Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Asking for Help

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What is It about asking for help that gets us all jittery???
This Q is what I'm pondering on as I go home. Why do we find it difficult to ask for help from others talk more of accepting the said help. Is it cultural or is it just human nature?
Growing up, I know mother dearest always said not to accept anything from strangers and that just became the mantra. But that's even out of point(come to think of it)lol 
I'm talking about needing help, seeing someone(people) that can help and keeping quiet because you don't want them to think you can't cope without them or whatever excuse we conjure up from the recess of our vivid imaginations.
Or the simple example I'm about to give; A while back in winter, I was rushing for the train, I had about seven minutes to get to the train before the train moved so I decided to get a cup of latte to warm my insides(the cold was real).
On getting to my train with two bags in tow, I was finding it difficult to balance my bags and the coffee. I needed to add sugar and stir it.
There were two people sitting opposite and beside me and all I needed to have done was ask if either of them could hold my cup of coffee for me so that I can stow my bag away to have space to hold and drink my coffee...But I didn't!!! 
And it wasn't because of hygiene or anything related. I just acted on autopilot and clumsily did everything myself. Needless to say, i didn't exactly enjoy the coffee. In hindsight, I asked myself why the heck I didn't ask for help when it was out there.
And this train of thought led me to my question above about asking for help.Why???
Why do we shutdown and refuse to ask? Why do we refuse to let people that may be able to help us in?
 Surely...there's a deep reason why we all shun asking people for help. Is it a sign of weakness on our part? Is it pride?

PS: The coffee example is minor compared to other real life major examples.
Like having people you call close friends and not being able to ask them for help when you're in a financial situation for example.
Or needing an outlet because you're in an abusive marriage yet holding it all in... refusing to seek help.
Why do we do this to ourselves? #ThinkingOutLoud

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t said...

this touched me looool. i don't know. maybe it's because we want to be macho, or we want to make sure we take the credit at the end. maybe it's the way we've been taught to achieve things in our own name.