Thursday, 26 February 2009

Randomness before the thankfulness plus the evil twin called procrastination and laziness!!!

Hola...long time no see y'all...I've missed y'all to pieces!!!
Well... the reason for my AWOL on thankful Saturday is because your gurl was live in Paris over the weekend...proper short trip though...silly French consulate peops wouldn't give me more than 3days 'cos that was all my travel insurance covered!!! can you imagine...I paid about 60quid to get a 3day visa...MSCHEEEEWW(loooong hisss)!
Paris was cool and I loved every second of it...but I must tell you it wasn't a very interesting start...which brings me to the twin evil(procrastination and laziness....)
GNG I'm not kidding, I give procrastination a whole new meaning...or used to...cos after my experience on Saturday, I "changed" with a capital C!!!
It all started on Saturday morning,I was good to go to the airport but decided to look for some inconsequential rubbish...seriously I can't even open my mouth to tell you what I spent over 20minutes to search for ...flight was some minutes after 10pm and it'll take me about an hour to get to the airport using the normal underground train...Got to the station around there's a fast train from paddington to heathrow,please and please people shouldn't common sense that is not common have told me I should just go straight to paddington to board the 15minutes fast train?...but knowwww...NoLimit decided to be penny/kobo wise and Pound/Naira foolish...I was like naa it'll cost me almost 20quid to go on that train and it'll just cost me 2quid @ the max to use the underground train...therefore...your gal opted for option B(Ijebu oshi!!!)...
This wicked underground train decided to stop at a particular station FOREVER!!! at this point in time I was sweating fire!!! I started praying and commanding the train to move(mschewww na today?)...aaaaannyways I finally got to heathrow at about 9:50 only for me to find out that I MISSED MY FLIGHT!!!:-( I REALLY WANTED TO WAIL...But you know how it is...Fergie said..."Big gals don't cry"lol...but I was wailing in my heart...I got to the customer service and I tell you...there was no english I didn't speak to this people but did it work? nada...I eventually had to cough out another 140quid...I wanted to DIE!!!My eyes were shooting daggers at the woman behind the counter but she had this stupid plastic smile plastered to her face...I really wanted to wipe it off with a punch...but you know what the consequence would have been...bloooooodddy armed robbers!So that changed me big time...and I decided there and then to NEVER procrastinate again...ermmm it is working...I hope :-)

On the high side, I met this cute foine American dude who was stuck in London 'cos he had to pay 57quid for an extra 5kg!!! (did someone say the airline should be sued?...YES I agree!!!)...right back to my yarnz...The ATMs in heathrow refused to allow the brova to withdraw money from his account so I decided to be a good Samaritan ( plus dude is really cute *no issues there*)...HECK NO I didn't pay for him...I just chipped in to make up the total payment...he had some cash on him...
Yeah so I made a new friend...
On getting to Paris, we waited for our luggage to arrive but the *stoopeed* airline refused to release our luggage.We were ushered into a room to fill the baggage claim form and they were like they'll send my luggage to my hotel room...they gave us some souvenirs and apologised...but your gal wasn't having non of it o!I asked for the procedure for compensation and they said I could spend 100quid(euros) overnight if my luggage doesn't arrive and they'll reimburse the total amount...I was already thinking of how I will hit this pay(at least that compensates a bit for my 140quid) when another staff came to tell us that our luggage had arrived...I was sooooooo MAD....Mschew!

Well I had MARD fun and I will definitely go again...with a different airline of 'cos...Will put up my thankfulness post on Saturday...have a good evening peops!

By the way Naija Bloggers award 09 is here live...if you don't know...know you do...go cast your vote!

ta ta

Monday, 16 February 2009

Thankful Saturday V6

Hey peops, hope you all had a beautiful valentine's day...can't wait to hear from you guys on your hot and not so hot dates!:-)
Was meant to put this up yesterday but couldn't 'cos NoLimit was busy soaking all the fun in the world up..."no dulling" at all!!!London was agog over this so called Valentine's day celebration!!!...People were busy exchanging spit(borrowing Verastic Vera's term) all over the place...some just needed to get a room men!*sniff*sniff* not that I'm beefing them o...:-)...but seriously I am still amazed that 50% of marriages in the UK end in divorce...yet people show so much PDA(Public Display of Affection)...God help us all!

This thankfulness post has really helped me to see God in a new light...I am more conscious of happenings around the way I just had a feeling of dejavu!!!...I think I've typed this before!lol ignore me...
Yeah...where was I?...I am more conscious of my environment...I need to keep thanking Him in all things right?

1) I am thankful for the Word...the entrance of the word brings light...

2)I am thankful for Doug's life...I'm thankful it was your laptop and NOT your life that was stolen...not to'll get a better one no doubt about it(by the way peops, he got robbed...pls show him some love!)

3)I am thankful for this our time, one needs a major dose of it to navigate the rough waters of life...y'all know having wisdom is better than wealth,it prolongs life and to top it all, it is the principal thing!!!
So now you know why I am thankful...:-)

4)I am thankful for Valentines day...hee hee hee!!! It was a day to see and observe how much we all want to love and be was a very interesting day I tell you...from the sad looking couple who's Val's day was just routine to the happy obviously newly weds, to the ones who have maintained the momentum to the "she doesn't know she's getting a red letter tonight" couple...
But to be honest love makes the world go round...okay so may be I should add that I'm thankful for LOVE!!!

5)I am thankful for provision...watching Slum Dog Millionaire made me grateful...guys if you haven't seen it...GRAB YOUR COPY...NOWWW!!! lol...okay that's the Nollywood way of saying it...but please check that film out @ the is brilliant!It made me thankful...amongst other things...

6)I am also thankful for journey mercies for my folks...It is easy to take His grace for granted...I hear of plane crashes,car accidents and all the works but we're all still standing...biko* tell me why I shouldn't be thankful?

It's a new week,I am thankful that we're all alive to witness it...we've all been given another chance to enjoy life,to carry out that project,to love the unlovable(I sure have a handful of them in my life...who knows I may be one to the ironies of life!)...and to just BE....let's make every second count for us(and I'm talking to me right now...gosh!)...

By the way how is/are the new year resolution(s) going?I presume we're still on target...and if we're not...get right back on the track...lyfe happens...have a beautiful week people...and please can someone tell ALOTED to PLEASE update...

*Biko means Please in Ibo language

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Thankful saturday V5

Hello have you all been? Great ...just like moi I presume... :-)...
This week has been lazy,slow paced and fast all @ the same time!!! Snowy Monday brought out the laziness in yours it became slow as I had to go to work on Tuesday till Friday...when it became fast...Have you ever noticed how fast time disappears over the weekend? very annoying I must say!!!
Well let me not bore you with my complaints!!!

Today,I am putting up Thankful Saturday V5...And I am so grateful for His grace in keeping this running to date!!!
Here are the list of things I'm thankful for this week...isn't He awesome?

I am thankful for:

1.The snow…it gave me the opportunity to have a much needed rest and sort my domestic life out.

2.Divine protection and assistance; a friend of mine got stuck at a station in the middle of no where when she was on her way home…the train developed "issues"...cold I guess and the driver decided to stop at the nearest station for obvious reasons…snow!!! She was there in the cold forever…with her brains freezing out…her words not mine…she mouthed a word of prayer…and some minutes later, a black cab drove by…she was able to use this to get home…a journey of 45minutes took way over 3hrs to complete…I’m glad she didn’t freeze to death!

3.Again for the gift of life...A living dog is better than a dead lion!

4.Victory @ work...It's been a circus...but I'm on top of the game through the grace!!!

5."Comfort of strangers"...turned other words date, learning from you wonderful people has been a rare priviledge!!!

6.divine help; a friend needed to get a contract and some strange lady was standing in the way of her progress...the lady actually told her that as long as she was in that office, she'll never get what she requested for!
she had a meeting with the director and the lady was meant to be there, but her(the lady's) car broke down and she ended up getting the contract she wanted plus much more...well I summarised this story 'cos it is quite long...
I use this friend as a point of contact to y'all and myself...
May the Lord put a trailer load of wahala* in the way of whoever tries to stop our progress...they'll be too busy sorting themselves out that they won't notice when we've progressed till it's too late for them to do anything about it!!! Amen...:-)

Have a beautiful week and thanks for stopping by my blog!!!


Monday, 2 February 2009

This Kain Snow!!!

I dressed up to go to work o! On my way I saw some kids building a snowman, I so longed to join them, I even saw a dog I thought was stuck in the snow!Only for me to perform my "James Bond to the rescue act" and the dog started running away from moi...pshewww it was enjoying the snow too...imagine and there I was going to work all kitted up for the weather...I was jealous of the stupid dog o!
Anyways I decided to take the train and then the overground at the next station,found out on arriving at the next station that "severe delays" were reported on the overground...then I decided to go take the bus...quickly got coffee at star bucks to warm up my insides for the journey...only for me to discover that the bus services has been suspended for the day...I quickly racked my brain to check if I had any deadline...but thankfully I don't...quickly called the office to let them know work ain't happening but I'm "working from home" ...hee hee bet I'm thankful for the snow...hmmm lemme go get that hot chocolate...I am fully online today mail,buzz and holla at me! Thankfully I can sort out my domestic life and do my back log of laundry!!!
And to my peops in the sunshine countries...have fun at work...I will try not to over "chillax"!!!