Thursday, 28 January 2010

Thankfulness 001

Morning blogville...I'm torn between two songs for this I decided to upload at the beginning and the other at the end!!! To depict how God is "The beginning and the conclusion,the Alpha and Omega",The A to Z...Oh by the way Gabriel Eziashi proposed to his wife while he was in prison and she said yes (@ 3:10)!!!Another reason to be thankful!!! :-)

Only a fool will say there's no God....and a BIG FOOL at that!!!

God has been good to me in spite of my many foolish acts and even though I was the chairman of sinners...He saved me and transformed my life...what more can I do than to thank Jehovah Jireh the God that provides even before asking...Awesome is He and mighty are His deeds!

1. I am thankful that He has used the foolish things of this world to perplex the wise...hence the reason the footie analysers FAILED in the assessment of the Zambia/Nigeria match...I know some doubters will tell me to "leave God out of this" but I'm sorry I won't...He is the foundation of everything and nothing happens except He permits it to happen...I digress!
I am glad and truly thankful that we won that match...some people just need to renounce their citizenship :-)!!! *sniffs*

2.Month 0110 is nearly over...done and dusted...I am thankful that by God's grace alone,I've been on the right track this time around...Grace has helped me to focus on what is key...and has stopped me from majoring in the minor and minoring in the major...

3.I am thankful for the gift of friend had her first child and a lady I know who's been married for over 10years with no child had one too...

4.I am also thankful for wonderful friends (Real,Virtual and a mix of both) that God has blessed me with...I am fortunate to know you guys and you totally rock!!!

5.I am thankful for provision on all is the Lords doing and it is marvelous in my sight!
The blessing surpasses all understanding and it isn't what I've done is grace and I implore you to be partakers of this grace!!!

6.I am thankful for a sound mind and my sanity!!!
In this day and age where depression and heaviness seems to be the order of the day and people are getting dependent on constant medication to eat,sleep and be happy...I know these are things we(at least I do!) take for granted but God in His infinite mercy has blessed us with a sound mind and I just want to say thank you to Him for this...

7.I am thankful that a perfect God has taken an imperfect me and made me His priority and not an option in the scheme of things...He gave me a new identity and made me royalty talk of the proverbial rise from "grass to grace"!
I don't know about you, but I know that I know that I know that no one can upgrade like my God...He deserves all the praise!!!

The second song is right below...enjoy...and what my people are you thankful for???


Funms-the rebirth said...

Great glad u have so much to be thankful for....
Im thankful for God's faithfulness in my life....everything has been going so well in my career and all the risks i took are finally paying off....
i thank God for the gift of life

simeone said...

ah..lovely post..
love the first song especially..
its refreshing to know..theres a woman like his wife..
ithank God too..

bArOquE said...

yes oh. we thanks Alimghty God for these little mercies

Enkay said...

Thankful with you my dear!
Too bad I can't listen to the song just yet.

Rose said...

I'm thankful for the gift of life..

I'm thankful for a great entry such as this that reminds me to count my blessings always..

I'm thankful for a great week and that the weekend is almost here..

I'm thankful for you.. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thankful too... :)

Myne Whitman said...

I loved the first song, The Lord is King! I am so thankful for all he's doing in my life.

Jaycee said...

When I find great things like that "My Praise" video, I can't help but share...pls permit me to.

I'm thankful for the safe delivery of ur friend who had been waiting for 10 yrs, God is good.

I'm thankful for what God did for me on Dec 26th, 2009. God, I say you are GOD because I've experienced you too. LOVE YOU!!!

NaijaBabe said...

Amen amen...blessings and glory!!!!

NaijaBabe said...

Oh and the second video has been removed


excellent post...

The second vid was removed and I was looking forward to enjoying it... =(

Have a blessed and thankful weekend!

NoLimit said...

@Funms Thanks babes...I'm glad things are looking up for you as they ought to...God is awesome!

@Simeone...I thought it was refreshing too...not many women will do that nowadays...:-)I'm glad uThank!!!

@Baroque...Yes bruv!!!

@Enkay...ouch!Hope you finally listened o!

@Rose...Thanks a bunch...I'm thankful for great peops like you too.

@Bagucci...So you should!!!:-)

@Myne Whitman...And He'll do more...don't stop trusting Him

@Jaycee...pls feel free to share!!!
Congrats babe...I want me a slice of cake too!

@NaijaBabe...Funny woman...Don't know why the second vid was removed o!

@Madam Sydelle...Thanks a bunch...will go look for the audio at least!!!Have a great weekend too and my regards to the little ones.

Good Naija Girl said...

#3 and 6 made my heart especially glad to read. Praise God for these marvellous works! You have a way of expressing yourself that one cannot help but feel your joy through the computer. God bless you!

Mamuje said...

Great post and I needed to read this. We should be thankful. I am thankful for too many things, Life, Shelter, Food and the ability to breathe without any aid. I am also thankful I read the blog to constantly remind me that i need to be thankful. Thank God.

muyiwa said...

nice post,love the jedi song