Thursday, 26 July 2012

Don't Do it Without Me & IPray4U.

Hmmm na wa for me oh! My disappearing act no get part 2! I'm not even going to apologise 'cos I'm not sorry:D... a lot has been going on but do i want to share? errrrrr nope:P! I'm sure you guys are doing just fab, I know... I can feel it in my bones. Came across this song and I thought to share it and bless someone. There's always a theme for each month in my church and July is the month of ADVANCEMENT!... The song simply says "Lord whatever you're doing in this season, don't do it without me" I sure know I need to advance, I don't know about you, but if you're with me listen to the song and I pray're blessed as you do so.

 Don't Do It Without Me.

 Started writing this post @ Past 11pm on Wednesday, it is now early hours of Thursday, my friend Aloted started this prayer challenge which I think is a brilliant idea. To be honest, I started it, but I didn't realise how difficult it will be to NOT pray for myself for SEVEN WHOLE DAYS! Like everytime I start to pray for people, my own needs pop up and trust me at this point in time, my needs and wants are many! But I've decided to do it again, this time around, it will be more structured and well planned out. I'm even hoping I will be able to blog about the experience daily. If you have any prayer point, please leave it in the comment box provided below the post or send an email to Shallom. Follow me @Nolimit2life


aloted said...

way to go girl...God bless u

and yes o the Lord should not do what he is doing without me too!

1 + The One said...

I understand what you mean!
I also did the iPray for you challenge and I didn't realise how difficult it was not to pray for myself.. I thought it would be easy but I was soo wrong!
It was a blessed experience though, absolutely blessed me!
(I prayed for somethings on some days though... I guess it just goes to show that I desperately cannot do without calling on God :-)

Good Naija Girl said...

Like you I want to do the iPray4U challenge and structuring it well is the only way I'll succeed.

I'll send you my prayer request!

aloted said...

um nolimit come and update jo...i am holding you to your word!