Monday, 2 June 2008

My journey to being an ASA fan

Meeen I should be working o! But I just can't help wanting to post on my blog…crazy isn’t it? One minute you living in this state of perpetual ignorant bliss to the world of blogville and the next second…it's in your veins like a virus…Na wa o! Heavens help me.

Anyways where was I...ehen Asa...meeen that gal is the bomb, okay from the beginning, my first encounter with her CD wasn't spectacular in anyway...a friend of mine had come visiting from 9ja and was going on and on about this chic that could belt out songs but I wasn't having any of that story so she made me watch Fire on the mountain on You tube...ohh well I still wasn't gelling o! My opinion then was...she couldn't be for real and that she was a flash in the see I love music and I don't listen to just any kind of music...for me to listen to your music or to must have roots(can't explain it but I'll see I like to listen to the story behind the song and if your music makes sense...I won't necessarily conclude that you've been where your music is taking me to...cos you may just be a singer and not a musician! did you get that?lol...right)

I love songs that have souls...may be I should be a music producer or something related to that! lol cos men once I hear a song…I just know if it will be a hit or not...anyways I digress; My first encounter with Asa's "fire on mountain" wasn't spectacular and I wasn't impressed in the least bit.I just left it there and was listening to my other cool naija songs by the way did I tell you I listen almost solely to naija songs(God help me and “nose turning up to the sky" friends who think naija songs are razzz...Imagine o! non patriotic rabits!)...right...where was I,yeah some months later another visit from one of my naija peops and this one practically shoved the CD down my throat and insisted I go listen to it by force and give him the feed back...Well my people when I started...the first track sounded cool,second track...not bad and by the time I got to bibanke...ladies in the house you know the track I'm talking about...I knew I've been won over...(The journey to being a fan of Asa’s songs can be likened to a lady(moi) who was being wooed by a man(asa’s song) and you know her first impression of the guy wasn't anything fantastic,then he asked her for a date(part where my friend insisted I go listen to the CD),just some couple of hours to prove himself...and she reluctantly obliged...and right after the date...she knew he had her hook,line and sinker!) lol

She came to London for this show a couple of weeks back and your gal was there life and direct! fortunately I got talking to some people that knew her from way back and I was told she has been singing for quite a while before she bursted out in 07/08.Hardwork and total dedication pays off man!

I was impressed,apparently she is a hard worker who doesn't leave anything to chance(breathe of fresh air!).I watched a clip of an interview she gave on You-tube and I was impressed with how well she knows her stuff.I have no doubt in my heart of hearts that we haven't heard the last of her.


Sting said...

Asa is the shit! Love her songs. Like u i wasn't really feeling her initially, the first song i listened to was fire on the mountain too. When my sister brought her CD from naija, i was hooked. She's cool.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll take ur advice.

NaijaBabe said...

One listen and I was hooked and so was my family. I hardly listen to albums, but if you catch me listening to all the songs on an album, just know that that artist has to be the shiznit!

I have it everywhere...I dont want to be stranded without my ASA album. I had exams when she came to London and boy, was I pissed!!! But I hope she comes again. She just blows me away.

As in its so bad that, I'm thinking of entering for blogsville idols, and for every round I get into, it has to be an asa song!

Ahh..too mad jo!