Thursday, 14 August 2014

Only You... Amebo post!

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Finally saw the video of Jesse Jagz and Wizkid's song - Bad Girl... but I prefer to title it "Only you"!
Totally love the song... for real I do... but I saw something while watching online... this can be seen btw 2:29 and I think 2:33.
Btw us, is that what I think it is... was he actually adjusting himself in the video? And the camera caught that and left it? #Epic!
Anyways the rhythm still rawks!


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NoLimit said...

Dude you just pop in and out of blogville! what'with you? You good?

Enkay said...

Hey lady! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. How ya been?

NoLimit said...

Hey Enkay, just seeing this :)
I'm good!