Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Passing Off Harrasment As Discipline!!! #NaijaFactor

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At some point this madness has got to stop.
This harassment cloaked in discipline!
I'm back again to vent. Maybe I should change the name of this blog of mine to "NoLimit's Vent Corner" lol.
Great idea I just may do that.
Anyways I read about the FRSC(Federal Road Safety Corp) Commander who decided to take it upon himself to check the nails and hair of the staff and then proceeded to cut the hair of the female staff whose hair style wasn't at par with the FRSC standard.( Even typing this crap stinks to me.)
It brought back memories of how a teacher tried to do same to me in one of the military schools many moons ago.
On that faithful day I had come to school with my hair short, all blown out and well styled. I was truly feeling myself...didn't realise this female teacher wasn't particularly pleased with it.
She then called me to the staff room, requested for a scissors and then proceeded to cut my hair or should I say try. Because I went totally crazy. I mean stark raving bonkers on her!
Here I was, an almost 16 year old girl with this very much older woman who felt the need to exert her authority over me by cutting my hair in public glare.
Who made her my barber biko? How? From where to where? These were the thoughts running through my mind when I blatantly refused to allow this happen.
I was ready to die there! I was told I would be suspended if I didn't cooperate! Cooperate-fire. I was sent home and told to bring my parent!
Thankfully I wasn't and my hair was left alone.
Brings me back to present day, 100 Centuries later(#iKid) and we're still on this level of stupidity.
Should that be Commander Kumapayi's priority? Is that why he was given the position?
This is how they make mountains out of molehills and focus on what is completely and utterly irrelevant and useless.
I think it is about time we got our priorities straight in my beloved Naija.
I really want to say more but it's bedtime and I gotta sleep; I have an early day tomorrow.
But see below for link to the stupid gist:



Seye Kuyinu said...

You still blog????

NoLimit said...

Yep! You don't?