Sunday, 20 March 2011

I Want Me Back On Blogville!!!

Seriously I can't explain it but I just haven't had the "energy" to blog lately!
At the beginning of the year, I made up my mind to put up a post at least thrice weekly... I ran out of steam too early... it is just unreal!
I thought of reviving the interest in blogging by putting up daily personal journals on here but then I'm not exactly anonymous anymore... Aloted,Tygeress and WriteFreak take note!lol
Anyways I am giving it another shot and hopefully my blogging mojo will be up again!:)
All is well with me and life is beautiful, let's stay in touch right here and let's see how this goes:)
Y'all stay blessed!


Good Naija Girl said...

Well come on back to Blogville! I love your "tell it as it is" attitude!

Olufunke said...

Expecting you get your blogging mojo back soon babe!


Harry Itie said...

*now praying for your blogging mojo*

Jaycee said...

lol. But seriously, it's good to take a hiatus sometimes. Not necessarily a bad thing. It's kinda like finding yourself. Or asking yourself "why you blog."

Welcome back.

NoLimit said...

@GNG... Thanks know you inspire me!;)

@Olufunke ... Thanks dearie my mojo is back in full swag! *wink*wink* :D

@Harry... thanks a I said is back, but please pray for consistency for me thanks!:)

@Jaycee...:) I agree with you...but when the reason for the hiatus is "sheer laziness" then something needs to be done(Okay part of it is laziness I shamefully admit!:( ... okay call it "busyness" leading to laziness :D)... like I always say,your consistency is remarkable!

Nonye said...

Oh I see someone who got bitten by the same fish as me!

I promised myself a post a day in 2011.... first time on ur blog and am loving! totally!