Thursday, 27 March 2008

The croissant way of learning!!!

Woke up quite late today...knew it was going to be one of those days!As if that wasn't enough prohecy,I got to the station to find out that I missed my train(runs every 30mins) was so gutted...decided to get myself some croissant since it will be too late to start taking my usual bowl of cereal at work.
Just as I was about to cross the barrier,I found out my monthly ticket wasn't with me...(for heaven's sake 160quid down the drain).
On getting back to the pastry shop,the cashier told me he didn't see anything that looked like my "oyster"...right...I knew he was lying...don't ask me how.It was at that point I decided to choose the way I'll word...did it work!
I just chilled out called the office and told them what the situation was...mentally talked to myself that it could have been worse,what if it was my bank card that was stolen moreover the card was registered so i get to have a refund.
so there you go,after a series of positive thinking,I eventually had a great day.
Moral of the story:
I am getting a car ASAP!!! ok...just kidding(not really) but positive thinking really works, seriously it does.

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