Tuesday, 17 March 2015

"Oro La Fi Mu Ile Aiye Ro" aka Your Words Are Powerful

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It isn't a new discovery, it is just a reminder.
This isn't me being superstitious but seriously your words are powerful; choose what you say wisely.
I was reminded about this today when I spoke to a brother of mine from another mother.
He asked how I was, I replied the customary way "I'm good", he goes really that's all you're going to say?
So I said the truth. To be honest at that point in time, I wasn't feeling 100%, but I was quick to point out to myself and remind myself that it is just a feeling, "this too shall pass"!
If heaven and earth can be created by words... what am I saying, I'm going to far... If corporations and empires can be created by a single thought and words, then what I say matters and I'm not going to let how I feel determine the seeds(words) I sow into my future. 
Guard your thoughts and if only negatives will spew forth from your lips, it is better to bite your tongue and keep it moving!


Wednesday, 11 March 2015

When God is In It, There Is NoLimit

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There's no limit to God's grace and goodness and I'm a die hard believer of the greatness and infinite mercy and grace of God.
I felt compelled to come share this here right this minute and I don't know why.
To be honest I'm going through stuff in my life and it is so easy to fall into this stupid rut and thought pattern that you're the only one going through $h!t and stuff in your life(Pun intended). But it's a lie, a massive one at that, we're all going through one thing or the order but that doesn't mean life is over. 
Life goes on and whether we like it or not, there's going to be night and day... at least until God says otherwise. So be a soldier and never say never.
One of my favourite quotes says "In the end, everything will be alright...If it isn't alright, then it isn't the end". 
If it is down to your opinion and choice to see your cup half filled, why should you choose to see it half empty? 
All I'm saying is hang in there, stay strong, chin up and keep your head up high, you will break through... it's not the case of "if" it is a case of "When". So "when" you breakthrough, give God all the glory... 

I've forgotten how therapeutic writing my thoughts down can be. I have missed this place so much, I'm not sure I can let go.

Enjoy this song by Israel and the New Breed. Israel Houghton gets me all the time... I can so relate!


Thursday, 14 August 2014

Only You... Amebo post!

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Finally saw the video of Jesse Jagz and Wizkid's song - Bad Girl... but I prefer to title it "Only you"!
Totally love the song... for real I do... but I saw something while watching online... this can be seen btw 2:29 and I think 2:33.
Btw us, is that what I think it is... was he actually adjusting himself in the video? And the camera caught that and left it? #Epic!
Anyways the rhythm still rawks!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

GNG On 3SIX5Woman!!!

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Happy Birthday GNG!!! My this be your best year yet!
You can imagine my delight when GoodNaijaGirl put a post up on 3six5woman... delighted doesn't begin to describe what and how I felt!
Let me tell you a teeny weeny bit about GNG, she is one of the friends for life I met virtually... like she writes from the heart and she's so real!
She tells it as it is and she's not afraid to air her views and how she feels... a gift and privilege denied many!
In the multitude of fakery and fakeness, she just stands out!
Little wonder we clicked... we don't call each other up everyday and text each other by the second, but she's one of the few I can buzz up within seconds and expect a response within reasonable time!
Let me just say that you GNG are an inspiration and you'll always be! 
I celebrate you today and appreciate the woman you are...Indeed you may not be where you want to be... but you're far from where you started from!
The top is your destination...see you there!
Click here to read GNG's post!

Monday, 24 February 2014

Lies Humans Tell!

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It's been a minute blogville.
February has been pretty much super-busy for me so apologies for not updating the good ol' blogity... In my mind, I hear somebody say *does the apology really matter, after all no one noticed you even left*!
*Twack*!!! That's the sound of me slapping the unknown entity!lol
Why do people lie to your face? Can anyone really answer this question? like outright "coloured" lies...nope not white lie...I'm talking multicoloured lies...brown, yellow, grey, black, blue, green... all kinds of rainbow coloured lies!
A friend of mine just told me of how she almost lost her job as a result of someone else's outright LIES!!!
How can you look another human in the face and say things that aren't true to damage and destroy their reputation!
My friend got suspended because of this colleague of hers for months... all my friend's seniors couldn't support her because the girl(the liar) had dirt on them... another story for another day(Why the heck do some men like to sleep with anything that walks and wears skirts? #NoClass in my opinion)!!!
My friend quickly realised she had no support and went straight on her knees... and yes it worked... 
Witnesses - people she didn't know came out of the woods to testify to the liar's nastiness and what the enemy meant for evil was quickly turned around for my friend's good!
Let's just say it was as if she went on an extended holiday and she saved divinely as her salary was backdated and paid to her! The liar in question got a warning...just one more move in the wrong direction, and she's out for good.
Nothing Was Lost!

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