Saturday, 7 May 2011

Baby baby Ka ma roll!

:D couldn't help putting that up, that's what's playing on tv right now and I like the video!!!
Off to a friend's party...don't feel like going but its just too late to cancel *now wailing*
Oh well... will just go pay homage, feed my eyes and get out...
yeah rroight!


Olufunke said...

Na wa for you o...
Hope you enjoyed the party.

Olufunke said...

I forgot to say FIRSTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!


Nonye said...

wait! so in ur mind you just did a post abi? mind ya sef o! LOL

NoLimit said...'re not going to believe this, I dressed up, hooked up with my friend, was about five minutes from the venue and then I turned back to go home...sent a message to the celebrant to tell him I almost made it but I kind of got lost... technically, I definitely did...but would I have found my way if I tried...err maybe yes...but @ that time...*sigh* all i wanted was my bed!!!
And yes you're FIRST! my sister at all, at all na im bad pass o! hee hee hee!