Friday, 16 March 2012

Bomb Blast Averted At Ikeja, Lagos

When I heard this crazy news ... What came to mind was "Se na like this we go dey dey" it means, " Is this how we will continue to be/Is this it/So this is how we want to live?
And another friend put it up on her status that the bomb madness has spread to Lagos.
Is this how immune our leaders are to what the ordinary citizen is going through?
How in the world did we get here? why are we so shallow?
Why do we major in the minor and minor in the major? So many questions...
The president said we have to "live with it"... *deep sigh* for how long I ask can we live like this?
My prayer is the president will be given the grace to surround himself with advisers not pigs who really don't care if the nation is crumbling. Several people...wise and practical ones I must say have come up with doable ways of changing the situation... but for some weird reason, it never gets to the ears of "his Excellency"... sir I think it is time you started surfing the web yourself...
But I know one thing for sure... it is the fact that "But for GOD..Naija would have crumbled ages ago" I hail the resilience of my people...but this is beyond having a die hard attitude..change must come.
The song below describes how I feel about the whole shebang to an extent!

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