Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Fela Durotoye Prays For Nigeria - Join in

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I'm calling all lovers of Nigeria to please join this amazing initiative that is catching on like wild fire.
It is a prayer chain for Nigeria.

I was busy minding my business and job hunting as I'm currently between jobs(that's another blogpost, will keep you updated on that) when I got a notification from Periscope that Fela Durotoye has logged on. 
I wasn't even following him on Periscope at that point in time, but I was too curious to ignore the notification (I wonder why I got the notification). Anyways my curiosity got the better part of me and I decided to join the 'scope. 
In the 'scope, he said that God told him to pray for Nigeria for 49days ie 7weeks at every watch hour... watch-hour: apparently it is believed that watch hours are times the heavens open to earth ie 12midnight,3a.m, 6a.m.9a.m,12noon,3p.m and 9p.m by the way I'm not hear to debate or argue with you about the truth in that or not. All I know is, I believe in this particular initiative and I believe doors will open to make Nigeria better.
It is also beneficial to participants but this post is not about me so I will elaborate in my next post. It takes only 3minutes of your time and the prayers are just the second stanza of the national anthem and the pledge plus a prayer he calls the Gemstone Creed(I maybe wrong) but the prayer makes sense.
If you want to be part of this initiative, follow Fela Durotoye on Periscope see you @ 6pm tonight!