Friday, 31 December 2010

2010:It's A Wrap...and I'm Still Standing.

The songs below depicts how I feel...I couldn't have said it better!

2010 started with a big looked promising and as a die hard optimist, everyday was a blessing no matter how many lows I may have had in 24hours...I just bounced back.It wasn't my own was Baba God the One who is worthy of all my praise...the One who deserves the glory eternally.
The King Immortal,King Eternal,I am that I am, the Lion of the tribe of Judah...the One who's word is yea and amen.
It's not about how I is about who you are Lord...and I know that you are God and not man.
I was excited, I was empowered and was revving to eyes were fixed on the price and I wasn't going to lose sight of what mattered.
I learnt some valuable lessons in the early month and it helped throughout the year.
February came in slowly but surely and I was yet to say "what's up" when it swiftly made way for birth month...I had plans for my birthday, I was going to party all night with my birthday mate in Nigeria till a better idea struck me, I called my birthday mate immediately and she was up for it.
I suddenly realised that I had work to do, this is not the time to party like a rock-star(although I still plan to much later)...I just had that urgent desire to visit one of the orphanages and spend my day(part of it) with the kids. My heart bled when I saw the kids and God willing, my visit will be more regular(Amen). I couldn't have asked for a better birthday.
Then there was April...when "The Enemy Within" was revealed...Am I thankful or what?lol
May brought showers of blessing and I would be a liar if I say I wasn't extremely blessed...decided to share my thoughts on the book of Proverbs for the 31days in May and on the 31st day, the ever wonderful Jaycee suggested we all blog about it...So a group of wonderful ladies and gentle men shared their views/opinions on the Proverbs 31 woman and put it up on their blog!
It was amazing and I learnt from them all! I look forward to more of this initiatives in 2011.
I got so busy at work that blogging had to take a back retrospect, I wonder if it was my "busyness",twitter or just me not planning and allocating my time efficiently that caused my continuous decline in my ability to put posts for thought!
Even my Thankfulness post that was basic suffered!..*sigh*
August...hmmmm how can I ever forget August...I received a dent in my faith wasn't a very pretty scenario ... looking back now, I could only have sailed through on the wings of an angel. September saw me in Naija the second was good but it was so short:( I must confess, I shed some tears when I landed in Heathrow, I was missing Naija so bad... but by the time I got out of the plane, I realised how much I missed London and I couldn't wait to get to the nearest starbucks for a tall order of latte ... so much for missing Naija!)
And right after that, the months rolled into each other and here we are in December!
Its been a rollercoaster ride and I'm grateful for the experience. Some of my set goals were achieved while some weren't. I'm not going to shoot myself for not completing my 2010 "to do list", I'm just going to be thankful for what got completed and try harder and smarter in 2011.
It wasn't all doom and gloom as I met some great bloggers and spoke/chatted with some for the first time. At a point, I became a twitter addict...Blogville got relegated to the back but I hope to make amends in 2011(So Help me God).
So many lives were lost along the way ... The one that comes to mind readily is that of one of blogville's finest...The CunningLinguist who lost his battle with cancer... absolutely intelligent guy he was. And accidents happen but I'm thankful for survival stories and testimonies.
And the new mums emerged...I'm thankful for my two very pregnant friends, you know yourselves...after years of waiting, you will now be mothers...there's a God and he reigns in the affairs of men!
If you can read this,then you should be thankful...'cause it means you are alive and only the living can praise Him...A living dog is better than a dead lion.Thank God for sparing our lives to see many more years!!!
I'm thankful for a wonderful eye opening 2010 and I'm looking forward to a fabulous 2011.

Another 365days to make our days on earth count by touching as many lives as we can and doing the Father's will has been giving to us.
I pray for strength for us all and the ability to focus on what matters...

*Whistling away* I'm still standing...I'm still standing...See ya:)

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Suddenly it dawned on me...

Did I lose my blogging mojo? Only time will tell.
Yesterday was Christmas and it was fantastic :) ... Pigged out on so much and even as I type, I am thinking of having some desert never mind the time!
Usually on Christmas day, I go out of my way to wish all and sundry a wonderful Christmas bla bla bla but this year was a bit you ask? Let's just say...I JUST DIDN'T SEND!!!
I did my thing, hollaed back at those that hollaed @ me and went ahead to max out the day efficiently.
To be honest it felt a bit liberating ... Bottom-line is just because I didn't call/text doesn't mean I don't care.
All my peops have their special places in my heart and they are irreplaceable.
I don't need to wait for Christmas to wish them well.
Okay that desert is really calling me ttyl.

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Thinking Out Loud

Hey blogville, hope your weekend has been as great as mine.
Was having a night-in with my sisters and we got talking about this "aunty" ( you know those family friends you can't call by name) and the way she used to ill-treat her house-helps ( I want to believe she has changed)... I thought I was the only one who noticed while growing up apparently I was wrong...hmmm another blog topic. But really why do people treat their helps like second class citizens like they don't have a right to hope and have a future like their own children...more on that...

A good friend has been lying to know who you are...I'm sure we both know where we stand... your smile can't fool me and when you say good me...I check the time...but you're still my good friend!

Double standards exist all over and it isn't about to die...I will keep revolting against double standard(s) if I am the victim or know the victim...I won't drink panadol for another man's headache but I totally hate injustice...

Used to respect my sisters(they are all older than me) to the point of I am free and almost abusing the freedom...I respect them but the fear is gone! lol had a clash (minor disagreement) with the oldest(on the phone) on my way to see her... I guess the predator look in my eyes gave me away 'cos she simmered immediately and let me be...yes it was the "I dare you to say a word" look...

Just because you don't agree with my point doesn't make my opinion wrong neither does it make your opinion any better than mine or vice is just what it is...a difference in opinion...take it as it is and don't burst a vein.

Being assertive almost to the point of aggression used to be me...God is filing my claws and chiselling my is a learning curve and I'm learning.

Nobody can make you small except you give them the right to do so... I learnt that practically and it was liberating...I am who I am and you are who you are by God's grace period!

Being translucent is better than being a clear glass... I'm not a closed book but then again I'm not an open book...I won't explain further!:)

Why can't employers just view your CV and make their decision to interview based on it instead of the very long, "mojo killing",morale reducing, irrelevant information gathering application forms!*sigh*

The line between right and wrong has been blurred so badly over the is disturbing...


Okay those are just some of my thoughts happy new month.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Nigeria @ 50 - Let's Get This Straight!!!

Nigeria @ 50 Day 20 - Myne Whitman

There's always something to give thanks for no matter how little plus the Good book says to give thanks IN all things...With this in my head, I celebrated Nigeria's 50th independence anniversary.
It is true that our leaders have failed us to no end and let's be honest many of them are long gone in their evil ways that to turn around and do good will only be the death of them...
What I found out though is that we all have made Nigeria what it is today...either by acting or just keeping mum(remember the siddon dey look action?)...All it takes for evil to thrive is for good men to fold their arms and do nothing.

And like a friend once said,casting all puritanic and holier than thou attitude off,we have all benefited from Nigeria's corruption to a certain degree albeit your heart and soul and you will realise this is true.

So what is the way forward.First can I just say that if you don't have nothing good to mouth off about Nigeria,then keep quiet?...Thank you!!!

We need to be as gentle as a dove and wise as a serpent...the wicked ones are not going to sit down and watch us usurp their powers without going down with a fight(going down because that's the only direction they're going) and to be honest,we need to stay alive to witness the revolution that is imminent in I would say,that wisdom is Key.

Then Register to vote and preach the gospel of registration encourage people around you to vote,educate your househelp,your drivers,your customers in the market, generally everybody that may not be opportune to read this should be adviced and encouraged to register to vote...let's go grassroot! These are the targets for this nasty people ...let them know that we mean business...

Select who you want to vote for wisely...please let's not be like Esau who lost his birthright for a isn't about now,it is about the long run...let's be forward thinking...think about the future...You matter,you opinion counts, you're VIP...what you decide will either make or mare this nation so please Select with wisdom...

Vote...let's turn out enmass to that we won't have names like "cutlass scorpion", "Table Chair" in the ballot box...yes this guys are ruthless and will go to any length...

Protect...even after voting,don't just go away and do your own thing, be there...lend a hand...protect your vote...let it count...let it be your voice...let it speak for you...ensure your voice is not killed off by tyrants,gluttons who are only after their greedy,fat,absolutely uncontrollable appetite...
I know that corruption is sipping down to this generation...but please let's be patient and as someone said,let's follow due process and I know that in good time,we will get there.
Let's grow within cos we can't grow within without the outside catching up.
Happy Anniversary Naija and Renew your Mind. Please check out the enough is enough site and make 2011 election the beginning of a new dawn in Nigeria...God bless us all...

Nigeria @ 50 Day 22 - Doll Chic

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Don't Give A Dog A Bad Name

Heard about a fellow blogger's partner's demise and went over to her blog to commiserate with her over such a terrible loss...Alas what did I see?
A comment saying her loss was a punishment from God for all the bad things she's done.
The commenter went on to say she should go to church and is what was posted verbatim:

"You are cursed...
It's gods way of telling you that the way you live your life is ungodly.

Start going to church. Repent your sins so that you can be saved."

Statements like this makes me wonder if some that call themselves believers actually have a real relationship with God or they are just following doctrines of men blindly!

The greatest commandment is love and the above statement does not ooze love in anyway...and as far as I'm concerned, any act that is not in love is against God's will as stated here

Jesus came to save sinners not those that think they are righteous and can I categorically state here that as a believer, it is not within your jurisdiction to judge an unbeliever...can you just let him/her be and let his/her maker be the Judge....for a second, take your judgmental eyes off long enough to see yourself and realise that you're not in anyway perfect and only God's grace and mercy is keeping you and has kept you thus far.

I felt like apologising to this lady when I read this unbecoming statement...even if you want preach hell fire and brimstone, not like that and not at a time like this when she's in pain...

I guess all I'm saying is...Have a heart, Love like Jesus did, Quit being religious and have a meaningful relationship to know the heart of your father and STOP giving believers a bad name!

Monday, 11 October 2010


Hey blogville...
Been a minute since I came on here...just when I thought I will be more consistent with putting posts up, life just had to happen!
I'm not going to knock myself too hard, I will just pick up from where I left and try to be more consistent.
Kudos to consistent bloggers on blogville...don't know how you guys do it but all I can say is: Well done!!!
I witnessed a "development" some days back and I'm determined to blog about it! Will come back to "talk about it" in a minute...Yes I promise to be back!

Friday, 3 September 2010

A Girl Has Gotta Do What A Girl Has Gotta Do...

I always say we learn everyday...and I mean that literarilly and so doing, we grow...growth can either be vertically,horizontally or both...but I don't know where to place figure out yourself.
I discovered something about myself...I realised that I tend to get affirmation from people I love,trust and respect before making a decision (usually major) and this in itself is not a bad thing afterall the good book says "In the multitude of counsel, there is safety".
But it becomes a problem when it takes precedence over affirmation from God!(I can explain)
For instance if I'm about to make a decision,I tend to call up and talk to people I trust and respect who will give me good advice on how to go about it and I also get their opinion on whether it is a good or bad decision and based on this...I make my makes sense BUT and a big one at that...It should be in a totally different order...ask God...Let Him through the HS lead you to whom you ought to ask for advice etc...
We just need to learn to trust God and like Nike says "JUST DO IT"...but pray first!
I'm not saying "be stupid"

But God's ways is not our ways and we really can't box Him...He is way bigger than all that...
And if you've prayed and you have the peace of God in your heart concerning a decision no matter how big...then you need to trust that you have the mind of Christ and just do what you have to do...(yes I'm talking to me too)
And no it isn't true all the time that the voice of the people is the voice of way...

Yeah so I've decided to seek His face, make up my mind,make a decision and stand by it and implicitly trust that He's got my back regardless.

Okay this song comes to mind...'cos that's what I'm doing...HOLDING ON big time!!!...I'm pretty sure I've put it on here before....but then enjoy...

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Jesus Knows...

It's been ages since I came here...not because I don't want to...but work and life happened...Sometimes I wake up wanting to just write and keep writing all day here...but then work happens and the thought flies out like it was never there in the first place...
I will definitely try to be here more often.
Hmmmn nothing increases my "writing-ability" like rage and right now I am not amused.
But let's just leave that for now...I'm learning not to be a fool ...having said that, I'm still in awe of how merciful God is...let's just say mankind should be thankful that I'm not GOD!!!
Enjoy the track below by infinity...message says Jesus when you think you have your track covered and no one knows about your "mess ups"...Jesus knows and He is only being merciful...He can treat your mess up anyday...but He would rather have you repent as declared right here... it is worse when you proclaim to know Christ...yet your actions don't match your words...'nuff said...if the shoe fits...please learn to where it...Be cool y'all :)

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Many Women Have Done Wonderful Things...But You've Outclassed Them All!!!

"She brings him good not harm all the days of her life,her husband can

trust her and she will greatly enrich him"
The statement above from Proverbs 31 is one amongst many of the verses that gives me cause to sigh whenever I read the passage.

Some days after starting this post,It suddenly dawned on me while at a wedding that I shouldn't feel weary about the proverbs 31 woman...rather, I should embrace what she stands for and aspire to be like her. She should be a benchmark to measure my actions and reactions by and yes it is true that I may not get it right all the time, nevertheless I shouldn't stop aspiring to be this woman...she is my role model...

This is a woman who's words can be taken to the bank...she is an epitome of the millenium woman cause she is no slacker neither is she a doormat...

She is analytical and an investor not just in the world of business but also an investor in people. I can not but emphasis the fact that this woman has a very high business acumen hence the reason she is able to make wise decisions effortlessly....

She didn't sit around waiting for her husband to dole out millions in bundle to her...she made do with what she had which tells me she is resourceful.
This woman is A class...she is all about quality...and I don't just mean that in the physical sense...
She is reliable and her husband knows she can count on her to be there regardless of the weather...

This woman is an early riser who delegates efficiently...and she is strong and so come what may, she will weather the storms of life.She's also a good manager who sees to the day to day affairs of her home while climbing the corporate/business ladder herself.

She makes her husband look good in such a way that you cannot but notice the Mister in her life and I bet he is the envy of his colleagues...I'm sure the saying behind every successful man...
Was derived from this virtuous woman who's worth is more than rubies.

She's a planner hence the reason she's at peace with the future and the future of her family...only words of wisdom pours from her mouth that makes me realise that you won't find this priceless woman in the midst of gossips or bad mouthers and if at all you find her there, she will be encouraging them to desist...since she is an investor in people :)...

Inspite of her busy schedule she still makes time out of no time to see to the needs of the poor and the needy this woman has a good heart and feels the pain of others, she doesn't only feel the pain but she helps ease the pain.

Her husband and kids cannot help but be full of compliments for this wholesome woman who is a universal role model to women and it shows...(I can imagine what mother's day is like in this household!!!)
Now do you still wonder why I sigh and go weak when I read this passage???
Being her or at least a slice of her calls for a lot of hardwork and self discipline, nevertheless, it is worth all the hassle.
Charm they say is deceptive...and beauty fades... But the woman who
fears the Lord... Shall be praised.

Kudos to all the ladies and men involved with this project.

Please visit the following blogs for more on the Proverbs 31 woman.
  1. Light her Lamp
  2. London Naija Queen
  3. Zoe Believer
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  7. Giagerry
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PS...In my usual way I have some tracks for you to enjoy the first one is the Comforter's song by Jeremiah Gyang and Asa...I reckon and second is by BOUQUI titled love you forever...Enjoy...



Friday, 11 June 2010

Proverbs 31 Man AKA Mr P31

This is a peak into the proverbs 31 woman's life from a man's point of view.He said and I paraphrase "Everyone talks about the Proverbs 31 woman and her virtues but no one thinks about the pressure the husband must be facing."
My view on the proverbs 31 woman will be coming up shortly as well...Happy reading
This was written by Jibola who happens to be blogless at the moment.
I express my sincerest apologies for the delay in the delivery of my two cents on who I'd like to call Mrs. Proverbs 31 (Mrs P31).

Now let's take a peak into her life and kind of bring her to 2010.

Madam P31 is a mini Zizi Cardow, she's probably up at say 4 or 5am. She invests in real estate. She is a very proactive woman, hence why her lamps never go out in the night and she isn't scared of winter. And her husband is famous with the 'elders' because of her. Of course let's not forget that she does her husband "good and not evil all the days of her life".

Not that we have that covered. Let's try and imagine Mr. Proverbs 31. What do you do when you've a wife who's got it covered as far as clothes and food are concerned? Sit back and bask in the ambince of her presence? I don't think so. Knowing her worth I strongly doubt that Mrs. P31 would settle for a man any less hardworking a man than she is.

Rather than just be a blessing and a praise, she would be a constant challenge to her man. I don't mean to make it out as some sort of competition but its in every (right thinking man) to want to be the head and be ahead so to speak (Eph 5:23). Which for all intents and purposes makes her a tough act to follow (for women), or be ahead of (for men). In the end, I feel any man in our age would be glad to have a woman HALF as resourceful as Mrs. P31. Even at that, it would be up to her husband to bring his A-game at all times. In the end the caveat should be placed on that tome of burden - It is less of action and more of heart of fear for God.

Prov 31
27.She carefully watches everything in her household
and suffers nothing from laziness.

28 Her children stand and bless her.
Her husband praises her:
29 “There are many virtuous and capable women in the world,
but you surpass them all!”

30 Charm is deceptive, and beauty does not last;
but a woman who fears the Lord will be greatly praised.
31 Reward her for all she has done.
Let her deeds publicly declare her praise.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Long Overdue Thankfulness 004

Praise shouldn't come when everything is seemingly okay...Cobhams Asuquo said this in one of his wonderful worship song and I thought to is on point!
So here is me saying Lord I know you are a living God and you reign in the affairs of men...You know all things and I NoLimit choose to worship regardless of the circumstance....drawing strength from your grace.
You can check the track out here...don't know how to embed from to my blog...any teacher? while we are @ it...enjoy this video...

I have received so many divine favours...yes divine 'cos I know it wasn't by my power or it wasn't a case of oh I qualified for are some of the things I am thankful for...

I am thankful for:

1.My Nephew: He applied to some secondary schools here...but he had his eyes on a particular one.(well I'm not sure that's what they call it here in the UK but where I come from that is what they call it ie Secondary School!:))
People in the UK can bear me witness when I say it a tough one especially when the school is a good one...the available spaces are highly competed for.
He(His parents) got a letter saying he failed to get an admission to the school and the boy was so sad it was horrible...some days later...he(his parents) got another letter apologising for the last one...apparently they said they marked the script wrongly and they had to re-mark...this time around,my nephew got an admission to the school...I guess to say he was delirious with joy will be putting it mildly...this could only have been the G-O-D @ work!!!

2.I don't want to go into details about this particular one...but let's just say God honoured His words and made "the stone which the builders rejected to become the chief cornerstone"...can't say more than that...but all I can say is you can't keep a blessed man down!

3.Blogville...My last post generated some heat!!! It wasn't even intentional but I'm glad it did 'cos I learnt via that is good to learn from others,it doesn't necessarily mean my stand on some issues have shifted(hee hee hee @ Entitled God is still Sovereign!) just means that you learn everyday and other people's view point count!
Also on June 11th some of us will be writing a post about our view on the Proverbs 31 promises to be exciting... so check:Funms, LNQ, Zoe the believer, Jaycee, Gee(Giagerry), Mamarita, moi and hopefully Charri and Simeone's blogs for update on that particular day.

4.God's Grace and Mercy....God's Grace helps me get favours I don't deserve and His mercies helps me escape punishment I truly deserve...need I say more? and they are new every morning so it has no expiry date! This God is the real deal!!!

5.I'm thankful for new opportunities...He is a God of a second chance...Like someone said and I leave you with it...
In the end, everything is okay...if it's not okay, then it's not the end!!!

Enjoy the rest of the week people...and enjoy this track by one of my fav UK artist...Guvna B!

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Re: In The Name of All Things Men.

Was stuck on the train in the middle of no where for a
while...national rail can like to get their acts together!What better time to write/type than then:)
Here are the random thoughts that came to me based on Vera's radio show...but before then, enjoy this track...

Don't blame the men for the lies,blame the women who will swallow any
lie so long as it makes them look good...don't blame the women,blame
the men who put them in that state.

Personally I'm of the opinion that a strong onus is on the woman to
decide not to be stupid...we are nuturing and very kind...a guy will
take you on a ride if he knows he can get away with murder where he's
concerned in your life.

Sometimes we love the idea of being in love than love isn't about how you feel,if it was about feeling then I should have killed by now.Reminds me of the time my friend asked me "how can something that feels so good be so wrong"...the act is not wrong darling it is the timing that is everything.I totally believe that the truth will prevail...if only we can be patient...that wolf in sheep clothing will eventually reveal his true's only a matter of time.

Sometimes,the girl knows she's being lied to but wants to enjoy the moment...well enjoy it and ensure you get enough tissue for the heartbreak that will ensue.

To be honest...I have nothing but respect for women that wear their heart on their sleeve...they are very bold and courageous...I wouldn't know what to do with a broken heart,and to be honest I like my heart in one piece!!! Call me a coward if you like,but there's more to life than putting my heart on the slab to be chopped into several pieces... Thanks but no thanks.
Like I said, it's only a matter of time, if we are patient and observant, love will find a way!

I know that when it comes to matters of the heart, all a girl needs to do is open up her heart and she gets to that point of no return. Hence the reason a girl needs to be patient enough to confirm that she's not getting herself in the wrong match/mix...cos once you've opened the floodgate of ur becomes really difficult to it what you like...

Guys should learn to control what is between their legs and not let it
control them...lying to get what you want is an absolute no no and
what it does is; it reduces you gradually.
Having said that, people change, but then, they say a leopard never changes it's spot

Oh well...this is just me rambling...ciao mwah!!!

Since I mentioned "broken heart"...enjoy the track below...home girl can sing!!!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

10 things I like + A great track

I've got two different versions of this great tell me,which do you prefer? The first one is right here...the second one is below....

I was tagged by OluSimeon to yarn about ten things I like... here we go!

10 Things I like

1.Music...Gosh I totally love good music and I can smell a hit track from a distance...I can't explain it but I know!

2.Networking...there's just something fulfilling about hooking up a buyer with a seller...or vice makes me satisfied...and the fact that I'm relating with people makes it worthwhile...

3.Excel...My love for excel is thrills me to no end to get a formular right etc...

4.Great intelligent conversation/Hanging out with great people...I enjoy having intelligent convos with people...conversations that builds and is just plain ol' uplifitng...

5.Dancing...I love to dance and it is normal to see me dancing in front of the mirror to any of my favourite tracks...for hours lol...gotta perfect that step!

6.Traveling/discovering new places...I love discovering new places...not necessarily traveling(though I love traveling too)...just discovering a "hole" in the city can make my day!
I think I will buy a globe and choose where to travel to randomly on it...oh but I don't do forest trips so no taking a hike to the amazon rain no!!!:)

7.I love's like a game to low sell the finance lecturer said...

8.Wristwatches...I am of the opinion that an individual shouldn't have many wristwatches...but if you decide to wear one...make it worth your while...(I will get there!lol) I still visit Goldsmith to check out my favourite should I say "wristwatch constructor" of all time...probably because they've been around for the past 150years...yes that's right...

9.Shoes...Blame my sisters...I never used to like shoes until they hounded my life to stop buying black and brown I'm of the opinion that a woman can never have enough shoes...don't hate...just appreciate!:)

10.Books...There's just something exhilarating about good books...having said that,I have books I've bought since 2007 that I still haven't read...*sigh*...heaven help moi

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

When The Enemy Within is Exposed...and The Power of Naija

Imagine this live in the same house with someone you think you have a good relationship least to an extent. Although she's reckon she is close enough to call you to order if need be and if she steps on your really don't have to hide the fact that she hurt you from her...
Then comes a day you had a slight and I mean very slight argument with decided to go out for a dose of fresh air to clear your were on your way out you opened the door to depart...
But changed your mind...well just because you can...She heard the door close and probably assumed you had gone out...then she gets on the phone to whoever to start yada yadaing about she really pours out the venom and throws a curse or two your way in the process...and you're there...listening....but she has no idea!!! I laugh...
You allow her to run her mouth to the very last drop...then you go to her,smile and say...hey,you good? worries, will sort that issue out next week...and you stroll out...Yes she's gobsmacked and you're in shock...

That was exactly what happened to me over the really think you know people...but the honest truth is you don't...only God can reveal the enemy within...
I was in shock for a while 'cos I found it difficult to believe that people can be so two faced it is unreal...why do we do such...I honestly don't get it...
Well I confronted her when I got back...I told her I can't believe she harboured such pain and anger in her heart towards me whilst I thought we were cool...she immediately started apologising profusely before I even got midway and said I should ignore all she said 'cos she said it out of anger...well she also said she wasn't talking to anyone...she was talking to I checked, pigs fly!!!

Anyways I'm thankful...that the enemy within was revealed...we learn it hasn't put me off trusting has just made me learn to be more careful with information I give people about I won't clam up...I'm still an extrovert...integrity is still key and honesty the best policy...I've just learnt to trust my instinct more...through the Holy spirit of 'cos
now I know what the deal is...envy is a very bad my mentor always says...Don't Kill your Brother...Kill Envy!

moving on swiftly....have you registered to vote?Please do so...ASAP make your vote count in 2011... Again this song is dedicated to NIGERIA...I love it! And the title is is called...THE POWER OF NAIJA...

Tuesday, 27 April 2010


This song is dedicated to Nigeria...that's what we all should be least on behalf of Nigeria!!!

Been postponing this post for a while for no sensible reason at all...I told myself at the beginning of the year that I will blog more often...apparently I've been failing to do that...let's hope I've repented...
Nigeria is one country that fascinates me and the reason is not far fetched, I am Nigerian and I love my country warts and all.
The journey was quite productive thank God!!! And this time around, I went with my eyes wide opened to learn and discover...
Bottom line is I've given myself a period of time to waka back to my town...once that time is ripe...I'm back in town...
My people I can't lie to you, there's no place like home! I savored every moment and ensured I had it marked down in my brain...good example...I remember chilling on the balcony with family members just chatting over a bowl of fruit...biko where you wan do that one for here when winter cold is frosting your ears silly!...okay maybe in summer...
I met a couple of bloggers,spoke with some,some hid themselves very well(you know yourselves o!tag yourself!*ahem*)...
and when it was time to usual I was very very SOBER!
I have loads to pour down here but to be honest I don't know the order it will take,please feel free to suggest the order it should take otherwise whatever I spew forth is what I spew shikena!
Alright people just thought to clear the cobwebs on here before I need professional help to clear it...oh and this blog may taking a different shape soon...yeah physically and content wise!And today is world's Intellectual Property Day so Happy WIP day people and have a good week...brb

Friday, 16 April 2010

Thankfulness 003

I am not a happy chappy as I type and I really don't "feel" like thanking God for anything...not because I don't have things to be thankful for...I actually do...but I'm just feeling "drained"...but's just a feeling right?...this too shall pass!
I usually feel this way when I'm missing Nigeria plus watching that programme on BBC2 about Nigeria added to can check the episode1 out here...I actually went to VocalSlenders Myspace site and I cried as I listened to the track "Nigeria"...sometimes where Nigeria is concerned, I feel so helpless...selfishness and greed has eating deep into us as a nation and as individuals and we can't even see it...all we do 24/7 is to try to remove the speck from other people's eyes while the heavy log remains in ours...You will be shocked at how corrupt that your church loving,heavy offering giving uncle/aunty is...I weep...Okay this is not about Nigeria or about how I feel so I'm just going to zoom right into is about God.
It is about how faithful He has been to me even when I am undeserving of His faithfulness...but you know how it is with my Heavenly Father...He can not change from who He is...He is the Unchanging Changer who turns things around yet remains the same and His mercies are new every morning and to be honest...He deserves all my praise and thanksgiving...Kabiyesi here is me saying a big thank you to You....
The list of your faithfulness towards me keeps growing and I know it won't stop so here I go...
I'm thankful for:

1.The gift of Life...It was my birthday in March and I'm just so thankful that I am alive to see another year...this post that I stumbled on brought it home to me more than ever, I am determined to live life to the max and enjoy every moment...

2.Journey Mercies...I traveled to Nigeria and I'm glad that through it all, my life was spared...many travel and never return...anything could have happened from armed robbery attack to car accidents...actually a friend of mine lost two siblings on the same day in they weren't traveling anywhere they were just driving down from the market when some "mobile phone happy" girls driving and chatting away on their phones hit them...PS: please always use your seat of them would have been alive today if she had her seat belt please even if you're seated at the belt please!

3.Provision...After watching welcome to Lagos...I realise how blessed I am yet I can be the most unappreciative human being on the face of the earth...Forgive me Lord and I am saying thank you.

4.Great Friends...Need I say more...the ones that tell you the truth even when it hurts,the ones who won't let you go down the broad way leading to destruction...the ones who won't let you give up on yourself no matter how much you try...the ones who I call my support from God...who would rather be in the background making things happen...the ones who I don't see in donkey years/months but when we see, it's as if we pressed pause and we press the play button to continue from where we paused...the ones who stand by you through thick and thin...I do not and will not take you guys for granted...I am simply thankful to God for bringing them my way!

5.My Family...We are so alike yet so different...I didn't choose you guys but God chose you for me...and I'm glad He did...I won't have it any other way even though I want to go for your jugular on some days...but all in all, I am thankful!

6.My Country Nigeria...I went this time around with my eyes wide breathe in the dirt and the fresh air and I did...I am thankful that you,Nigeria are still standing...a quarter of what has happened in your bowel doesn't happen in some countries before trouble shoots up...I am thankful that you,Nigeria are still hanging in there...

7.Protection...just two days ago a young innocent girl got shot in the neck while standing with friends in a takeaway restaurant...she died two days later(today) can read about it here...another case of senseless could have been anybody...I'm thankful for divine protection from all this evil around...

So tell me...what are you thankful for?

Enjoy this:

I feel better and seriously praising Him lifts you from the dump!!!:)

Saturday, 10 April 2010

As Random As They Come...

It's been a minute and it seems like I've been on a roller coaster enjoyable one I must say... So many things have changed since my last post nothing life destroying so you can breathe easy...
I definitely have changed,will talk about this in future posts...yes I'm still here and I'm waxing stronger, no doubt about that...feeling a bit emotional about Naij right this second...but that is to be expected right?
Anyways ttyl pple! :)

Monday, 22 March 2010

Single and Loving it!!!...Kinni Big deal...

I wrote an article(call it a post) a while back and I feel sooo honored to have it up on is an excerpt from the write up(post)


Okay, what’s the big deal? Do I need to have a man before I have true happiness?

Sometime last year, I listened to a radio talk show discussing whether being single and happy is a myth. I was on my way out when the show came on air, but I called in and I aired my view which is...
Please click here to read more and leave your comments!!! :)...luv you all!mwah!!!

Monday, 1 March 2010

Thankfulness 002

...This is all I'm saying @ the moment:

Today marks the beginning of the last month of the first quarter in year 2010...*sighs* how time flies...
February was an awesome month and I'm just so thankful for so many things amongst which are...

1. God's words not going back void to Him in my life ...The God who will not hesitate to fight for my sake and save me(He's a fair and just God and He just loves me like that...I don't even know the depth) may want to dwell under His wings to partake of this awesome deed cos in all honesty, it came to pass in my life in the month of February...He showed up and came through for me...

2.For life lessons learnt first hand which I'll be blogging about later...can someone please remind me?;-) thank you!!! of which is...Never ever promise to do what you can't deliver(very lame indeed!!!)

3.Help in my time of need: Please guys just take a minute to go to GNG and Seye's blog and thank them for me for being such a trooper and enduring my hassle ...Was filling an application form and this wonderful people actually helped me review my write up...they didn't only review it,the also made great suggestions which I took on board!!!!
Now understand this,I live in London, and they are in Canada and Nigeria respectively...they didn't have to...but they did(it was a looong thing and only God knows if I would have helped me if I was them!!!you get me?)...You guys rock is all I can say and may help never be far from you!!!

4. Growth: February was another learning curve for me...I learnt more about God and the fact that I need to "up" my game when it comes to believing Him totally...Now, I know that believing with my heart is a matter of choice and He has given me the free will to either choose to believe him totally or not...

5.My friends' babies...born and unborn...It's been baby galore...One of my friends had a baby boy,another one is due to deliver soon(My only prayer is it falls on my birthday!!!:o)) and then I got a call yesterday from a family(more like my mentors) telling me they are expecting a baby after about 6years of having the first one....isn't God just awesome!!!

6.Great support that I'm blessed with...Everyday brings me to the realisation that not everyone is blessed with what I call "great support system"....Case in point is Alexander McQueen who committed suicide after losing his mum...
I agree it is a terrible thing to lose a loved one...but to kill one's self because of that speaks of major deep issues..and it shows that inspite of the bubbly vivacious exterior,deep inside where it matters, some people are very lonely...may I reiterate right here that there's a space in your heart that no man or woman can fill??? Only God can fill the space... It will be a good idea to ask Him to fill it!

You can email me to talk about it if you have further questions!!!

7.The gift of a friend keeps saying...Life is a gift...Celebrate your life...yes please do that,cos you're unique and rival-less...I'm thankful for this and I do not take it for granted.

8.I'm thankful for platforms to air my views and let off steam as and when needed..."TwitFam" and "BlogFam" can bear me witness...I sometimes come on this platforms to rave and rant unreservedly and I must say this has saved OA from having his head bitten off loads of time...this guy takes the cheese cake off the word ARROGANT like he gives it a whole new meaning!!!...But God in His infinite mercies has helped me to grow past responding to his attempts to make me look stupid...
I'm happy to say that thanks to grace, I am like a duck when it comes to his "confidence-reducing talks"...I just shake it off and pop my collar!!!

I could go on but I'll stop my people...what exactly are you thankful for???

OA=Office Angel...some guy I used to call Office Idiot due to his rather irritating and arrogant attitude...but I decided to start calling him what I want him to be :-)

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Out With the Fake...In With the Real

Preview to Post

A friend of mine relocated to Lagos a while back...when I asked her how she was adjusting....she was like "NoLimit people just love the pastic life"...she told me about people(I'm going to generalise and include guys too 'cos it is true!) taking out loans to rent apartments in highbrow areas like Lekki and buy cars they can obviously NOT maintain!!!
She also said said everybody tries to act like an elite and in most cases...people can see through the fake I ask again what is the point of going burst to impress people that don't even know you exist?..."Babes" in this post can be anybody...if the shoe fits snuggly,wear it.

Out with the fake plastic with the real happy life!!!
Quit it...just cos your galfriend drives a top of the range car doesn't mean you should get a loan to upgrade yourself to her "level"
Babes renew your mind...believe me when I say it isn't worth the hassle...what exactly is the point?
you want to be recognized as the shiznit...sizzling hot gyal about time...err that is a good ambition...actually it is a great one...but babes at the detriment of your financial health? At the long run, you won't be measured/judged by all that so please take a chill is deeper than all that...
If you can't be accepted the way you are by your friends...warts and all...I really wonder if you ought to be rolling with them in the first place...
Putting your financial life at risk just because you want to be in the "IT" crowd is in my opinion a foolish thing to do...I'm sorry if I'm striking a chord...c'est la vie, the truth is what it is...

You're not to be blamed entirely babes...I blame the people that make you think you're not worth a dime just because you're not living a "certain" kind of lifestyle...what ever that is...
You need to understand that people....regardless of who they are and what they have are just that...human beings with strength and weaknesses too...they are not God and will never be...and no you shouldn't make them one *I shudder to think of what it'll be like if man was God*...I digress

No you shouldn't make them gods...their word is not bond...guess what? all humans have the same lowest common denominator...we all go to why oh why are you making them your standard...letting them dictate what you do and how you act directly or indirectly...babes you don't need need the Most High!!!

Don't be fooled,most of the time,what you see is not what you get...they have their own issues and pains too you know....wake up and sharpen up...
surround yourself with people who love you for you and are not afraid to tell you the truth even when it hurts...the ones who won't judge you for being too rich or vice versa...
I pray you see you the way your maker sees're're top notch quality...yes you are...look in the mirror and tell yourself that...cos it is the truth!!!
get your validation from a Higher being...not mere mortals...
you're unique and rival-less...come on babes...wake up from your slumber and be who you ought to be...a queen:-)

Friday, 12 February 2010

Woman...Man With A Womb...

I'm a woman...A man with a womb...I'm fragile yet I'm durable...I'm made of refined product(s)...I am soft yet so hard...I'm a amazon...
When I set my heart on a mission...I go all out to accomplish it...Heaven help you if you are an obstacle in my either move or you feel the impact of a moving trailer...
I'm the sweetest thing that can ever happen to mankind yet can be as bitter as bile...
When I'm feel it...When I'm know it!!!

I have been blessed with the gift of the school run,,,whilst mentally jotting down the day's to-do list and prepare for the morning's board meeting simultaneously...I talk the kids through their homework whilst preparing dinner and on the phone to my girlfriend dishing out words of encouragement all at the same...
I could have the phone in my ears...whilst painting my nails...chatting on my laptop and watching my favourite late night show...all at the same...I'm a woman!

I'm a gift to mankind...I make or break the hardest of men...Ask Samson if you think I'm joking...
I can be the wind beneath your wings or the tornado that pulls you down...
I am created to it a man,woman or child...the nurturing instinct in me will spring up...Don't ever misconstrue my tears for a sign of is what makes me unique!

I am a woman..Strong...intelligent...resourceful...A man with a womb...

Monday, 8 February 2010

Trudging on...Regardless

Enjoy this...

Bit by bit...step by step...I'm getting there...
Not taking anything for granted...Every pain...every joy...every moment to be cherished.
It doesn't matter what I think or feel...what matters is that I align my life to Your will...THE BIGGER PICTURE...
I will be grateful for the sober moments as much as I am for the great times...since I know the trials expand my capacity to receive from You...In the will all add up.
When and if I have to go through pain...all I ask for is the grace and Your mercy to bear it all...'Cause of my own accord... I WON'T and I CAN'T...but with You by my side I know it will be a walk in the will be just for a short while...
I am still eternally grateful Lord... and I know you love me too much to leave me the way I am...

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Thankfulness 001

Morning blogville...I'm torn between two songs for this I decided to upload at the beginning and the other at the end!!! To depict how God is "The beginning and the conclusion,the Alpha and Omega",The A to Z...Oh by the way Gabriel Eziashi proposed to his wife while he was in prison and she said yes (@ 3:10)!!!Another reason to be thankful!!! :-)

Only a fool will say there's no God....and a BIG FOOL at that!!!

God has been good to me in spite of my many foolish acts and even though I was the chairman of sinners...He saved me and transformed my life...what more can I do than to thank Jehovah Jireh the God that provides even before asking...Awesome is He and mighty are His deeds!

1. I am thankful that He has used the foolish things of this world to perplex the wise...hence the reason the footie analysers FAILED in the assessment of the Zambia/Nigeria match...I know some doubters will tell me to "leave God out of this" but I'm sorry I won't...He is the foundation of everything and nothing happens except He permits it to happen...I digress!
I am glad and truly thankful that we won that match...some people just need to renounce their citizenship :-)!!! *sniffs*

2.Month 0110 is nearly over...done and dusted...I am thankful that by God's grace alone,I've been on the right track this time around...Grace has helped me to focus on what is key...and has stopped me from majoring in the minor and minoring in the major...

3.I am thankful for the gift of friend had her first child and a lady I know who's been married for over 10years with no child had one too...

4.I am also thankful for wonderful friends (Real,Virtual and a mix of both) that God has blessed me with...I am fortunate to know you guys and you totally rock!!!

5.I am thankful for provision on all is the Lords doing and it is marvelous in my sight!
The blessing surpasses all understanding and it isn't what I've done is grace and I implore you to be partakers of this grace!!!

6.I am thankful for a sound mind and my sanity!!!
In this day and age where depression and heaviness seems to be the order of the day and people are getting dependent on constant medication to eat,sleep and be happy...I know these are things we(at least I do!) take for granted but God in His infinite mercy has blessed us with a sound mind and I just want to say thank you to Him for this...

7.I am thankful that a perfect God has taken an imperfect me and made me His priority and not an option in the scheme of things...He gave me a new identity and made me royalty talk of the proverbial rise from "grass to grace"!
I don't know about you, but I know that I know that I know that no one can upgrade like my God...He deserves all the praise!!!

The second song is right below...enjoy...and what my people are you thankful for???

Friday, 22 January 2010

Chin Up...The Sun's Gonna Shine Again

This post is dedicated to a wonderful friend of mine who's heart got stomped all over!!!

Sometimes, I wonder why bad things happen to good people, was it their sin,is the devil trying to break them or is it God proving He is sovereign in the affairs of men?...letting us know that He can and will do as He pleases...these questions and many more run through my mind in times like this.

All I can say is...Chin up!!! 'Cos eventually, everything works out in the end.

I know when you're going through issues like that, It is the last thing you really want to hear, but that is what must be said ... it is the tried and tested truth!
You're stronger than you think and in the'll be greater for it(If it doesn't break you, it'll make you is what they say!!!)

I know it is hard and you think/feel you're the loser...but it is just a feeling...this too shall pass...
Just breathe and live and at long last, the lines will fall for you in pleasant places...I believe should you...

Oh and this is what you should do:

Monday, 18 January 2010

Just Let It Go...

Had a minor clash with a friend of mine...I should have just kept quiet and stepped down/walked away...but me being me refused to listen to the voice of reason...I was like dude bring it on!
...If you bring fire I'll quench it...and if you bring water,I will boil it dry!!! *agbero mode alert*
Anyways we remained kind of aloof...
I honestly hate keeping grudges,I just don't have the capacity to handle it,I won't be able to sleep and honestly my mind won't be settled especially when I know there's indeed an issue to be ironed out.
To be sincere it was just a little joke that turned ugly,I felt he overreacted and in my books that is should be able to handle being the butt of a joke especially when you know how to dish it out on others.
I decided to call him up to talk about it...and guess what? It was a stupid breakdown in communication.
Moral of the story...your friend is not the enemy,regardless of the situation...the devil is the enemy(yes I'm blaming the can sue me if you're it's
Imagine saying A and all the other person can hear is B...I'm sure glad I got off my high horse to call my friend.
It is funny the way the good book puts it;"This is how I want you to conduct yourself in these matters. if you enter your place of worship and,about to make an offering,you suddenly remember a grudge a friend has against you(*Notice it isn't even a grudge you have against your friend* ),abandon your offering,leave immediately,go to this friend and make things right.
Then and only then,come back and work things out with God".
My people no be me talk am,na the big J talk am!
Isn't that really odd/strange?...well I found it weird the first time I read that particular passage...
I'm glad it turned out the way it did,at least we understand each other a little bit better.
Have a good week people and don't hold any grudge for your own peace of mind.
For your own sake,L-I-G(Let It Go)...

Saturday, 9 January 2010

User Syndrome!!!

I'm loving this at the moment!!!

You call me and I don't pick ask after me and I clam complain we don't see often enough and I get need a favour, I decline...Then I need your help and I expect you to respond immediately...
Why do we do that? is there any genetic problem that causes that? if there is, I honestly don't want my child sharing it!
It is selfish and it is called "user syndrome"!!!
I apologise for being like that and I promise to mend my bad're a great friend and you don't deserve such an off handed treatment!!!

*Me chastising myself for being selfish to my friend....

Hey peops, how have you guys been? great I presume...well I'm doing great too and I hope year 2010 will see me updating my blog regularly...yeah consistency is one thing I lack occasionally... frustrating but true...the post above was me talking to myself about the way I sometimes take people in my life for, friends and even sometimes God!!!
And I expect them to sneeze when I catch selfish is that? Aaannyways...have good weekend y'all and head up to verastic radio show for a very verastic time...that girl is crazy I tell you!!!lol

Saturday, 2 January 2010

We made it!!!

2009 was tagged year of increase...and like any normal human being, there I was thinking wow awesome: I thought it meant...bigger car(s),bigger house(s),more money in my account...more know just increase in every physical aspect of my life(eerrr apart from my size)!!! But I was dead wrong on all was indeed my year of increase...increased faith and trust in the Big G!
Geez I was stretched beyond what I thought I could handle...and it was instilled in me the fact that God is my source, not my family, job,my business nor friends just GOD!
It was a year where my walk with God was tested on all levels, of course I failed some, had to retake some but all in all I'm glad to say I passed!
2009 was a capacity building year for know how you ask God for all sorts...but in 2009 it was like God was saying daughter o'mine if I'm going to give you these things, then I need to make room in you to receive them...don't forget that GOD DON'T DO WASTAGE!!!
I'm glad that particular year is over(matter of fact, it's been over for the past what? 24hours+) but I'm still thankful for the fire!!!

Now to y'all blog fam...You may not be where you wanted(planned) to be at the end of Year 2009 but I'm sure you're not where you were at the end of year 2008, all I'm trying to say is let's just be thankful for progress no matter how little...and it's time to get over yourself (yours truly included) and realise that the earth does not revolve around you alone!!!...I guess that was what all the fire and breaking in 2009 was all about.
I feel very confident about (2010) and so should I right?...personally I feel it is a year where boldness will be needed...integrity as usual must be on!!!
Don't be afraid to do what is right by God in 2010 and for pete's sake I refuse to keep up with the Joneses ( actually, they moved a long time ago!!!lol)

Here is wishing you all the "bestest" year of your lives so far!!!