Friday, 18 September 2009

Intellectual Indolence!!!

Now I know what is wrong with me!!! :-) yeah it is the topic of this post...intellectual indolence...I have been mentally lazy...fabulously doing absolutely NOTHING!!!
I pick up a small book that I should normally read within a couple of days and it stays in my bag for like a month or two. Thinking of writing a business plan makes me feel weary....I wonder what the actual writing will do to me!!!
But I'm back now...I hope...I think I need to be "mentally flogged" out of this is doing me no good!!!

I hung out with Aloted and Fg and my oh my!!! Have I got word for you guys? those gals are loaded with wisdom...and I'm not even joking...
Gals it was really wonderful spending time with y'all and we should definitely do that again...
Now that my brain is coming alive again(can you imagine being "brain lazy" for such a long time and working around like a zombie? seriously can someone feel me on this?)...I intend to update regularly and read more!

Bear with me if you think this post is a load of is coming from an "awakening brain"...
Have a good weekend people!