Thursday, 15 October 2009

Blog savvy!

Okay this is a cry for a way...I've been trying to spice up my blog I've tried a bit (even if I say so myself!)...but I think I can do more than my "comfort zone"
Technically I'm an illiterate or a minor idiot(not permanent) when it comes to this things...

1.I want to change my template but I have no idea i.e I am an extent.

2. I want to post audio blogs...but I have no idea whatsoever!!!

3. I would love to update my blog from my BB, is there a faster way of doing this apart from typing my post on memo pad, then copying and pasting it on my blog via BB browser?

4. I still don't get it me...or are there bloggers in my shoes?

5. Let me know of other tech savvy ways to spice up my blog (pleeeease)...I want my blog to be hawtre like fire!!! You get me?...any ideas...thanks people!!!


Nice Anon said...

I have no idea how to do all that but you can dress up all hot and sexy while typing your posts.. that counts as being sexy too abi?

NoLimit said...

@ Nice, joker!!!:-)

bArOquE said...

i dont know how you dont know how to change your blog template & likes, didn't you open the blog yourself? oya, order a copy of "Blogging For Dummies" from Barnes & Noble? LOL a much more agreeable note, i TOO do not & will never get on Twitter, all these so called online social-network addiction business has getting out of the idea still 'to keep in touch'? somebody tell me

akaBagucci said...

GOOGLE should be your best friend here i would think!

simeone said...

lol..i'll be taking the tips and suggestions offered to you as well..just like db says...start from google..

Anonymous said...

ha ha .... for me I just write whatever comes to my mind. I try to be open and honest without caring what people will take away from it. YOu'll be surprised what comes up when you don't actually try.

Myne Whitman said...

I know how to start if I want to just can't be bothered. I may yet do that. You go first, lol

Good Naija Girl said...

Hello, limitless one!

I know that blogger has a help section that you might find helpful to answer your first question.

For the second question, it can be a complicated process. You need to find a program that'll allow you to record your voice. I use a free one called Audacity, but I'm sure there are better ones out there. Then you have a to find a program that will let you upload your audio clip and link to it from your blog. I think zshare does that. Then you just blog and link to it.

Now, if you want, you could use a video cam to record both, and just point the video cam to your lap or your computer screen if you don't want people to see you.

Here's a link on how to update your blog from your BB.

Twitter is a nice little diversion (like facebook). It can be addictive. It's great for interacting with others and businesses and bloggers are using it to advertise or just enhance communications. Some say it'll be dead in no time.

Olufunke said...

You made me laugh while reading your post.
Its's like someone sendinan SOS
Sorry me I no sabi o!
Thank God for people like GNG

How are you doing?

NoLimit said...

@Baroque... lol blogging for dummies indeed!
I bet you're just saying that about twitter now...let's here that from you in another 6 months!!!;-)

@Bagucci...Thank'll be my consultant!

@Simeone...what ever you take, just know you're paying royalty!!!

@Lucidlilith...Ah don't get it twisted isn't about what to write...cos really I have no qualms with writing whatever comes to mind,when and how I want to write it...but I want to change the get my drift?

@Myne worries, I'll go first!!!

@GNG...YAY!!! I just knew you'll be very helpful...will do as you have'll be my second consultant and that's only because you're faraway in Canada!!!
check back to see my new improved blog!!! :-)...thanks gal.

@Olufunke...Okay since we no sabi together...I will tell you what I know after learning from my "consultants"!!!

bArOquE said...

not bloody likely is this one surely gonna come to pass...6 or 12months