Monday, 2 January 2012

30 Day challenge... DAY 13 - Your Opinion About Your Body And How Comfortable You Are With It. - Imperfect me!!!

Hey guys, I'm back(If I have a gold coin for the number of times I've said I'm back, I should be smiling to a Swiss bank:D)... anyways, bottom line is I'm back, I'm not going to worry about being consistent, cos that will make me want to stop in mid air as I cannot guarantee what tomorrow holds with regards to that...the only guarantee is... TOMORROW WILL BE BETTER FOR SURE!!!

Right, when I got today day 13, I actually put a post up but then I stopped because I thought I wasn't being exactly genuine, not that the post wasn't true, but it took me a long while to get comfortable with my body and I thought it will be more impactful to share the various struggles with you my wonderful here we go!

I am extremely comfortable with my body I dare say...!
But I wasn't always comfortable with my body... First was my belly was a round button indeed, it isn't like it was protruding or anything of that nature, but it was just round and cute like a button and as a child I used to wonder why it looked odd, well now I totally have no qualms about it as it just doesn't matter plus I can hardly see the belly button any think I used to make this priority!!!SMH
Then my lips, I used to think they were too thick and not pink! Goodness I take it back! dear lips of mine, I won't have you any other way... thick luscious African lips!!! Even the ones that don't have you try to get you("buttoxly speaking")!
Then came my face, I had this mega battle with acne and trust me when I say I tried almost everything! Jeez, they won't just leave me alone! Well I learnt to love my face inspite of the acne they're gone for good and I'm thankful!!!
Then my bum!!! *I'm laughing to myself*... When I graduated from secondary school, I thought my back was as flat as a desk and I just wasn't having it(I needed to be fully accepted in the "babe fold", having passed the "chest test")!!! from "bum pads"(glorified name for oversized shoulder pads from my big sister's jackets!!!lol sis I just lurr' you!) to wearing triple shorts...YES I tried everything! It wasn't long before I got tired of that nonsense, then I decided to just pray and give it a rest!
Well...the bum is not extra large...but it is just perfect for me! bum if you can hear are much appreciated!lol
...Well as I grew older, I learnt to appreciate me with all my imperfections...and as I did, my confidence level grew.
I love my body, I'm totally thankful for it, I try as much as I can to treat it right by eating right and exercising (occasionally) but I don't knock myself for not keeping to any regime.
In my opinion there is no perfect body but each body is perfect for the depends on how you see it.
A friend used to complain about being obese yet she never did anything about it, I told her to use the energy she expends on moaning to transform her body through exercising and eating right ...she eventually took action after two years, now she feels more comfortable with herself.
Moral of the story is...don't just complain about your body, do something about it.
It is important to be comfortable with the skin you're in...cos it will be with you till you're six feet below, in my opinion, that's a long time to not be comfortable!

This track by MI fits right into this blog post... ENJOY! *kisses*


Madame Sting said... took me a second to figure out that u were resuming the 30day challenge. Happy new year.

NoLimit said...

Happy new year Sting! Wishing you a very wonderful and fulfilling year:)
And thanks for being the first commenter in 2012:)
Life happened, so I paused the 30day challenge...but I'm not a quitter ;)

aloted said...

and she is back!

we are all wonderfully and beautifully made by God...

happy new year

NoLimit said...

That's right!!!
Yes me love...I'm back for good! *wink*wink*

1 + The One said...

Hiya! Really like this post and how you have grown to love and appreciate your body. That's an admirable trait!

Please what did you do about the acne for them to disappear? Tips will be much appreciated!

NoLimit said...

I know I can be super-random and this is one of my super-random moments!
I realise I haven't replied this question of yours (£years on) and I'm just doing so now... VERYLATERESPONSE I apologise!
I took myself to the GP(doctor) who prescribed antibiotics for me - doxicycline to be precise and got me on panoxyl, a product with benzoic peroxide. Now I just use regular face wash like clean & clear and I use almond oil to moisturise. There you go, nothing major. Oh and facial scrub occasionally when I feel like my face is layered with the dead skin-cells.