Saturday, 1 October 2011

30 Day challenge... DAY 11 - My Family

I am very protective of my folks and the people I call fam!
Okay let's start with my immediate family...
I am the last of four girls and the three older ones are way older than me.
The distance in age hasn't been a barrier to our relationship thankfully but as would be expected of a naija family the respect is there!*RME*
I am highly protective of my nephews and nieces, they might as well be my own children...I relate with them in a way their parents don't... "I am the keeper of many secrets" lol
If you really want to see my reddest eye, try stepping on my nephews' and nieces' toe(s)...I may just draw blood(okay may be not physically but you understand).
I remember lamenting about my sister to a friend once and my friend probably thinking she was helping said something negative about my sister...OMG the rate at which I turned on her surprised her and even myself! She got the message :)
With people I call Fam...even the ones I've met in blogville :) ( You know yourselves), I do not take my relationship with them for granted although it may seem like that sometimes...they are my support systems and there's nothing as uplifting as knowing that you have people that have your back at any point in time(relatively speaking) and they can say the same for you.
Bottom line is I love my family...every member in there - The ones I chose and the ones I found myself in!


aloted said...
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aloted said...

am i one of ur "fam" on blogville.??

i better be! muhahaha

Muse Origins said...

This is really cool! Hey, you didn't get to finish the challenge. Looking forward to more posts


NoLimit said...

Alo! Of course you are! You shouldn't even be asking! lol 100years later! Gosh I'm on a roll today!