Thursday, 23 May 2013

My Space!

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Can't help but come back to this space of mine in the WWW!
I keep trying to think of why I paused and I can't for the life of me think of any good reason.
Okay only one teeny weeny reason comes to mind. The truth is... I never stopped writing, I just stopped putting it out there 'cos I'm not as "anonymous" as I was when I started! Oh and no regrets about that, I've made friends for life through this blog y'all know yourselves!
So I decided to dust my key board off and type away again. so what if I know people who read this blog, shouldn't really matter right? If I have anything to say I should just say it and leave people to form their opinions right? ... WRONG!
I'm going to keep blogging but I'm going to be sensitive to other people's feelings.
You see I've come to learn that it isn't only about the truth you know and say, it is also very much about how you say it!
So there ... I said it ... I'm back for good? Good question! In the mean time, enjoy this beautiful song ... totally love Mali Music ... there's something forthright and sincere about his songs, you can almost feel the heart behind the songs or should I say he sings from the heart ... anyways I'll leave you to form your "own" opinion without shoving mine down your throat, bear with me as I grow...

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