Monday, 4 January 2016

Olamide's Rudeness, Don Jazzy Patronising But Epic Response And The Make Up

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I can only attribute Olamide's outburst to the alcohol level in his blood stream, that's the only rational way I can excuse it in my head.
It was appalling and in bad taste! Screaming and dropping the mic et al. He's the king of the street but the street didn't vote for his candidate, well next time, engage with the street and they just may be kind to you.
Heard Don Jazzy was calling the artists under his label his "children". 😳😂😳!
Don't know how to react to this as I do not know the dynamics in the group but I totally like his sarcastic and patronising response to Olamide. Heeheehee! Uncle Olamide if you want the car, come get the keys! That must have winded the poor guy up cos I read his further outburst on Twitter.
Like someone said on Twitter, these artists need to learn to lose with grace, let me go further and say they need to learn to take citicism in good fate. I've seen artists turn on their fans and literally bully them because the fan chose to speak his/her mind regarding a mess up(by the artist o). Nah mean, that ain't cool.
In other news, Happy new year. Let's hope I won't be a stranger on here.
But I had to comment on the drama. Them lot need to just be HUMBLE for a flipping minute! *clucking my tongue*

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