Sunday, 2 October 2011

30 Day challenge... DAY 12 - Five Men I find Attract And Why!

Had to pause to think about this deeply!!! Hmmmm.
I'm scrolling through the list of men in my life and I realise that they are all attractive in their own way.
It will be unfair to list only five. So I will group them and write about what I find attractive in them.
here we go...

1. KAAD: His sense of humour... there's no boring moment with this dude. It doesn't matter how low I'm feeling at any point in time, humour is only a chat away!

2. OS: He has this unbelievably fantastic relationship with his family and to be honest I totally love it.
They are so close knit that they can't be broken...his nieces and nephews adore him to bits and he is tight with his pop. Weird as it sounds, I find that attractive, let's not forget that he is one of the kindest soul I'm privileged to know!

3. CKMS: His goodness... there's something about a guy who's intellect is sterling...I'm not talking about a book worm...this dude is know the type that is well informed and knows how to put the knowledge at his disposition to good use and he isn't arrogant about intelligent arrogant individual is a major turn off anyways!

4. AR: His organisational skill is to keeeeel for! Very determined individual, he stands out and he is very calm even in the face of many adversities...I've seen him work under mega stress and he deals with each issue in his stride when I think of cool as a cucumber, he comes to mind:)

5. GBOA: He is a lyricist! He knows what to say and how to say it! He's a smooth operator in my opinion! I just love to hear him talk :D...I sometimes wind him up just to get words out of him!lol
Come to think of it, I haven't spoken to him in ages...I should call him for the heck of it:)

Saturday, 1 October 2011

30 Day challenge... DAY 11 - My Family

I am very protective of my folks and the people I call fam!
Okay let's start with my immediate family...
I am the last of four girls and the three older ones are way older than me.
The distance in age hasn't been a barrier to our relationship thankfully but as would be expected of a naija family the respect is there!*RME*
I am highly protective of my nephews and nieces, they might as well be my own children...I relate with them in a way their parents don't... "I am the keeper of many secrets" lol
If you really want to see my reddest eye, try stepping on my nephews' and nieces' toe(s)...I may just draw blood(okay may be not physically but you understand).
I remember lamenting about my sister to a friend once and my friend probably thinking she was helping said something negative about my sister...OMG the rate at which I turned on her surprised her and even myself! She got the message :)
With people I call Fam...even the ones I've met in blogville :) ( You know yourselves), I do not take my relationship with them for granted although it may seem like that sometimes...they are my support systems and there's nothing as uplifting as knowing that you have people that have your back at any point in time(relatively speaking) and they can say the same for you.
Bottom line is I love my family...every member in there - The ones I chose and the ones I found myself in!

30 Day challenge... DAY 10 - Put Your Music Player on Shuffle And Write The First Ten Songs That Play

  1. Samba Di Novo (Quiet Storm) - Femi Temowo
  2. Psalm 151 (You Are The Only One) - Wale Adenuga
  3. The Sea Of Forgetfulness (Greatest Hits) - Helen Baylor
  4. Remembrance(Communion song) (We Shall Not Be Shaken) - Matt Redman
  5. I Love To Praise Him (Psalms, Hymns & Spiritual Songs) - Donnie McClurkin
  6. I Love You Lord (Live Worship) - Salvador
  7. Carnival (Still Walking In The Light) - The African Children's Choir
  8. Healer ( Generation: Love) - New Breed
  9. Dance (D' G-Pikin Project) - Jedi ft. Jafextra
  10. Awesome God (Psalms, Hymns & Spiritual Songs) - Donnie McClurkin

30 Day challenge... DAY 9 - How Important I think Education Is

Education is as important as your right eye(which ever sees better).
It is like a telescope to see what the future holds... Education puts you on a leveled ground to play with the "big boys"...
If you're opportune to get education within the four walls of a school especially where you're not the one footing the bill, by all means get it.
Education within the four walls of a school is not the be all and end all; As a matter of fact, you should be a student for life and learn daily 'cos life itself is a big school! It is tomfoolery to think that getting an education automatically translates to big cash ... very wrong notion I tell you... it is what you make of it eventually that counts.
The good book says "Wisdom is the principal thing...and in all your getting, get understanding as well" ... ever seen an educated fool before... May one never cross your path...
Education is like the foundation you build on... the depth of your foundation determines the type of structure you can build on it... your best bet is to ensure the foundation is deep enough to withstand the load of the building... this translates to.. get adequate education and ensure you have an understanding of the knowledge acquired *educated fool* alert!
Yes in my opinion, education is as important as your right eye!!!