Wednesday, 1 October 2008


Hello my the Nigerians amongst y'all (I happen to be one as well!) I'm saying HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!
No pun intended but have you noticed that Nigerians are very unique people?
I can't explain it but the truth is...we have the X factor...we stand out,we are intelligent people,very warm,very stylish,very classy,very informed,very sharp...yes I said very the way when you suppress sharp people,what you get is 419ers(con men) 'cos there's no avenue/oppourtunity to express their creativity!!!
Anyways I am not blogging about the con men today, I am celebrating the amazing country called Nigeria...I know we've come a long way 48years is not a joke. I know we're taking baby steps at the moment but I know that with time and that is very soon(in my very own life time o!) we will be taking giant strides!
Half of what we've gone through and are still going through doesn't occur in other countries before war errupts...but we are scaling through...
I also remember the innocent blood(s) that has been shed in this land;the MKO Abiolas,the Ken Saro Wiwas...people who fought and died for justice...I pray your fights won't be in vain...
To any Nigerian reading this blog...regardless of where you are...I am encouraging you to rise and take your place up there where you're a warrior,you are a've been created for must do your country proud...and always remember integrity is KEY!!!


archiwiz said...

Mmmm... true talk oh... You should check out what I drew on

aloted said...

happy independence day o!!!!

May God be with us..and i hope to see more changes before we reach 50.

I am proudly nigerian...!!! Wore a green and white top to celebrate today!!!

Girl, can't find your email address. you can email me at and i'll reply with the driving details u requested.


Anonymous said...

What an inspiring post! I feel like it was a call to action!

Happy 48th, Nigeria!

Nigerians 4 change said...

I like the part about remembering innocent blood.

Happy birthday Nigeria.

I'm sharing your article on the N4C blog, hope you don't mind.


Vera Ezimora said...


Oh, that makes a lot of sense!!! So the supression of our smart Naija people is the cause of 419? Okay! Makes sense. That explains why I have been finding myself stealing meat from the pot @ midnight. Must be the whole creativity thing. lol.

Mad girl.

laspapi said...

We've come a long way, I agree. And that supression of smart people being the reason for 419...Q.E.D.

I'm of the school of thought that no one can claim they gave us 'independence'. Were there no governments or civility in Africa before they came under trading/missionary guises and stole the land?

Kafo said...

happy independence in aries ooooooooooooooooo

i totally forgot until i started getting text messages

tobenna said...

I too can conquer!
Great to read from a fellow PROUD Nigerian