Sunday, 31 October 2010

Thinking Out Loud

Hey blogville, hope your weekend has been as great as mine.
Was having a night-in with my sisters and we got talking about this "aunty" ( you know those family friends you can't call by name) and the way she used to ill-treat her house-helps ( I want to believe she has changed)... I thought I was the only one who noticed while growing up apparently I was wrong...hmmm another blog topic. But really why do people treat their helps like second class citizens like they don't have a right to hope and have a future like their own children...more on that...

A good friend has been lying to know who you are...I'm sure we both know where we stand... your smile can't fool me and when you say good me...I check the time...but you're still my good friend!

Double standards exist all over and it isn't about to die...I will keep revolting against double standard(s) if I am the victim or know the victim...I won't drink panadol for another man's headache but I totally hate injustice...

Used to respect my sisters(they are all older than me) to the point of I am free and almost abusing the freedom...I respect them but the fear is gone! lol had a clash (minor disagreement) with the oldest(on the phone) on my way to see her... I guess the predator look in my eyes gave me away 'cos she simmered immediately and let me be...yes it was the "I dare you to say a word" look...

Just because you don't agree with my point doesn't make my opinion wrong neither does it make your opinion any better than mine or vice is just what it is...a difference in opinion...take it as it is and don't burst a vein.

Being assertive almost to the point of aggression used to be me...God is filing my claws and chiselling my is a learning curve and I'm learning.

Nobody can make you small except you give them the right to do so... I learnt that practically and it was liberating...I am who I am and you are who you are by God's grace period!

Being translucent is better than being a clear glass... I'm not a closed book but then again I'm not an open book...I won't explain further!:)

Why can't employers just view your CV and make their decision to interview based on it instead of the very long, "mojo killing",morale reducing, irrelevant information gathering application forms!*sigh*

The line between right and wrong has been blurred so badly over the is disturbing...


Okay those are just some of my thoughts happy new month.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Nigeria @ 50 - Let's Get This Straight!!!

Nigeria @ 50 Day 20 - Myne Whitman

There's always something to give thanks for no matter how little plus the Good book says to give thanks IN all things...With this in my head, I celebrated Nigeria's 50th independence anniversary.
It is true that our leaders have failed us to no end and let's be honest many of them are long gone in their evil ways that to turn around and do good will only be the death of them...
What I found out though is that we all have made Nigeria what it is today...either by acting or just keeping mum(remember the siddon dey look action?)...All it takes for evil to thrive is for good men to fold their arms and do nothing.

And like a friend once said,casting all puritanic and holier than thou attitude off,we have all benefited from Nigeria's corruption to a certain degree albeit your heart and soul and you will realise this is true.

So what is the way forward.First can I just say that if you don't have nothing good to mouth off about Nigeria,then keep quiet?...Thank you!!!

We need to be as gentle as a dove and wise as a serpent...the wicked ones are not going to sit down and watch us usurp their powers without going down with a fight(going down because that's the only direction they're going) and to be honest,we need to stay alive to witness the revolution that is imminent in I would say,that wisdom is Key.

Then Register to vote and preach the gospel of registration encourage people around you to vote,educate your househelp,your drivers,your customers in the market, generally everybody that may not be opportune to read this should be adviced and encouraged to register to vote...let's go grassroot! These are the targets for this nasty people ...let them know that we mean business...

Select who you want to vote for wisely...please let's not be like Esau who lost his birthright for a isn't about now,it is about the long run...let's be forward thinking...think about the future...You matter,you opinion counts, you're VIP...what you decide will either make or mare this nation so please Select with wisdom...

Vote...let's turn out enmass to that we won't have names like "cutlass scorpion", "Table Chair" in the ballot box...yes this guys are ruthless and will go to any length...

Protect...even after voting,don't just go away and do your own thing, be there...lend a hand...protect your vote...let it count...let it be your voice...let it speak for you...ensure your voice is not killed off by tyrants,gluttons who are only after their greedy,fat,absolutely uncontrollable appetite...
I know that corruption is sipping down to this generation...but please let's be patient and as someone said,let's follow due process and I know that in good time,we will get there.
Let's grow within cos we can't grow within without the outside catching up.
Happy Anniversary Naija and Renew your Mind. Please check out the enough is enough site and make 2011 election the beginning of a new dawn in Nigeria...God bless us all...

Nigeria @ 50 Day 22 - Doll Chic

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Don't Give A Dog A Bad Name

Heard about a fellow blogger's partner's demise and went over to her blog to commiserate with her over such a terrible loss...Alas what did I see?
A comment saying her loss was a punishment from God for all the bad things she's done.
The commenter went on to say she should go to church and is what was posted verbatim:

"You are cursed...
It's gods way of telling you that the way you live your life is ungodly.

Start going to church. Repent your sins so that you can be saved."

Statements like this makes me wonder if some that call themselves believers actually have a real relationship with God or they are just following doctrines of men blindly!

The greatest commandment is love and the above statement does not ooze love in anyway...and as far as I'm concerned, any act that is not in love is against God's will as stated here

Jesus came to save sinners not those that think they are righteous and can I categorically state here that as a believer, it is not within your jurisdiction to judge an unbeliever...can you just let him/her be and let his/her maker be the Judge....for a second, take your judgmental eyes off long enough to see yourself and realise that you're not in anyway perfect and only God's grace and mercy is keeping you and has kept you thus far.

I felt like apologising to this lady when I read this unbecoming statement...even if you want preach hell fire and brimstone, not like that and not at a time like this when she's in pain...

I guess all I'm saying is...Have a heart, Love like Jesus did, Quit being religious and have a meaningful relationship to know the heart of your father and STOP giving believers a bad name!

Monday, 11 October 2010


Hey blogville...
Been a minute since I came on here...just when I thought I will be more consistent with putting posts up, life just had to happen!
I'm not going to knock myself too hard, I will just pick up from where I left and try to be more consistent.
Kudos to consistent bloggers on blogville...don't know how you guys do it but all I can say is: Well done!!!
I witnessed a "development" some days back and I'm determined to blog about it! Will come back to "talk about it" in a minute...Yes I promise to be back!