Friday, 27 June 2008

Out Alone!

There’s a comedy night coming up tomorrow and I intend to attend with or without my friends…well here is the deal…my friends often mess up! As in majorly mess up my plans, we all planned to go for Asa concert the last time she was in London and everybody was excited about it…
Now fast-forward to the big day and I call them up to know where to meet up and the story changed… “awww sowwweee I forgot” said one of them, another one was like “ it is weekday,bla bla bla”…one told me she was leaving the office pretty late…I called her till the concert started and at a point, she did not pick up my calls again…I mean WTF!!!
The worst part of it all is that I bought the tickets ages ago, five freaking Asa tickets…I had to sell them off at the venue thanks to a cool pal of mine.
So I’ve been bitten once therefore I need to be shy twice. Well when I found out about the comedy thingy, I asked if they were attending and it was the same yes yes yes…lol…oh well this time around y’all getting your tickets OYO levels (On Your Own)... now the issue is going to the event on my own, you know how people turn there noses on unaccompanied ladies attending an event (I mean small minded naija people and trust me, they are many!!!). Truth be told I don’t have an issue attending events, dinners movies on my own moreover I usually see acquaintances that I can hang out with at the venue or simply meet someone new(yeah I am comfortable in my own skin…regardless),it just got me thinking…I have some friends that will never step out of there house unless they have company and here I am with no qualms about it moreover when I go out without my friends, I notice I am more sane, reserved and I’m more aware of my environment; When am with friends,it is the bleeding opposite!
So what do you think about dinning out/attending events alone?


Jarrai said...

Woo hoo!!! I am first

Well i don't mind going places alone...i like to do my own thing when i want...don't like waiting

Although i still need to gather the courage to go to the cinema alone......HAHAHAHA. I do have friends but we just cannot agree on the movie thing...drives me insane!

Sting said...

I'm guilty of being one of those pple who like company whenever i go out. I blame my shyness. I'm working on it sha!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and ur comment on my mom's post. Ciao babes.

Free-flowing Florida said...

personally, i don't enjoy dining or going 2 fun places alone. which is funny cos am supposed 2 b a loner. still, wen i want 2 see places, it's boring if am all by myself. i like 2 laugh, yelp, point, gaped @ pple, my share of sharing my joy of d moment. now, i can't do dat with myself, can i? pple would think i was mad!


we all have to be comfortable with hanging out with ourselves. I personally crave listening to the silence in my head sometimes. But, then again, I have 3 rowdy but lovable kids. lol!

Buttercup said...

im an introvert, used to be cald a hermit wen i was i had the 'independent woman' thing goin on from a tender no, i hav no problems goin out on my might be slightly unnervin in some cases but generally, i dnt mind!