Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Patience... A much Needed Virtue in 2011 And Beyond

It was just a normal evening and it started off just fine till someone wrote something about me that I considered a slight on my path on the WWW!!!
Immediately, I got on the phone to chat with the certain so and so and he kept insisting that he didn't mean it the way I interpreted it to be...he went ahead to tell me in clear terms that I shouldn't make a mountain out of a molehill.
He did the wiser thing by not replying when I talked to him and I was left fuming...I mean...the cheek of him right?
//Chinese sign for patience//
I went back to the WWW and read the said "infuriating and annoying statement" again and I thought to myself...it's not that bad...actually...it wasn't an insult and if I read it sloooowwwwllllyyyy it was actually meant to be a compliment...ish!
I blame my reaction to the naija movie I just watched .... "Omo Ghetto"...go figure! I think sometimes, I take on the character of the main actress in a movie for at least some minutes after viewing it and this was the case on that faithful evening...so you can imagine my state of mind when I was reading it.
Anyways when I'm wrong...I do not hesitate to admit that I am although on some occasions I find it a bit difficult to do so...but thankfully it wasn't the case that day.
I apologised and just left it as it was...
when I didn't get a response back for over 12 hours, I thought I should check to ensure my apology was accepted...you know it is one thing to apologise and it is another for the other person to accept your apology... thankfully he did... we ironed it out and moved on...
This incidence got me thinking...I may have easily earned myself an enemy for life by my action if it was another person with a different outlook to life entirely(Okay I may be exaggerating but you get me).
I chastised myself and thought I should have just taken about 10 to 24 deep breathes and L-I-G(Let It Go) or I should have waited for the effect of the "Omo Ghetto" movie to wear off and then I should have read the said message again!:D
So moral of the story is...patience... a heavy dose of it is needed for healthy living... some may argue that overdosing on it may lead to stupidity but really....it is a much needed virtue... some fights are unnecessary and a waste of energy and no you don't have to react to everything...sometimes you should just let go and let God:)
Plus some confrontations are totally irrelevant and unnecessary even if you were slighted and you're like me that you just have to get it off your chest almost immediately ... take those deep breathes my dear and I promise you...you will be alright;) it works!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

R.S.V.P..It is time for the R part...Register to Vote!

Please ensure you,your friends,colleagues, enemies, frenemies and relatives register to vote in the upcoming election.
don't leave it to chance people...tell your domestic helps tell your subordinates encourage those who have given up hope for Nigeria to please register to vote.
At the salon, talk about it...let your mechanics know...inform the mallam at the gate...encourage you drivers ... spread the word in the market arena...bottom line is, GO GRASSROOT!
It is very important to register to vote.
If we don't all do something as basic as registering to vote, how do we intend to move the nation forward?
Let's encourage each other... there's news already of how citizens are getting frustrated with the wait at the registration centres.
Enough is Enough Nigeria has put up some action points for the 2011 election.I am yet to hear from them with regards to permission to put it up on my blog in the meantime please got to the site to know what's up
Let's brace up people...this is not the time to feel intimidated or frustrated by inefficient processes...Just DO THE R - REGISTER!!!
God bless Naija!

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Jostified...Live and Let Live

It amazes me how you can look at me and think I'm a heathen that needs to be purged off the face of the earth. I wish I could get into your head and understand why you do the things you do. How did a clean slate get painted so black?For when you were born,you were young and innocent,unfortunately,evil got hold off you before the Truth could...but its not too late to make ammends. Just stop the killings.For pete's sake,we are all one...we all want the same thing at varying degrees...why will you look another in the eyes and slay in cold blood...it just does not make sense.

There are better ways of getting yourself heard...killing innocent people is not the right way, I can tell you that for free.
Please stop now while you can...the blood of the ones you killed will cry out for justice, you really do not want to compound your woes. Again I ask that you stop...