Thursday, 10 December 2009

Teaming Up!!!

This post was inspired by a game and Favoured Girl...babe you rock and the sky is not the is the publisher's loss!!!

I played a game that thought me most of the time,the fastest way out of the rat race is to "team up" with people to pull a deal through when the opportunity shows up...Especially when the opportunity is a big one...yes you guessed right, the name of the game is Cash Flow and it is so apt in explaining real life business(es) (I stand to be corrected).

I know other factors come into play in real life but I believe they are factors/issues that can be ironed out without friction...
All I'm trying to do is use this medium to say that if you have a great, rat race exiting,impact making,nation building,product/service generating,life/future changing idea, then team up!!!
I'm totally game!

What are the adverse effects of teaming up?
Why do people shy away from teaming up?
Are there unwritten rules about this?
If teaming up is so effective why aren't we seeing more of it?
Please kindly let me know or email me @ of your experience etc of teaming up!!!

Hasta La Vista People


aloted said...

me i want to team up but u need to find the right people with similar vision and people u can trust...

feeling sleepy so i no fit answer all these ur jamb questions! :)

Myne Whitman said...

Teaming up is great but one of the downsides is lack of shared vision. Even when you all start from the same point, sometimes we grow at different rates. And there has to be a coordinator unless as they say, too many cooks will spoil the broth.

Nice post.

Enkay said...

If you happen to team up with the wrong set of people, you would regret it and end up being further from your goal than ever!

Ask some people I know! lol!

My World said...

Well,teaming up is a great idea but when it comes to biznes patnerships,a lot is at stake and you wouldnt want your patner to take the biznes any less serious than you do.
sometyms,there's also the impression of what you expect from your patner and their meeting up to those expectations!

leggy said...

when you team up, someone in the team ends up doing less.i dont like working in teams.

Good Naija Girl said...

I think greed keeps some from teaming up. They think they will lose, not realizing that 5 people committed to a cause can do more than 1 person, which would lead to a greater profit (financially and otherwise) per person.