Monday, 24 February 2014

Lies Humans Tell!

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It's been a minute blogville.
February has been pretty much super-busy for me so apologies for not updating the good ol' blogity... In my mind, I hear somebody say *does the apology really matter, after all no one noticed you even left*!
*Twack*!!! That's the sound of me slapping the unknown entity!lol
Why do people lie to your face? Can anyone really answer this question? like outright "coloured" lies...nope not white lie...I'm talking multicoloured lies...brown, yellow, grey, black, blue, green... all kinds of rainbow coloured lies!
A friend of mine just told me of how she almost lost her job as a result of someone else's outright LIES!!!
How can you look another human in the face and say things that aren't true to damage and destroy their reputation!
My friend got suspended because of this colleague of hers for months... all my friend's seniors couldn't support her because the girl(the liar) had dirt on them... another story for another day(Why the heck do some men like to sleep with anything that walks and wears skirts? #NoClass in my opinion)!!!
My friend quickly realised she had no support and went straight on her knees... and yes it worked... 
Witnesses - people she didn't know came out of the woods to testify to the liar's nastiness and what the enemy meant for evil was quickly turned around for my friend's good!
Let's just say it was as if she went on an extended holiday and she saved divinely as her salary was backdated and paid to her! The liar in question got a warning...just one more move in the wrong direction, and she's out for good.
Nothing Was Lost!


1 + The One said...

When someone lies about what you did, it can be so helplessly infuriating!
Don't worry, we missed you :-D xx

NoLimit said...

Super-delayed response!!! :)