Tuesday, 22 March 2011

No More!!!...Please Free Me!

Earlier in the day, I had a "heated fellowship" with a lady I know,yeah I know what y'all are thinking "NoLimit!!! You've come again"!!!
But that's the point! How can I presume I know what's on your mind???That's exactly what she did.

She suddenly concluded that I think the worst of her and I told her if that's what she thinks,then so be it!I mean why should I try to convince you of my thoughts towards you?
If I've verbally told you,I don't think you're a bad person and my word is not enough to convince you...then what do you want? Blood? What a DIVA!

Seriously sometimes,you just have to let people form their own conclusion/opinion of how they feel you perceive them,after all,it is their opinion not yours!
So again I say,if you feel I believe the worst about you,that's okay...by all means...think what you like,what you believe about your life is more important than what anyone else believes.
I feel lighter, load owner has carried her own load!it's not mine!


Maybe she's right... she's the lady I blogged about here ... maybe she's wrong... after-all many moons have passed and life has happened... it will be very petty of me to hold a grudge against her for that long ... let's not forget the fact that it is bad for my own peace of mind (negative energy) plus what makes people think they are so important in the scheme of things that all you use your scarce resource(time) for is think of them!I almost told her I had better things to think about...but that would be outrightly rude right? But I said as much...bottom line is ... NO MORE!


Lara said...

For me I let people draw their conclusion. Most times they draw a wrong conclusion, but I believe if you take your time to know people, then you truly know them.

Now to this woman, it will be very hard for things to go back the way they used to be...it is no you bearing grudges but things just cannot remain the same.

kitkat said...

hope u patch things up hey. arguments and quarrels are always in "real" relationships. if you're always gonna be buddy buddy, the relationship isnt strong enough yet. atleast u knw each others boundaries nw.. dnt bear grudges. jst patch things up :)

Mamuje said...

I agree with you dear, no More.....no one needs negative energy around them.

Nonye said...

LOL! u probably need to show the lady more than what u say...

Just...Toluwa said...

When ppl r in the wrong, they always feel they can neva be forgiven...but its their own wahala to carry.

If u said, "i am not mad at u anymore" then dts it, even if u dnt mean it. u said it? shikena!

Uzezi said...

everyone has a right to his or her opipion. so let think anything she likes. shes wisihng it on herself. free yourself abeg

Nolimit said...

@Lara...you've said it all! Things definitely can't be the same!

@Kitkat...thanks a bunch :)

@Mamuje...you get me!

@Nonye...hehehe I definitely don't...the choice is hers to make.

@Toluwa... Azzz eeen...you know!

@Uzezi...thanks dearie! I'm free already:)

Myne Whitman said...

Had to go remind myself of that gist. Hmmm...I think you did well to tell her to move on. Still maybe you need to sit and talk it out? Has she apologized?

Myne Whitman said...

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