Friday, 24 May 2013

No It Is Not Okay.

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So I decided to be the bigger person and let things you do slide.
But we both know that is not me. I'm learning to pick and choose what battle I fight but we both know I'm not going to let this slide.
Hell to the NO. It is not okay for you to pick and choose what suits you okay? Nope you can't eat your cake and have it.
You just can't... it goes against every law in the universe. May be there's allowance for that in Mars but not here on planet earth.
so NOPE I won't let it slide, you're going to get it right back.
Don't understand why people can be so selfish and totally disregard and disrespect other people's feelings.
It is totally wrong...
Now where was I?

 PS: This is a rant (lol, like you don't know already albeit a mini one). Today is Friday and really I should be de-stressing but a couple of people are getting on my last nerves due to their EXTREME and UNREAL selfishness... I know :) I t is never about me, it is always about them, The are guilty and I'm the angel.



Enkay said...

Awww...pele dear!

AND where have you been? Some of us are finding our way to blogville and others are only coming to rant once in a while.

Mak una return o!


NoLimit said...

lol!!! I'm back ... I hope!

'Lara said...

I know how this feels, my family members are currently doing this to me and it hurts so much...sigh!

NoLimit said...

Thanks Lara, it can be pretty irritating but hey...c'est la vie:)