Saturday, 7 February 2009

Thankful saturday V5

Hello have you all been? Great ...just like moi I presume... :-)...
This week has been lazy,slow paced and fast all @ the same time!!! Snowy Monday brought out the laziness in yours it became slow as I had to go to work on Tuesday till Friday...when it became fast...Have you ever noticed how fast time disappears over the weekend? very annoying I must say!!!
Well let me not bore you with my complaints!!!

Today,I am putting up Thankful Saturday V5...And I am so grateful for His grace in keeping this running to date!!!
Here are the list of things I'm thankful for this week...isn't He awesome?

I am thankful for:

1.The snow…it gave me the opportunity to have a much needed rest and sort my domestic life out.

2.Divine protection and assistance; a friend of mine got stuck at a station in the middle of no where when she was on her way home…the train developed "issues"...cold I guess and the driver decided to stop at the nearest station for obvious reasons…snow!!! She was there in the cold forever…with her brains freezing out…her words not mine…she mouthed a word of prayer…and some minutes later, a black cab drove by…she was able to use this to get home…a journey of 45minutes took way over 3hrs to complete…I’m glad she didn’t freeze to death!

3.Again for the gift of life...A living dog is better than a dead lion!

4.Victory @ work...It's been a circus...but I'm on top of the game through the grace!!!

5."Comfort of strangers"...turned other words date, learning from you wonderful people has been a rare priviledge!!!

6.divine help; a friend needed to get a contract and some strange lady was standing in the way of her progress...the lady actually told her that as long as she was in that office, she'll never get what she requested for!
she had a meeting with the director and the lady was meant to be there, but her(the lady's) car broke down and she ended up getting the contract she wanted plus much more...well I summarised this story 'cos it is quite long...
I use this friend as a point of contact to y'all and myself...
May the Lord put a trailer load of wahala* in the way of whoever tries to stop our progress...they'll be too busy sorting themselves out that they won't notice when we've progressed till it's too late for them to do anything about it!!! Amen...:-)

Have a beautiful week and thanks for stopping by my blog!!!



QMoney said...

amennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn oh,.see wahala

Good Naija Girl said...

Another great list of things you're thankful for. #2 and 6 especially touched me: so happy the first friend is ok and glad that your other friend got the contract. God is good!

Geebee said...

Amen to that prayer. Not just a trailer load but loads of wahala from a truck, a trailer and any other mass means of transport on anyone who dares stand in our way. I’m thankful for God’s unmerited favours, especially when we don’t even deserve it. I totally agree with you. Time is so fast over the weekend. I’m so angry it’s Monday again and I can hardly wait for Friday to come . . . but it seems like it’s gonna take another ‘forever’

Writefreak said...

Thanking God for and with you! I specially like the last one...that is God showing up on time men! and i like that prayer...amen sister!

Hope you're good, have a great week!

Funms-the rebirth said...

amen!!!!!!!! i love the prayer. thanx

OluwaDee said...

I see God has also been good to you.

Debbie said...

Definitely thankful for the snow, it reminded me of the awesomness of God, he alone makes the times and seasons and definitly thankful for 3 and 4 and in fact all of them.

Enkay said...

I don't even want to think about what could have hapened if you friend hadn't got that Cab. god is so faithful, sending help in the nick of time!

Have a great weekend dear!

wordmerchant said...


i have come out or hiding but have changed url and name, swing by when u can

Jarrai-gambian girl

NoLimit said...

@GNG...He sure is good...He comes through J-I-T style all the time...Just In Time!!! guess you feel me on that prayer brova!

@WriteFreak...Yes o ma sistah!He never fails...have a brilliant week

@Funms...thanks gal...hope you're good.

@OluwaDee...He sure has been!!!

@Debbie...Thanks gal

@enkay...He is faithful...

@Word Merchant...Heyyy you...long time no hear!I sure will be paying you some virtual visits!!!