Sunday, 31 October 2010

Thinking Out Loud

Hey blogville, hope your weekend has been as great as mine.
Was having a night-in with my sisters and we got talking about this "aunty" ( you know those family friends you can't call by name) and the way she used to ill-treat her house-helps ( I want to believe she has changed)... I thought I was the only one who noticed while growing up apparently I was wrong...hmmm another blog topic. But really why do people treat their helps like second class citizens like they don't have a right to hope and have a future like their own children...more on that...

A good friend has been lying to know who you are...I'm sure we both know where we stand... your smile can't fool me and when you say good me...I check the time...but you're still my good friend!

Double standards exist all over and it isn't about to die...I will keep revolting against double standard(s) if I am the victim or know the victim...I won't drink panadol for another man's headache but I totally hate injustice...

Used to respect my sisters(they are all older than me) to the point of I am free and almost abusing the freedom...I respect them but the fear is gone! lol had a clash (minor disagreement) with the oldest(on the phone) on my way to see her... I guess the predator look in my eyes gave me away 'cos she simmered immediately and let me be...yes it was the "I dare you to say a word" look...

Just because you don't agree with my point doesn't make my opinion wrong neither does it make your opinion any better than mine or vice is just what it is...a difference in opinion...take it as it is and don't burst a vein.

Being assertive almost to the point of aggression used to be me...God is filing my claws and chiselling my is a learning curve and I'm learning.

Nobody can make you small except you give them the right to do so... I learnt that practically and it was liberating...I am who I am and you are who you are by God's grace period!

Being translucent is better than being a clear glass... I'm not a closed book but then again I'm not an open book...I won't explain further!:)

Why can't employers just view your CV and make their decision to interview based on it instead of the very long, "mojo killing",morale reducing, irrelevant information gathering application forms!*sigh*

The line between right and wrong has been blurred so badly over the is disturbing...


Okay those are just some of my thoughts happy new month.


Myne Whitman said...

great and interesting randoms, I could write on them all. What beats me more is the way some people treat their helps and the injustice in the world, SMH..

Happy new month to you too...

Onose said...

interesting indeed. I have always wondered why they people treat their house helps like they do, I used to think it was only in the movies!


On the maids... I wonder too. I just don't get it too. Maids are humans too. No wonder some maids do dreadful things to their master's kids....

U have a tough personality, I'm sure. lol


2cute4u said...

I was here..
Loved the word to the friend..
Really direct..
I was here..
And I had fun..
Have a great week!

aloted said...

hmm...who is this friend that is lying to u?

feeling this post

Just...Toluwa said...


LOL on the employers and CV. Why make us go through all that writing?

Funms-the rebirth said...

Double standards.....yep still very much in existence

Writefreak said...

Random and interesting.
So....who is this lying friend? I'm keen to

NoLimit said...

@Myne...Thanks babes...seriously injustice is one topic that can keep me up all night!

@Onose..I have a tale of two aunties...will put it up once I get off my lazy behind!:)

@LDP...Story coming in a bit...Tough personality???Errr...hmmm...*ahem* comment!

@2cute4u...Thanks for coming over!
Glad you had fun:)

@Aloted...O se ore mi! Know one you know me dear!:)

@Toluwa...Seriously it can be frustrating:(

@Funms...That's the reality!:(

@WriteFreak...Thanks babes!No one you know lol!:)

Favoured Girl said...

Interesting random thoughts. I know what you mean about the lines between right and wrong becoming blurred. Things used to be black or white, but now there seems to be a third option. Hmmm.

sweetness said...

Hi NoLimit
I know what it's like to have a 'friend' lie too you. It's as annoying as heck, it almost starts to get funny
I hate appealing for jobs argh! Stress

Nice blog. I shall be back!

Anonymous said...

"Just because you don't agree with my point doesn't make my opinion wrong..." beautiful.