Sunday, 26 December 2010

Suddenly it dawned on me...

Did I lose my blogging mojo? Only time will tell.
Yesterday was Christmas and it was fantastic :) ... Pigged out on so much and even as I type, I am thinking of having some desert never mind the time!
Usually on Christmas day, I go out of my way to wish all and sundry a wonderful Christmas bla bla bla but this year was a bit you ask? Let's just say...I JUST DIDN'T SEND!!!
I did my thing, hollaed back at those that hollaed @ me and went ahead to max out the day efficiently.
To be honest it felt a bit liberating ... Bottom-line is just because I didn't call/text doesn't mean I don't care.
All my peops have their special places in my heart and they are irreplaceable.
I don't need to wait for Christmas to wish them well.
Okay that desert is really calling me ttyl.


bArOquE said...

well, there was only a couple somewhere i sent good-will messages to, & no one else...i did just like you did, holla'd back at some of the people that holla'd at me...i trust that you are good...have a wonderful holiday & a fantastic 2011 ahead

el bagucci said...

Sounds like it was fun... Happy New Year in advance.. And share the lems, next time...

Jaycee said...

I like what you said, it's not that you don't care...but Christmas is not the only season to share your love with those you really care about. :)

Nice Anon said...

A very wonderful new year wishes to you.

sweetness said...

Hi! Did you have a good christmas?
sounds like you did!
Compliments of the season

NoLimit said...

@Baroque...Happy new year bruv!
@Bagucci...Happy new year,I presume you're back from Utopia?:)
@Jaycee...Exactly! Happy new year dearie...wishing you loads of success,joy and well being this year:)
@Nice Anon...Wish you the same lovely one!Keep the humour flowing!
@Sweetness...thanks a bunch, I did...Hope you did too.