Saturday, 2 January 2010

We made it!!!

2009 was tagged year of increase...and like any normal human being, there I was thinking wow awesome: I thought it meant...bigger car(s),bigger house(s),more money in my account...more know just increase in every physical aspect of my life(eerrr apart from my size)!!! But I was dead wrong on all was indeed my year of increase...increased faith and trust in the Big G!
Geez I was stretched beyond what I thought I could handle...and it was instilled in me the fact that God is my source, not my family, job,my business nor friends just GOD!
It was a year where my walk with God was tested on all levels, of course I failed some, had to retake some but all in all I'm glad to say I passed!
2009 was a capacity building year for know how you ask God for all sorts...but in 2009 it was like God was saying daughter o'mine if I'm going to give you these things, then I need to make room in you to receive them...don't forget that GOD DON'T DO WASTAGE!!!
I'm glad that particular year is over(matter of fact, it's been over for the past what? 24hours+) but I'm still thankful for the fire!!!

Now to y'all blog fam...You may not be where you wanted(planned) to be at the end of Year 2009 but I'm sure you're not where you were at the end of year 2008, all I'm trying to say is let's just be thankful for progress no matter how little...and it's time to get over yourself (yours truly included) and realise that the earth does not revolve around you alone!!!...I guess that was what all the fire and breaking in 2009 was all about.
I feel very confident about (2010) and so should I right?...personally I feel it is a year where boldness will be needed...integrity as usual must be on!!!
Don't be afraid to do what is right by God in 2010 and for pete's sake I refuse to keep up with the Joneses ( actually, they moved a long time ago!!!lol)

Here is wishing you all the "bestest" year of your lives so far!!!


Tatababe said...

Happy new year!!!! This is my first time commenting on here...can I just say u totally took the words right out of my mouth with your description of the year 2009? I was stretched beyond the limits I thought I could endure but in this stretching I grew tremendously in mind & spirit, for which I continue to be eternally grateful. In the words of Whitney Houston in 2009 "I got know my own strength" & my source. Keep on growing and have an outstanding 2010!

Good Naija Girl said...

Happy New Year!

Thanks for reminding us that we need to put the focus on God and all things will follow. May I get over myself and get to it (by 'it' I mean accomplishing all that I have wanted to accomplish for over a decade)! Amin!

Myne Whitman said...

Happy New Year to you and thanks for the encouraging and motivational words. 2010 will continue to be a year of increase in the areas that matter.

Miss FlyHigh - LondonsNaijaQueen said...

Happy all went well for you dear ..and yes me too I pray this year goes well...pass some of your confidence to me ohh

NoLimit said...

@Tatababe...seriously you couldn't have said it better...thank you so much for visiting my blog...don't be a stranger...

@GNG...Thank you too're an inspiration

@Myne...Key word "areas that matter"...about time we stopped majoring in the minor and minoring in the major...Congrats on your new book...this is just the beginning of God's awesomeness in your life.

@Miss FlyHigh-LondonNaijaQueen...It will definitely go well with us all this year so long as we obey Him and do right by Him...
Babes...I don't have any o...but I use the confidence from the source...and the confidence is unlimited!!!
You can get some from Him know who I'm talking about right? the G-O-D!!!:-)

Favoured Girl said...

Happy New Year sweetie! I'm glad you gained a lot of increase in the right places in 2009 and you passed through!

Welcome to 2010, the year of your dreams coming true, your coasts enlarged and your barns overflowing!

StandTall-The Activist said...

Yes we did! Thank God. Happy new yearto you dearie!

Jinta said...

let's call a spade a spade - 2009 was not exactly an inspiring year, despite all the 'Experience' conferences people attended

Rita said...

Well, what could be better than the increased faith in God...for surely every other thing that will be added unto you will be increased.

Happy New Year. May you experience abundance in this 2010.

NoLimit said...

@FG...Thanks babes...I got your book...will holla @ you shortly!

@StandTall...sister mine one of the highlights of '9 was meeting you in're an amazing amazon!!! wasn't an easier year but in spite of this there was still so much to be thankful for...for one oxygen supply never failed right? :-)

@Rita...Amen...thanks a bunch and I wish you the same abundance in 2010!!!