impress...personally speaking, I contend with the pressure to impress in various aspects of my life!!!
Especially with regards to family, the truth is whether you want to admit it or not, there are some people we seek validation and approval from in our lives. for instance, if a random human being tells me I will amount to nothing, I'll just look at the fellow in the eye and tel him he is chatting rubbish! but if a member of my nuclear family says the exact thing to me, I will take it on board and actually, think/wonder why a statement like that was made.
I reckon the reason we all seek approval is because we've been created to be relational beings and there are some people in our circle of relationship who's opinion we hold very dear.

Then there is the pressure to impress people like friends,neighbours etc. because we want to "keep up with the Joneses"...I personally think this is sheer stupidity especially when you're just keeping up the appearance...seriously what's the point? And yes yours truly has fallen into this evil web retrospect, I definitely would have done things differently...I realise now that it is really not worth the trouble...

I know of another kind of pressure to impress and that is very rife in the country I come from...people are so shallow that they appraise you by the car you drive amongst other "tools" used to measure your standard/level or whatever you want to call it!!!
A friend once bought a stupidly expensive car just because he wanted "acceptance" from his business associates...when I asked him if it was worth the trouble, he said look this are people that measure your level of "seriousness" by what you wear...little wonder we have issues with almost everything and anything you can think of.
And yes we've all been the "judge" at some point or the least I have...making snide remarks about people,their cars, houses and what have you! The simple truth is THIS OUGHT NOT TO BE!!!

*Okay I'm feeling sleepy now...but I'll still complete this post!*:-)

Well I'm happy to let you know that it is not so for me most of the time and the times it has happened, I redirect my brain and focus on what really matters...yes I outgrew this approval seeking mode when I discovered I only need One person's approval and if this One person approves of me, then every other individual will have to approve whether they like it or yes!!!
I didn't say it, He said it right here

As if that is not enough, someone said Debt/Stupidity(not sure now) is spending money you don't have to buy things you don't need to impress people you don't like!
So what's the point?

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Blog savvy!

Okay this is a cry for a way...I've been trying to spice up my blog I've tried a bit (even if I say so myself!)...but I think I can do more than my "comfort zone"
Technically I'm an illiterate or a minor idiot(not permanent) when it comes to this things...

1.I want to change my template but I have no idea i.e I am an extent.

2. I want to post audio blogs...but I have no idea whatsoever!!!

3. I would love to update my blog from my BB, is there a faster way of doing this apart from typing my post on memo pad, then copying and pasting it on my blog via BB browser?

4. I still don't get it me...or are there bloggers in my shoes?

5. Let me know of other tech savvy ways to spice up my blog (pleeeease)...I want my blog to be hawtre like fire!!! You get me?...any ideas...thanks people!!!

Saturday, 10 October 2009


It's been a while since I gave thanks on here...I'm always thankful regardless but I'm happy to put this up now!!!

I am thankful:

1.To a God who looks beyond my occassional inconsistencies and unfaithfulness to bless me consistently and care for me faithfully.

2.'re an inspiration!!! Your consistency in giving thanks weekly is admirable and seriously motivating!

3.Trials of various kinds 'cos I know that the end is...I WIN!!!
It is an opportunity for great joy...any witness in blogville?

4. A God that says what He means and means what He says.He is the only constant in a changing world.

5. This walk with is a revealing journey...I tell you.
I may fall several times but I will surely rise again.
I don't understand how a Great God can love an undeserving mere man...I can't comprehend the depth of Your love,but I am just thankful 'cos without you I am nothing.

6.I am thankful for the forgiveness of my many sins!!!
The legalistic devil sometimes brings the many sins forward to you Lord...but due to the fact that the blood of your son Jesus Christ that speaks better things than the blood of Abel has cleansed me and made me free!
The Holy Spirit then reminds me that I've been forgiven and that puts the enemy in his place...The Pit of Hell!!!

So people, what are you thankful for?
I will sort any mistake out later...this was posted from mobile!!!

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Naija for lyfe(2)

Happy Belated Birthday Nigeria, I am proud to be a citizen but I know we have work to do...
Please stop the blame game, it sucks...

I am not impressed and I know that many of the Nigerians home and abroad feel the same way. Why,When and how did we get to this point? Divorce is rife,electricity or lack of it is high and bribery and corruption has increased geometrically!
Why are we like this,my heart aches for Nigeria and it hurts.
We don't care about each other,it's a dog eat dog world out there.
Politicians promise heaven and earth only to get to the seat of power to loot all they can get out of the nations purse.

When two elephants fight,the grass suffers...and so it has been with ASUU and the government with the students bearing the brunt of it all.
We criticize the government but we are not ready to do right ourselves.
The government goes on and on about keeping the law and abiding by the rules,but they kill it themselves...question is are we falling into a state of anarchy...

There's a conspiracy theory behind every I heard that the ASUU strike is actually as a result of some top dogs wanting to buy some notable federal schools in Nigeria...for their own selfish gains might I add?...Can somebody confirm if this is true or false!!!

The legal system is corrupt to the marrow; a friend said the legal system is so corrupt that bribery is rife,to submit a document entails bribing the bailiff to the judge. This same people are the ones who will judge an armed robber and make him go free while they condemn the innocent to death!!!...tell me what do you call that...another double standard.
Hear me...The innocent blood you've shed through the years are crying out for either repent and obtain God's forgiveness and Mercy or get the disgrace coming to you.

Why are we like this?how did we get here?
The effry* of it all...what makes it okay for you to say,do,have and not okay for me to say,do or have the same!!!

Until we are sick and tired of being sick and tired collectively,I'm afraid it may just be like this for a while.

To the hard hearted top guns who can't afford to have a new Nigeria at the moment due to the fact that a new organised Nigeria means loss of power and money to them...I'm afraid Sir/Ma, time is running out on you...get LEGIT or DIE!!!

Nigeria is not for you alone,it is for us all...we want a renewed and reformed Nigeria, a Nigeria where talk is not cheap i.e people practice what they preach... where leaders don't just speak for the camera, but also carry out,what they've said.
A Nigeria where the do as I say and not as I do rule doesn't apply. A Nigeria where the citizens believe so much in the Nation that they are willing to protect the nation...Right now, we don't have it but as battered as my hope and my faith in Nigeria is, it still stands.


*Effry...Swear word but toned down!!!