Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Re: In The Name of All Things Men.

Was stuck on the train in the middle of no where for a
while...national rail can like to get their acts together!What better time to write/type than then:)
Here are the random thoughts that came to me based on Vera's radio show...but before then, enjoy this track...

Don't blame the men for the lies,blame the women who will swallow any
lie so long as it makes them look good...don't blame the women,blame
the men who put them in that state.

Personally I'm of the opinion that a strong onus is on the woman to
decide not to be stupid...we are nuturing and very kind...a guy will
take you on a ride if he knows he can get away with murder where he's
concerned in your life.

Sometimes we love the idea of being in love than love isn't about how you feel,if it was about feeling then I should have killed by now.Reminds me of the time my friend asked me "how can something that feels so good be so wrong"...the act is not wrong darling it is the timing that is everything.I totally believe that the truth will prevail...if only we can be patient...that wolf in sheep clothing will eventually reveal his true's only a matter of time.

Sometimes,the girl knows she's being lied to but wants to enjoy the moment...well enjoy it and ensure you get enough tissue for the heartbreak that will ensue.

To be honest...I have nothing but respect for women that wear their heart on their sleeve...they are very bold and courageous...I wouldn't know what to do with a broken heart,and to be honest I like my heart in one piece!!! Call me a coward if you like,but there's more to life than putting my heart on the slab to be chopped into several pieces... Thanks but no thanks.
Like I said, it's only a matter of time, if we are patient and observant, love will find a way!

I know that when it comes to matters of the heart, all a girl needs to do is open up her heart and she gets to that point of no return. Hence the reason a girl needs to be patient enough to confirm that she's not getting herself in the wrong match/mix...cos once you've opened the floodgate of ur becomes really difficult to it what you like...

Guys should learn to control what is between their legs and not let it
control them...lying to get what you want is an absolute no no and
what it does is; it reduces you gradually.
Having said that, people change, but then, they say a leopard never changes it's spot

Oh well...this is just me rambling...ciao mwah!!!

Since I mentioned "broken heart"...enjoy the track below...home girl can sing!!!


Myne Whitman said...

Am I first? LOL..

These two lines below stand out for me and are so true. We can't control anyone but ourselves. (BTW, I love that Alicia Keys track)

Personally I'm of the opinion that a strong onus is on the woman to
decide not to be stupid...

Sometimes we love the idea of being in love than love itself...


Good post but I have something against you... The post's too one sided. You talk as though ladies do not lie to men and men can't be heartbroken...

Balance the sides if you must take sensitive topics such as this.


Entitled said...

I disagree with almost everything you said.

I don't think stupidity is a decision.

I also think putting your heart in a glove compartment box just robs you of an enriched life experience.

I don't think men should learn to control whats between their legs. Conversely, I think natural selection should retire "stupid girls"

Nutty J. said...

Good one...

I agree

NoLimit said...

@Myne: You’re so right about that…we surely can control ourselves…I also think Alicia key is fabulous! I remember an interview she had where she said she had a photo session with a certain magazine and when she saw the out come, they had airbrushed the pictures so well that she was looking really thin…she said she told them to slap the fat right back on! Gosh that made me feel so proud of her…yes o…I’m all for a woman being comfortable with who she is regardless of the size…arrgghhh I digress…lol…the track is lovely!:)

@ LE DYNAMIQUE PROFESSEUR... Thanks prof…I totally agree the post is one sided,that’s because I’m a woman speaking from a woman’s point of view…I know ladies lie to men…actually I’ll be the first to say that ‘cos I’ve seen it happen…hee hee hee and men have feelings too…yeah I witnessed my friend a dude cry when his silly girlfriend broke up with him…having said that,I honestly may not be qualified to speak for the men folk…so why not take up that challenge and speak from a man’s point of view?:)…actually you can be a guest blogger right here! Deal?

@ Entitled…it’s okay to disagree…that’s why it’s called an opinion…you’re entitled to yours (lol notice the way it matches your name?)
Contrary to what you think, stupidity can be a decision…to the decision maker @ that point in time, it may not be stupid but to onlookers and people who have been there done that and got the badge, it is stupid…heck…what am I saying…when one knows the truth, understands the truth yet refuses to abide by the truth, is that not a decision? Is it not stupid?
Not wearing one’s heart on one’s sleeve or not laying it down on a slab for it to be turned to mince meat does not mean one is being robbed of an enriched life it simply means, the decision maker has refused to become a “statistic”…in the scheme of things, that is an infinitesimal part of an enriched life experience…there’s more to it than meets the eye.
Well I on the other hand think men should control what’s between their legs…it is called being disciplined…and contrary to what you think, there are no stupid girls…only girls that are yet to work the truth.

@ Nutty J…Thanks, you’re very kind!

Funms-the rebirth said...

Hmmmmm........i see your point of view. yea most times, we let a lot of men get away with most things due to us not setting boundaries and giving our all even when in reality the man isn't responding.


Guest blogger? Was that an invitation or just a comment? lol


Entitled said...

I am glad you've qualified your statement and noted the exceptions. Of course stupidity "CAN" be a decision, saying it "IS" a decision is, on the other hand, absolute and inaccurate.

I am also glad you admit, all other things being equal, Miss Heartbroken has "lived" more than Miss My-heart-is-in-a-safety-deposit-box. Whether she's "lived" Infinitesimally more or infinitely more is a judgment call she has exclusive rights to. And BTW, Everyone is a statistic.

By what measure of objective truth is a man obligated to sexual discipline? Why should I aspire to that kind of "discipline?"


NoLimit said...

@Funms…Spot on!!!

@Le Dynamique Prof…errr what do you think it is? *rolling my eyes round* of ‘cos it is!!! Sigh okay I’ll ask in a formal tone(Note that I hardly do “formal”).
Please sire, could you spare some time out of your very busy schedule to be a guest blogger on mine on a post titled “For the Love of all things women” – The rejoinder.
Many thanks for your much anticipated “positive” response.


NoLimit said...

@Entitled: Like I said Entitled, you have a right to your opinion. err kindly clarify,in what way did I agree Miss Heartbroken has lived more than Miss my heart is in a safety deposit box?...I’m afraid you lost me there
From the last paragraph, I assume you’re a guy…again I say you’re entitled to your opinion…I can only say and abide by the truth I know and understand…you don’t have to…you’re not obliged to.

Anonymous said...

Well, feel free to put your 'heart' in my care, i shall guard it 'jealously'....

Anonymous said...

On another note....

...from your response to LDR's comment, 'tis clear you did not set out to do a 'balanced' post. Rather, you decided what you wanted to write about and from which angle.....fair, very fair.

LDR i believe has just been given a license to 'write' only he doesn't really have the option of choice. Guess he has to write from the other angle.

Now, this brings to mind the subject of the 'Welcome Lagos' documentary aired awhile back, would have thot people should simply have done their own documentary from the 'other' angle.

The other 'angle' being
1. a documentary of the 'good' side of Lagos or
2. a documentary of the 'bad' side of London (guess that is where the guy is from).

The question is, "Is anyone daring enough?"

Entitled said...

Clarify? " the scheme of things, that is an infinitesimal part of an enriched life experience..." Your words. Well, if those words mean more than they are supposed to, let me point out that all experiences enrich the human experience whether you judge them constructive or destructive. I would argue Miss Heartbroken reserves the EXCLUSIVE rights to judge her heartbreak as infinitesimally/infinitely enriching. It's her call. However, it is one more experience thereby incontrovertibly enriching.

Yes I am not the fairer sex and I am challenging your "truth" which "abide by ... and understand," because I think it can be shown to be objectively false. Do you want to abide by a lie/falsehood?

Opinions that side with "uncontestable" truths are more than just opinions, because when you opine against them, you are simply embracing dirty lies.

NoLimit said...

Just as you agree that Miss Heartbroken reserves the EXCLUSIVE rights to judge her heartbreak as infinitesimally/infinitely enriching, the other party too has the EXCLUSIVE right to judge her line of action too…there are various “life enriching” activities to indulge in wouldn’t you say? Moreover each to his/her own decision…no one has made anyone judge.
My truth sire comes from the Word of God, The Bible,the Absolute truth,the manual for life…a stumbling block to some while some call it absurd and foolish…but I NoLimit choose to call it what it is….The way to an enriched life which eludes many…I dare you try it out!

Anonymous said... a human enriches and allows you to be compassionate for others stupidity. Now, the fact that your heart has always been in a box, which is a major accomplishment by the way, makes you feel superior to stupid people, because afterall, you know better than them, but see, you can never be sympathetic to their plight, because you are superior, which dimishes your experience.

Your heart will break. I give it time. It might not be might be your child that will break your heart...your siblings...but it will and when it does, there would be someone around that will be there to hold you and they will do a good job and be patient and be kind because they have been there before. :)

Time: the value we place on time is false and its merely an illusion. I can know someones character within an hour of meeting them. Now I might deliberately ignore what I see, hence my very obvious stupidity, but I know...I know that I knew.

Change: people CHANGE all the time. A Man who is happy and kind to his wife, might get hit by a car, suddently he is filled with bitterness. A man who is on fire for God, might fall into sin. Change is a human experience...and we change depending on what we face. Just pray that God helps you deal with your upcoming battles and that he gives you the grace to be graceful through life`s horror. You yourself will change...and you will remember this post, and you will smile.

Faith: you believe in a God...that you dont get to see...which is a brilliant start. An old woman told me a very long time ago, to remember, on my wedding day, that I am marrying the Man that he is now, the Man he will become (change) and the Man he hopes to become. I know the character of who he is now, I might get to hear about the Man he hopes to become and the Man he will become...well...neither of us know...he doesnt even know...but you are married to that one too. So be prepared.

Another clarification. Wearing your heart on your sleeve doesnt mean you fall in love easily or that you fall in love too quickly. You could watch the man for a year or 6...he has shown how great he is...and then you fall in love. Then you wear your heart on your sleeve...meaning you are open with how you feel. Which deepens your love. No one wants to be in love with someone who cant...or refuses to show love back...except a masochist of course...they are people too though...

This is too long.
I have loads more to say...but I must go back to work.

I love you, big sis.


Entitled said...

In their resumes listing experiences, Miss Heartbreak has a one up.

A bunch of white folks gave your ancestors a book, told them God wrote it and centuries afterward you you choose to be as gullible? They were ignorant. What's your excuse?

"Try it out?" I'm sorry. I don't like lies. Bland or fantastic.

Anonymous said...

oh one more thing...

men and sex.

Lieing is a BAD thing. Terrible...but chastity is to me, the sillient virtue. I just cant imagine anything inherently good in denying yourself safe good sex.

NoLimit said...

“the fact that your heart has always been in a box”…wrong! My heart has not always been in a box…but hey…that’s a story for another post… Having said that, just because you’ve never been involved in a fire accident does not mean you cannot appreciate the pain a fire victim is going through while healing…pain is pain is pain…it is only the degree that varies…
Stupid people??? Superior??? Is that your perception???
Sweetie my heart has been broken many times over…losing a loved one is heart breaking…those are heart breaks you have no control over…and trust me when I say time is not exactly a great healer…who ever said that got it wrong…the Balm of Gilead is the only Healer.
And with regards to time being and illusion…I agree with you that you can know someone’s character within an hour of meeting them but don’t underestimate the value of time in revealing stuff to you.
And to: change, faith and the other clarification…I will just say hmmm…deep words right there…I guess the only constant thing in life is change…but then when I put my faith in the Unchanging Changer…I’m rest assured that no matter what comes my way…and trust me when I say you have no idea of what has come my way and what I’m still battling with…
From your comment I deduce you seems to think I have it all figured out! Lol…jokes I DON’T…and I do not pretend to…but with one step @ a time and my trust firmly in God(oh yes I believe in God that I don’t see…but I see His works per second…and I know that I know that He is real…)…trust me all will be well…regardless.
Love you too babes.
The sillient virtue??? What does that mean?

@ Entitled…lol!!! Test and see that the Lord is good!
Thanks for your comments; I’ve learnt a lot…don’t be a stranger.:)

Vera Ezimora said...

This is very strange. I tend to side with Entitled on this one. Refusing to wear your heart on your sleeves can only happen for so long, really. One day, one day, monkey go go market, and e no go return. My point is, one day, the one who has been protecting her heart will find a reason (in a man) not to protect it anymore. Whether she made the right decision is something she will find out with time.

Ultimately, life happens. We make decisions, and eventually, we find out how good or bad they were. No one knows at the beginning whether they made the right decisions or not. How do you even know when a man really loves you anyway??? Things change. People change. Circumstances change. Change is the only constant thing in life. And like Entitled said, everyone is really a statistic --- whether you know it or not.

NoLimit said...

@Rethot...yep I decided what I wanted to write about, it's LDP's prerogative to write the post however he deems fit. How have you been?

@Vera...*sigh*!!! this post was written from my point of view at a particular point in time,it is not finite and it is not cast in stone.I still stand by it
And I agree that change happens all the time...we all least I do hope that when it happens...I will be able to bear it no matter what that change is.
Hmmm true talk... Monkey go go Market one day o...iPonder.


No Limit, I am willing to write the post... but it may be a bit difficult to do a one-sided one, u know? So when is the date? lol

r u on twitter? pls reply on my blog, if you can. thanks :)


bArOquE said...

Assuming there's any point in all this love business...know this, patience is a virtue my dear...wait for real/true love, but while you're waiting hope you recognise it/him when he comes...if not, na okporoko u don become

NoLimit said...

@LDP...okay will do just that

@Baroque...yay! good to see you back!
He's around o! lol@ Okporoko...e don tey wey hear that kain word!

doug said...

Typical ----> "Personally I'm of the opinion that a strong onus is on the woman to
decide not to be stupid."

And since you mentioned it....COWAAAAARDD!!!!


Even though I agree with all you said :)

doug said...
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aloted said...

Nolimit!!! you have spoken and i am totally with you on this.
Love is patient and it will come to those that wait.