Thursday, 25 August 2011

Brokenness, Oliver Twist and the 30 Day Challenge!!!

On brokenness, it has taken almost forever for me to get to this point, like I always say, I'm still work in progress and I'm being taught the "patience of Job" daily!
I'm learning to Let- It - Go and trust me it is painful...Imagine being offended, you know you're innocent and the other party is guilty and you have the right words that will draw blood from this person(in a painful way at that *insert evil grin*)... and that quiet voice says be still and keep your lips sealed 'cos vengeance is mine!
Or a situation where you are being asked questions I will call foolish and you just want to pour out sarcasm from deep within to make this other person realise the stupidity of their questions and then that quiet voice says... be nice! *sigh* insert "rolling eyes"

At that point I just mumble "Holy Spirit why you dey fall my hand" lol ( for real)... I must admit though, there have been times I didn't listen....I just say stuff like...errr Holy Spirit, please ehn, let me handle this one, let's talk later... Bad move I tell you 'cos I always end up regretting it... The only way forward is absolute obedience and total is painful but worth it...
Having said all these, do not test me by putting your finger down my throat...I may end up biting it:D

The latest craze in town is D'banj's Oliver Twist "Video Production" competition!!! Mad marketing gimmick if you ask works for them perfectly well!
People have come up with the craziest stuff ever...I've got two favourites @ the moment... the first is "My Backyard Crew" and the other is some Lady whose name I can't remember, will put the two videos up here.
MBC's video is totally hilarious, those boys went everywhere and the wackiest part was the "20 naira" later bit... I almost laughed my brains out..
The second one is not funny but the girl can dance! My goodness...she's got moves

Here they are :

1. My Backyard Crew:

2. By Jummy Oyebande( Saw the name on the video):

Serious competition:)... may the best person win!lol

On to the 30 day challenge...saw this on LNQ's Blog and decided to go for it...will start on Sep 1st so I won't any excuse with regards to mixing up the date... trust me I sometimes come up with the "deadest" excuse ever!
Oh let me just say in advance that I'm swapping Day 3 for Day 4...I have a feeling my Day 3 will be very juicy ;)... won't you just loooove to here about it!:D

Okay for a semi-lazy blogger...I think I've done well today... so... hasta la vista baby!